The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 32: Blink!


At the next second, Qin Yi jumped up to the top of the tree and opened his mouth.

“explosion release: great fire!”


A small ball of fire moved out and hit the tree.





A sound of an explosion and the flame spread out for ten meters, followed by an invisible storm around the explosion making the branches and the leaves turn to dust in a second.


First an explosion then sharp wind.

That’s what explosions are!


“It worked!”


Qin Yi smiled when he saw the effect of his ninjutsu.


As he imagined the new ninjutsu that produced by the fusion of chakra nature is frightening.


Although it is only for release the nature of chakra with simple printing, it has a destructive force comparable to b-class ninjutsu, and it was more surprising and unexpected.


Qin Yi continued to study with a great mood.



After three hours, he started practicing the control of the chakra, which one was the main and which was the secondary. This time he tried the fire element as the main and supplemented it by the wind as he tried a new ninjutsu with the new printing.


He printed so fast and opened his mouth.


“explosion release: fire Strom!”


The flame rotated forward, reaching three meters away with wavy shape and hot temperature and with the same cutting property of the wind.


When the ninjutsu was released, Qin Yi saw a clean space five meters ahead.


“with the burning of fire, there is the unexpected penetration and sharpness of wind release.”


“the fire effects better than the wind when it is the main chakra.”


“And vice versa.”


Qin Yi thoughts.


The so-called main or secondary nature of the chakra and the impact of the distribution of their attributes can be a surprise factor to the enemy


As he progressed he continued to study the explosion release and exhausted the familiar hand seals one by one and developed ninjutsu for himself, there is another explosion release in the original manga but this Kekkei Genkai is completely different from it.


For two days the sound of explosions came from time to time.


At this time, the soldiers and the three generals turned their attention to where Qin Yi tested his ninjutsu.


“His Majesty is so great, not like us.”


Qin Li said.


“ha-ha. I am not bad; my chakra has reached the level of genin. and I mastered the shadow clone Technique and the basics of ninjutsu.”


Yang Yi laughed.


“Well, I’m also about to reach the genin level.”


Fang Lan nodded on the side.


“the speed of our progress is very good and the amount of chakra has reached the level of genin.”


Qin Lin said.

“as far as I know the people in this world who want to cultivate to the level of the chakra may take years. right?”


Yang Yi said curiously.


“that is depending on their talent, it seems that we are all talented here, ha-ha.”


Fang Lan said.


“Haha, your quick cultivate it’s not because of your own talents.”


Gandalf came and began to explain.


“it’s right, the kingdom has experienced a big fall, but you have the foundation of civilization, you just need to be familiar with it.”


“so, in the initial stage cultivate this energy called chakra it will be fast.”


The generals looked at each other and thought about it.


“Mr. Gandalf you mean that we take the civilization that was built by the former king?”


“No, between each king, the civilization is completely separated. But it has only some impact on you.”


“In one word, you don’t have to understand it right? Since the cultivation is so fast, is a good thing, isn’t it?


Gandalf said.


The three generals nodded, in the era of the former king they were strongmen, they didn’t master a supernatural power but they had powerful bodies.


When the former king left, they had lost their powers.

Here the generals looked at Gandalf strangely, in the entire king city, everyone turned to his previous normal power only this old man has not changed, what is the secret?


At this time, Qin Yi has been addicted to this Kekkai Gekkai, and he realized deeply that this bloodline is more powerful than the single ninjutsu nature.


“I have developed c-level, B-level ninjutsu that appropriates with my explosion release.”


“Next, I want to study the principles of the teleportation techniques.”


Qin Yi’s eyes shines, he likes many jutsu in his previous life.


Teleportation is one of them in his opinion if he can learn the principles of teleportation and practice it so much he can develop it to his own use and will be stronger.


In the original manga, teleportation is enough to defeat many strong men.


In fact, teleportation (blink) is a system not a specific ninjutsu, it includes dojutsu, taijutsu and ninjutsu
all the techniques that give you an instantaneous movement like body flicker technique, flying thunder god technique, Sasuke’s Rinnegan


Qin Yi get a teleportation technique is an escape technique and can be used in ambush.


“it’s not that good, the printing is complex that’s not appropriate for battels.”


Qin Yi was annoyed from the printing.


“then change it! It seems like I haven’t mastered my kekkai gekkai as well as I thought.”


Qin Yi thoughts.


In fact, the explosion is a kind of release technique with explosive force and cutting wind, it’s not only destructive it’s suitable for teleportation.


“in short distances, the teleportation will be faster and stronger with the explosion release.”


Qin Yi’s eyes were shining. He studied the teleportation and gradually realized the printing of it.


The night came.

“I find it!”


“the main chakra nature in teleportation is the wind attribute, it works with the wind nature, but I didn’t consider the friction between the body and the air in the teleportation the body will be slower.”


“this is not effective I need to change it here and here …”


“Also, with my explosion release, I need to add hidden print here to change it!”


Qin Yi was sure for one thing this day “the king is really overpowered!”.