The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 33: Chase Him



Qin Yi became so strong after developing Rasengan and Explosion release. He was still trying to improve his teleportation technique. If he succeeds he will become much stronger.


While they were on their route, Qin Yi, the generals, and even the regular soldiers were working hard to practice their ninjutsu.


Everyone’ strength was increasing over time.


At the night, Qin Yi sat on the ground and the army stopped moving; they had been walking for several days.


Qin Yi exploited this time to practiced his teleportation technique.


It was very important for him to develop an arsenal of ninjutsu suitable for him.


Of course, it is difficult to develop a transportation ninjutsu, even for Qin Yi it takes a long time.


However, he didn’t care if his masterpiece technique wasn’t finished right away; such techniques as Rasengan, Flying Thunder God, and Chidori… they all were not finished right off the bat.


Even though he was so talented, he didn’t expect to finish it in a short time.


“Right now, I need to master the basics of the technique, and, in the future, I’ll develop it step by step.” Qin Yi thought.


The night passed, and in the morning the army continued to move forward.


At that time, the three generals came to him.


“Your Majesty, our chakras have reached the level of Genin and we have been mastered the Shadow Clone Technique.”


“So fast!?”


Qin Yi looked at them with surprise.


He knew that he could get stronger because of his Plundering Skill, but the three generals? He felt that his army was somewhat freakish in practicing chakra.


“We’re not the only ones, there are three regular soldiers who managed to complete it too.” Yang Yi said.


Qin Yi was shocked and he felt great joy at the same time.




In the ninja world, a Chunin is able to serve as the leader of a team of genius, and now his generals and three of his soldiers reached the level of genin.


In other words, Qin Yi can form two ninja squads at this time.


He can lead a team and Gandalf lead the other.


Even it is just two teams, it’s obvious that it should’ve taken them much to learn chakra.


At this moment Qin Yi realized deeply the difference between the people of his previous world and the people in the King’s World.


He realized the importance of this matter and made arrangements immediately.


Qin Yi made the three generals in the squad under him to teach them more of the basics of being a Ninja as soon as possible, so that they could pass them on others, and made Gandalf the leader of the three soldiers to be their mentor and protector.


Their ability to learn as fast as they did was proof of their great talent. Qin Yi was trying to make them Chunin level as fast as he can.

“Zuo Mu, Qiu Jiaxiang, Andrew, these three men are your new team, Gandalf.” Said Qin Yi to Gandalf.


The latter nodded and turned to lead the three soldiers who left excitedly.


“As for you three, we will for a small team in the future. I will pass on to you my knowledge about being a ninja as soon as possible.” Said, Qin Yi, as he turned to the generals.


The three went ahead and left and, also knowing well their duties and responsibilities.


Putting the development of his own Ninjutsu aside, Qin Yi began to focus on training the three generals.


They began to use their techniques against the trees in the jungle, accumulating experience and growing rapidly.


At the same time, on the borders between the forest and the desert, a number of figures disappeared as they rushed into the woods


“Captain Shinosa, we have made it all the way in here, but how should we be able to trach that group?” Upon entering the forest, the team went into hiding, and one of them asked their leader.


“Look for the enemy and report it back to us. Remember our purpose; don’t stay there once you find him.”


“I heard that they killed nearly a hundred of us, is that really true? Captain?”


The man who spoke first asked curiously.


Shinosa heard this question and looked back at his underling and did not answer.


“Hayashi kun, this is an S-class secret of the village, you don’t ask,” Shinosa whispered.


Looking at his captain’s cold eyes, Hayashi was in cold sweat.


Obviously, he understood the importance of an S-Class secret.


“This time, our mission is to behead their leader; we won’t focus on any of the rest. Once this mission is completed, we should immediately withdraw to the Wind Country.” Shinosa said faintly, “According to the intelligence that we have gathered, this group is actually really weak. It is just a group of ordinary fighters. If we seize the opportunity, we can accomplish the task with ease. Therefore, this task was only listed as A-Rank. However, it is of top-secret nature and information about it should not spread.”


Hayashi and the rest of the team listened quietly. Upon hearing their captain’s words, they looked at each other and they were slightly stunned.


Shinosa was a Sand Jonin, really strong, had many tasks in his life as a ninja, with an extremely high completion rate. The fact that he was assigned to leading this team showed the importance of the task, that along with the fact that all three members of his teams were Chunins.


Hayashi was a Sensor-Type ninja, while his teammate Shigo was specialized in Genjutsu. The 3rd team member was mysterious and remained silent, and was carrying a heavy black iron box.


Such a lineup was definitely an elite team of the Wind Country. When it came to destructive power, they were definitely more powerful than the last exploratory team that their village sent to Konoha.


“Hayashi, check if there are any enemies up-front.”


So Hayashi closed his eyes, and it seemed like a breeze blew through the forest, sweeping over around ten Kilometers before Hayashi finally opened his eyes again.


“No enemies were found in the front, captain!”


Shinosa nodded: “Go!”


The other three looked at each other and were ready to go. But right then, Shinosa’s face changed!


They looked up and saw a fearful figure falling quickly.




Right before he hit them, the 4 quickly dispersed.


They all looked at where they were standing and found cold, indifferent eyes staring at them.


“What’s the Wind country mission that had brought you here?”


Seeing the enemy’s face, Shinosa’s paled out of fear immediately.




The whole team panicked and called out his name, shaking uncontrollably.


“Tell me, what are you doing here?”


The mere presence of Madara, by himself, was enough to make this elite team collapse in fear.


“It has nothing to do with Konoha, we are coming for the squad from that day!”


Shinosa shouted immediately.


“Ah! You’re here for that kid?” Saying that, Madara’s eyes flashed and his mouth seemed to smile. “They the east island adjacent to the fire country. Since you’re going towards him, go for it!”