The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 31: Explosion Release



“be careful.”


Qin Yi knew how much Rasengan was dangerous so he must be careful.


He stared at the speed of the chakra in his hand.


After three seconds, the high-speed rotation and the spiral shape stabilized.


“I did it.”


Qin Yi was excited.


The ninjutsu took him a long time but Qin Yi knew how hard learning Rasengan was.


“However, it seems that this is not the limit of Rasengan.”


He felt the power of the ball in his hand, he knew clearly that it was easy to destroy a tree or crush a stone. However, it seems that this destructive power can be upgraded.


“Try to increase the speed of rotation.” He thought

Qin Yi gathered the chakra in his hand, suddenly the movement speed up.

“Hey! Hey!”


The chakra ball speeds up high and has more sharpen voice and It began to deform.

“I can’t control it!”


Qin Yi’s face changed a lot and he shouted.

“It’s all gone!?”


His body disappeared quickly in the next second.

Xi Yao just heard the explosion sound.



The dust was flying, a big tree smashed and fell down on the ground that made the soldiers take notice.

at the same time, Qin Yi was thrown up toward a tree.

“Qin Yi!!”


Xi Yao shouted loudly.

Qin Yi fell down from the tree and after coughing a few times he waved his hand.

“I’m fine!”


However, his heart was shocked by the power of Rasengan as he was seriously injured.

“Your Majesty!”


At this time, Gandalf, the generals, and the soldiers came over.

“Your Majesty, what are you doing?”


Qin Lin said calmly.

“I try to develop a new ninjutsu, I didn’t expect that I will hurt myself.”


Qin Yi smiled bitterly.


“Your Majesty should know that all the great Qin Dynasty depends on you and your life is the most important life, even more, the dynasty.”


Yang Yi said.


“Yes, your majesty let us do these dangerous things for you.”


Fang Lan said.


Gandalf smiled but he didn’t say anything.


Qin Yi wanted to throw development of ninjutsu to others, but who would do it?


“How it’s going with the soldiers? Can you tell me?”


Qin Yi asked.


“they doing well, we checked them one by one and we can start anytime.”


“Moreover, they are very diligent in practicing chakra. And soon they will get into an actual fight.”


Qin Lin said while looking excited.


“Well, that’s very good, let’s go!”

Qin Yi said.


For Qin Lin the soldiers were nothing, they were more strength and understand to the power, but in Naruto’s world, the regular Genin ninja is just a pawn of chess.


Qin Lin believes that was useless but all of these are led by Qin Yi.


The 6000-soldiers set out and moved forward into the forest of Konoha.


Because this is the territory of the land of fire, there is no need to worry.


In addition to the hidden patrolling Konoha ninja in the forest, there is no other ninja.


This is why Qin Yi didn’t worry about his soldiers’ safety, that’s why he made them move and practice while they’re advancing.


The three generals began to teach the Shadow Clone Technique to the 100 soldiers, and they could quickly develop chakra, these 100 soldiers were so talented.


Two days, all the 100 soldiers had already mastered the Shadow Clone Technique.


Next, Qin Yi gave them the chakra test paper to know their chakra types and gave them their own compatible ninjutsu to practice.


The rest of the army looked at these 100 soldiers with envy, but they knew that they need to work harder to be able to learn.


They didn’t know how to use shuriken, kunai, and bomb. etc. at the moment these resources were not available yet.


“tell the soldiers that the Shadow Clone Technique is the most necessary and life-saving thing right now, they must take it seriously!”


Qin Yi said to the generals.


For Qin Yi every life from his 6000 soldiers is important, so they need power so that their lives can be saved.


In these two days, he has already mastered Rasengan and Shadow Clone Technique.


The king’s power is very useful which made practicing ninjutsu as simple as eating.


At this time, Qin Yi is studying the fusion of the natures of the chakra and the bloodline.


“At the moment, I have three kinds of chakra natures, fire, wind, earth.”


“I tried fusion fire and wind before, they can produce a new bloodline wind-fire.”


“I think this kind of blood originated from two kinds of ninjutsu, and after used it the destructive power of fire will be boosted.”


“But it doesn’t seem like something special, It’s more like a combination of ninjutsu.”


Qin Yi was thinking.

“if I can combine the two kinds of chakra nature, and then develop a ninjutsu from that combination, it will be more powerful.”


Previously, he used two ninjutsu at the same time, and then released them to form a new ninjutsu, at this time he was thinking about merging the nature of chakra before releasing and then forming a new ninjutsu.


It is not impossible for him to integrate the nature of the chakra, it’s only a combination of mind and action, the chakra nature of fire and wind are integrated into one.


The king’s power is really great ability, can merge all kinds of strengths and energies into one.


First of all, the new fusion nature cannot be used with the regular chakra, and he needs a new printing,
and then it should be simple, in the end. it is necessary to combine the attributes of two chakras.


Therefore, there are only two hand seals.


“release, new element!”


It Is a fusion between wind and fire, an Explosion release!