The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 36: Less Than 5 Seconds



After Yang Yi mastered Chakra even it was a small amount he was able to fight well with his Kenjutsu.


Qin Yi knows that Sakumo the White Fang of Konoha was famous with his Kenjutsu. This is something must be known in this world, if someone mastered Kenjutsu and knew how to use chakra he will be a very strong ninja.




Yang Yi shouted and leaped very fast to Hayashi.


His body condition is very good and his Kenjutsu skills were strong.


After a series of clashes, Suddenly Yang Yi waved his Knife.




In a second, Hayashi’s neck was cut by a long knife and his head was rose high.


Yang Yi’s eyes are tight and his heart is about to relax, but at this moment, he remembered the words of Qin Yi.


in the next second, he saw the body that cut off by turned into a piece of sand.


“it was a Clone!”


Yang Yi turned with strong instinct while staying on guard.


Hayashi appeared in the air, Yang Yi’s eyes contracted when he felt the sharp blade he leaped to the side.




Hayashi reacted quickly but the blade touched his face anyway.




Hayashi’s face grimed with the other sand ninjas who hide in the dark,


“This group is dangerous.”


” this man looks like a beginner ninja but he was an expert with the sword and he has an exceptional combat experience.”


“The other two soldiers were calm and showed a great bravery.” Shinosa thought.


At the moment Hayashi leaped, his teammates were acting like they going to help him but instantly Fang Lan and Qin Lin leaped in front of them.


This is like a warning make the sand ninjas don’t dare to act rashly.


Hayashi’s face was bleeding and He realized that the enemy was not easy to deal with it. and the way that the other three stood carefully let him know that this group has a very rich combat experience.


Hayashi took a deep breath and leaped toward Yang Yi again.


This time, his hands printed quickly with focused eyes.


“Genjutsu: Illusion of the wind!”


In an instant, Qin Yi realizes that Yang Yi’s body was shaking and standing still.


“This is not good, Genjutsu!”


Qin Yi’s eyes changed and he leaped immediately.


At the same time, Hayashi leaped down to Yang Yi, holding a kunai.


However, the air trembled fiercely afront of him, Qin Yi appeared and he stared at him with cold eyes.


Hayashi felt a chill and his heart was trembling when he saw Qin Yi pushing Yang Yi and looking up at him, he was printing very fast.


“Explosion Release: Technique of Whirlwind of Fire!”


Flames like the wind swiped out from Qin Yi’s mouth, wavy and up to ten meters long. Hayashi was shocked


Shinosa and the rest of his team were hidden in the dark and watching.


“Is this?”




They were shocked when they realize that Qin Yi has a KekkeiGenkai.


Madara used his Sharingan to observe Qin Yi carefully.


“Has this kid already able to develop his own way of ninja?”


“He is a genius!”


After the moment of attacking Hayashi, Qin Yi didn’t stop, but he took a step forward. His body suddenly disappeared from the field of vision.


On a big tree not far from their location, Hayashi was shocked.


“What is that technique? The flames have not arrived yet but my body has been cut off by something like blades.”


He felt shocked, he had never seen this technique it was full of suddenness, and it was impossible to expect it.


He is ready to attack again. Suddenly.




A sound of wind came into his ear, and a shadow appeared on his back.


Hayashi stunned and turned quickly.




Rasengan in the right hand of Qin Yi into his belly.




With a sound of the explosion, Hayashi bit hard to the big tree behind him. The power of rotation was huge that crashed the big trees behind him.


“A cough!”


he vomited blood, and he was full of horror and fear. He did not expect that he would be killed in the next two seconds.


“Clearly you’re just like me, just a Chunen!” Qin Yi said.




Qin Yi pulled out his soul in three seconds.


His head seemed like he stubbed by needles and then he returned to normal.


“Gandalf said that plunder will cause damage to the soul, the more you use it, the more you damaged.”


“But it seems like I don’t have this problem.”


“Maybe, because I am stronger now.”


But this is undoubtedly a good thing, he can become stronger without problems.


As a king, he can understand his plundered skills more easily.


He transported to Yang Yi’s side.


“This speed! I this a blink? Is that a technique?”


“without print?!” Shinosa in the dark with a shocked heart.


“It’s not just a blink. This kid has combined the blinking technique with his KekkaiGenkai and developed a new kind of blink!”


“There is also that the ball Technique is more powerful. This talent, even the strongest men, must be amazed!”


On the other side, Madara was shocked.


the next moment, Qin Yi’s voice suddenly spread.


“Come out, I know you were hiding in the dark.”


“If you want to assassinate me, then come face to face and win.”


“My head will be yours!” Qin Yi said.


Madara admires his self-confidence.


“This kid!”