The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 35: The Revenge Of The Sand




Qin Yi asked the three generals to come close.


“Remember in the battle, even if you see the enemy die, don’t relax!”


“Jutsu is divided into two other categories: Genjutsu and Taijutsu. The three of you are excellent in Taijutsu.”


“But it is hard to guard against Genjutsu be very vigilant!”He said seriously.


The three generals were in a panic. They had just seen Fang Lan cut Qin Yi’s body apart, but they didn’t realize that it was just an illusion.


When they understood the Chakra more they will know the world more and they realize how big it was.


They are new in this world and this energy system in the era of the former king they were just guardians of the country so this a new experience for them.


Qin Yi didn’t expect that they will be at their current power level so fast.


“Well, you have some flaws, but these are just because you are not familiar with the shinobi way and this world.”


“With time you’ll learn more and you’ll become stronger.”Qin Yi said with a smile.


He is very confident in his soldiers. These people have excellent physical and combat qualities. When they are familiar with the world they will surely be able to make quick progression.


The special training ended, Qin Yi and the three generals will return to join the army.


But at this time, a dense grey appeared in the jungle.


The four people moved toward them and their expressions were serious.


“Is it a technique?”Qin Lin asked.


“Be careful they are enemies.”Yang Yi cold said.


The sand floating in the air gradually, it seemed caused by a sandstorm. Gradually, their vision area was getting shorter until they lost their vision.


Qin Yi looked around.


It’s quiet in the jungle there was no sign of any enemy.


The three generals pulled out their swords and they surrounded Qin Yi.


“Your Majesty, be careful there are enemies!”


Despite the quietness around them, the experience of many years of fighting made the three generals make this judgment. In this strange dust and silent, they seemed to feel killing instinct.


In the corner of a big tree where the four couldn’t see them, Shinosa’s squad was making a battle plan quietly.


“Earth release: Sandstorm Technique.”


Shinosa said the name of this technique softly, he stared at the alerted four people,


As a Gonin in Sand village, he has done many missions. He knew that this task may not difficult, but there are many possibilities and he must be careful.


“The enemy army was in the east; their number is about six thousand!” he said with and he was sweating in his forehead.


Even you are a Jounin ninja, an army of six thousand people is a great threat.


After meeting Madara they went all the way and finally realized the place of Qin Yi‘s group.


“Only one mile? It seems that we have to hurry and finish the battle.”


“My sand fog can make them have a limited vision the three of you attack from a hidden position.”


“The first target is the kid who is protected.”


“If you have time, behead all four!”Shinosa said. The three of them nodded.


With a hand gesture, the team quickly separated looking for a good position to prepare for the battle.


On the ground, Qin Yi’s team was looking carefully.


They know very well that the enemy has come, they are hidden in the dark and will attack at any time.


“Qin Lin, Fang Lan we must protect His Majesty.”Yang Yi bit his teeth, was feeling the danger.


“We know that.”The two generals said.


Qin Yi was ready and said nothing.


He was thinking about who would attack him.


“Konoha? It’s impossible!”


“A revenge attack from the sand’s ninjas? It is impossible. there is Konoha ninjas patrols and it is difficult to pass through and came here.”


“This place is in Konoha’s forest.”


Everywhere in the world is full of crises and he has already prepared for this.


If there are any enemy coming to offend his state he will eliminate him.


The jungle was quieter and even the sound of the birds had disappeared. The sand in the air became denser. The enemy was close.


At this time, the three generals were covered with sweat.


They have also fought with the ninjas of this world. Every time they have suffered heavy losses. Now, they are the first battle after they have Chakra; And they weren’t sure about their strength.


Suddenly, something moved in the fog.


“Here!”Yang Yi screamed, and he was hitting with his knife.


Just as long knife waved, a figure rushed out from the ground,




He threw a chain to catch Yang Yi.




In an instant, Yang Yi stopped him with his knife.


“Nice.”The ninja gave a compliment with a smirk and the next second, he leaped forward.


The sand ninja is hidden in the dark.


On the other side, they saw a mysterious man carrying a black iron box silently looked at the scene.


On the tree trunk, Shinosawatch with stunned eyes.


In the scene, in addition to the eight people, another figure has quietly appeared in another place.


“Has it already started? Let me take a look at this kid’s ability!”The figure looked at the scene and was observing everything here.


At the same time, Hayashi came afront Qin Yi.


Yang Yi rushing forward weaving his long knife.




Hayashi and Yang Yi crossed their knives; fighting each other.


Yang Yi’s melee ability seemed equal to Hayashi’s.


Suddenly, Hayashi printed and took a deep breath.


” Wind Release: Great Breakthrough!”


The whirlwind burst out suddenly broke rolling up the wind blade to Yang Yi.


Yang Yi ‘s face changed and raised his knife and waved.




Yang Yi’s hand was almost invisible with his speed as he looked like he smashed this ninjutsu…