The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 37: The Failure

Madara was surprised, then he continued watching without making any noise.

Shinosa moved forward when he heard Qin Yi’s provocative words

“I didn’t expect you can kill Hayashi so quickly.”

“You are not a normal person!” Shinosa stood at the top of a high tree starting with cold eyes.

Qin Yi looked up and saw a masked face showing a killing intent.

Shinosa dared to show himself, he had confidence in his strength.

Suddenly, Shinosa leaped down and he printed quickly.

” Earth Release: Double Suicide Decapitation Technique!”

Qin Yi’s body dragged down into the earth except for his head.

When the three generals saw this immediately they have panicked, they leaped trying to defend Qin Yi but Shinosa threw them easily;
they leaped again.

“Let’s go!”

Instantly the two other ninjas came down and forced them to retreat, Shinosa stared to Qin Yi with cold eyes.

“I’ll take Your head!”

Shinosa cut Qin Yi’s head.

“Your Majesty!” The three generals were stunned and they were terrified.

the next moment, Qin Yi on the ground “Bang” turned into smoke.

At the same time, Qin Yi said in a low voice.

“Explosion release: Booming Fireballs!”

Three fireballs came out from Qin Yi’s mouth one by one to the three ninjas in the area.

The moment the fireball reached them…

“Boom!” it exploded

Sunda, a ninja from the sand squad, dodged it and he was going to attack him but he was surprised.

“Wind Blades?!”

After the flame explosion, the wind blades covering ten-meter cut Sunda and he was killed directly.

Even the mysterious ninja with the black iron box harried to open his box and covered up.

” What kind of Ninjutsu this boy is used?!” Shinosa was shocked.

He realized the difficulty of the situation and became more cautious.

At this point, the three generals had also reacted, and they quickly leaped toward the black iron box ninja.

” The real executor of this mission is me and Imora, Hayashi and Sunda are only auxiliary.” Shinosa thought while he looking at the man carrying the iron box.

He made a gesture to the latter and leaped toward Qin Yi and printing.

“Earth Release: Earth Flow River!”

the ground turned into a huge river rushing towards Qin Yi.

Qin Yi’s eyes flashed and he printed with his hands separately.

“Wind Release: Great Breakthrough!”

“Earth Release: Earth Dragon Bullet!”

Shiniosa shocked when he saw the two ninjutsu were released at the same time.

“One-handed printing, with this speed!”

The two Ninja collided with the attack he had released and stopped it.

Qin Yi leaped high and ran very fast on the trees around Shinosa.

““Explosion Release: Fire Strom!”

The wind-like flame swept out and covered Shinosa. The high heat of the flame and the power of the cutting covered his area.

He looked carefully at the flame, then he leaped to a big tree and looked around.

he noticed that the three generals attacked three ninjas and they were fighting against each other.

“he is also a powerful guy.”

“clones, no, it doesn’t seem they were clones!”


Qin Yi recognizes the identity of the silent man below, this is the puppet ninjutsu of Wind Land.

At this moment, his body suddenly became solid.

“Mission complete, explosion leader.”

“You are very strong, but in the end, I won.”

Qin Yi heard a low voice and he looked down, a knife in his neck…

Shinosa has no hesitation. He never hesitates when he performs his duties.

However, just he had cut the neck, his eyes contracted.


The person in front of him suddenly burst into a white smoke, and a tree branch fell down.


Shinosa was shocked and was to turn his head, but it was too late.

At this moment, he heard the sound of Rasengan.

“this ball?!” Shinosa knew that this thing is dangerous.


In the next second, Rasengan was pressed into his back.

At that time, his body was spinning at a high speed, his back clothes were torn apart, and blood splashed, and then a hit sound on the big
tree in front of him.

Qin Yi took back his right hand and slowly walked over.

“when?” Shinosa’s shocked he didn’t understand… his timing was very good, and he was hidden in the dark.

when was it noticed?

“My printing is very fast.”

“faster than your knife strike.” Qin Yi said while he looking in his eyes.”

Shinosa was shocked.

How can it be quicker than his knife strike, this is impossible!


“Normally, this is really impossible.”


“But what if I develop the printing as a technique?”

Qin Yi said slowly but Shinosa was filled with doubts, and his eyes were wider with shock.

“Can it be developed as a technique?”

“Yes, it’s just preliminary development for the moment but the effect seems very good.” Qin Yi nodded and then activated his king’s power.


Instantly, the soul of the ninja seemed to be pulled out, and Qin Yi quickly examined it again.

“This technique?”

Madara’s eyes suddenly shrunk and hesitated.

But in the next instant, the plundering skill seemed to be unstable, and his connection to Shinosa was cut off.

“Has the plunder failed?”

this is the first time The Plunder Power failed!