The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 34: Training Day


After saying this sentence, it was beyond what happened to Shinosa and the others that the figure of Uchiha Madara was actually a “exploded” into white smoke.


“Is it just a shadow clone?”


Shinosa relaxed, but the next moment he looked around again.


“See around!”Shinosa shouted.


The latter searched carefully.


“There is no one, captain.”


Hayashi whispered.


Shinosa was looking around and his heart was filled with fear.


When Madara appeared, they didn’t realize his coming.


“Uchiha Madara!”Shinosa murmured.


“The intelligence said that Konohaare allies with those foreign people, but Madara seemed like he helps us.”Shinosa was thinking of this and was trying to understand. The legendary ninja, when he knew their intention, he didn’t do anything, he betrayed his allies?


After a while, he suddenly waved his hand and said:” Move toward the edge of the Forest of Konoha.”


“Captain Shinosa, we know the enemy’s location.” a member whispered lowly.


At the next second the figures of the four ninjas disappeared, was leaping on the branches to their direction in the edge of Konoha forest


Just after they left, a figure slowly showed up; It was Uchiha Madara with his cold face.


“I always feel that the boy’s history and identity are very mysterious, let’s have a look.”


After that, Uchiha’s figure disappeared.


He has already planned to leave the village of Konoha and go to pursue what he thought was right. When he met this group of sand ninjas and heard the news of the boy who fought him before, he had a new interest.


His mind began to think: “If that kid really has amazing potential he can be useful for me.”


With this thought in mind, Uchiha Madara was also going to Qin Yi.


In the previous battle, Qin Yi’s performance surprised him.kinds of amazing ninjutsu, even he had never heard of them, and he perceives each other, and Madara noticed that Qin side had great potential in predicting.

“He is a talented but what I had seen it not enough!”


“The truly powerful ninja must show excellent talent in battle.”


“Let me see if you have the qualifications to be of use to me.”


Along the way, Madara was behind the sand squad.


The wood-leaf-forest, near the edge of the sea.


The army of 6,000 people is slowly advancing because of their huge number.


There are countless towering trees in this forest, the area is very wide, it is almost comparable to the entire country of Qin Yi. Of course, this is because his king city is only at the initial state. but If Qin Yi’s goal is to quickly stabilize.


Another day passed, during this time, Qin Yi and the three generals were sparring in the jungle.


The three generals were ready attacked Qin Yi.


“On three…”


Above the tree, the generals in three different positions gestured to each other and finally pointed to Qin Yi who was standing on the ground.


they nodded to each other that if Qin Lin counted to three with her fingers they will attack.


When she raised three fingers,



The three generals swooped down at the same time toward Qin Yi.

At this moment, Qin Yi suddenly turned around.


“Fire release: Great Fireball Technique!”


Qin Yi was taking a breath and threw out a fireball.




The three figures burst and three planks of wood fell to the ground.


Qin Yi’s eyes flashed and his mouth seemed to smile: “nice move.”


He glanced around and found that the figures of the generals had disappeared.


Qin Yi was stepping forward slowly, at this moment, a figure on his left side turned into Qin Lin look.


“I am here! Your Majesty!”Qin Lin shouted.


She waved a long sword, a sudden stab rushed to Qin Yi.


The latter took a big step back and avoided the other sword strikes, and his eyes were full of appreciation.


It has to be said that the three generals have excellent weapons and body skills. Perhaps this is because of the experience of commanding the army for the long previous years. But they weres o talented to merge their own old skill and the ninjutsu skills


After they heard about the possible plan and models of the ninja battles, the three quickly discussed and extended more combat methods.


After three successive setbacks, Qin Yi’s expression suddenly changed.


“And here I am!”


Suddenly Yang Yi shouted and rushed out from the ground, He has been transforming his body into a grass.


He was catching him, Qin Yi was in a crisis.


” earth release earth flow river!”


However, Qin Yi didn’t change his face but he printed quickly.


When Yang Yi jumped up and threw his sword, Qin Yi’s body suddenly fell into the moving sands. In the next moment, he appeared on the side of the two people who were more than ten meters away.


“your cooperation and Ninjutsu use are excellent. Generals you are really powerful!” Qin Yi said softly, he admired their progression.


“Your Majesty, you seem like you forget me!”


At this moment he heard a voice and followed by a strong wind.


“Wind Release: Wind Cutter Technique!”


Qin Yi’s became horrified.


The wind directly cut the body of Qin Yi into two halves.


Qin Lin and Yang Yi shocked when they saw this.


Fang Lan even more stunned.


They did not expect that this last ambush was really successful!


But his Majesty, killed by them?


Their minds filled by panic and fear and they couldn’t make a sound.






The white smoke came out, and the three were stunned.


“General Fang Lan, I will not forget, but your reaction seems to be a bit dramatic.”


his sound was closer then Fang Lan suddenly found a kunai in his neck.




Fang Lan sights.


“Your Majesty, you’re not dead?”


Qin Yi laughed.


“Of course, I am not dead, but you are.”


“If I am a real enemy, you’re already dead!”