The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 38: The Qin Flash


When he got the skills of the king, he was told that there is a probability in the plunder.


However, because of the previous plunders succeeded, that gives him the feeling that the possibility of failure of plunder skill would be very small

At this point, this failure made Qin Yi somewhat surprised.


The man who tried to assassinate him was not weak at all, his Ninjutsu, and controlling of Chakra, it is easy to know that he was Jounin.

He would’ve got many techniques of the Sand if the plunder succeed.


unfortunately, it failed!


Qin Yi staring at the man who controls the puppet.


In the beginning, he didn’t know the characteristics of his opponent, but soon Qin Yi recognized that he was a puppet-user ninja from the Wind land.


“The strength of the three generals has improved rapidly, right it was Three to one battle, but it is a good one.”


The battle on the ground entered a stalemate.


Kurotetsu released three puppets of unknown materials as he has been controlling the battle against the three generals.


Qin Yi didn’t join the battle immediately, he knew that this is the best time to sharpen his people’s abilities.


Only in a real battle can they get stronger quickly.


Even in Konoha the safest village here, the shinobi have to experience the dangers.


During the battle, the three generals also broke through from time to time. The puppets were cut by a few sword strikes which made their movement somewhat unstable.


This made Kurotetsu nervous even more when he looked up and realized that Shinosa failed.


“Has Shinosa already failed? That kid is so strong?!” he was shocked he didn’t expect that this target person was so powerful like that.


Although they are a Chunen and three Genin, this Chunin is a genius ninja, in addition to his variety unknown ninjutsu he had Kekkai Genkai, even he can defeat Shinosa;  these three Genin’s Kenjutsu is amazing, their strength and their reflex are not inferior to a Jounin ninja. If their chakra is little more, he may not be their opponent at all.




“All are dead, this mission has failed.” Kurotetsu thought.


Kurotetsu eyes flashed commanded the puppets and made several collisions with three generals. After a strong attack forced pushed them back, then he quickly printed.


” Earth Release: Underground Projection Fish Technique!”


As soon as Ninjutsu was released, the figure of Kurotetsu and his puppets immediately fell to the ground and disappeared from the three generals.


“Where did he go?” The three generals screamed and leaped but it was already late.


 “He fell to the ground! This ninja is really freak! “


Qin Lin’s looking around, but he couldn’t find any traces of the enemy.


The other two generals were also surprised by this Ninjutsu.


Under the ground, Kurotetsu grabbed the three puppets into the iron box and quietly looking at the three generals.

“They didn’t drop their guard down!”


After thinking for a while, he found that even if he sneaked again, he seemed to have no chance.


“It’s time to leave.” He thought silently,


if he came out, four people were already waiting for him, this technique was originally used to observe the enemy’s movements and take the opportunity to attack. But at this time, when he has no chance, he flew away quickly on the ground.


He reached the soil in front of him quickly and as he passes, it will become liquid and separate automatically.


Kurotetsu didn’t show any discomfort on the ground.


It was about two or three minutes. After he had worn out about five or six hundred meters and the limit of this technique had almost ended. He quietly raised his head.


he looked around and noticed that there were no enemies around, and he jumped out of the land.


“it was Safe, hurry up and get out quickly!” Kurotetsu thought and relieved slightly.


But just then.

“Rasengan sound”

Kurotetsu heard the voice of the wind and saw the shadow from behind him, he didn’t dare to act rashly.

The atmosphere became quiet, he didn’t move and the figure behind him didn’t move.

After the long stalemate, Qin Yi whispered.

“In this squad, the most powerful one in your squad is the last one I’d killed, but the most careful and mysterious is you.”
Kurotetsu said nothing and his body was still as a stone.

“It’s amazing. I didn’t know your body was under the ground.” Qin Yi said again.

Rasengan in his right hand quickly rotates and becomes bigger.

“Your blink technique is also very good, never seen anything like it and it’s very fast!”Kurotetsu said.

“is it?” Qin Yi smiled and he raised his right hand slowly.

The person in front of him gave him a strange feeling, very calm and steady. Even when he facing death, he still acts like there is no threat.

“If my guess is correct, you’ve developed all these skills. I’ve never seen before, haven’t you?” He said again.

“Oh? What do you mean?” Qin Yi said and his right hand has been next Kurotetsu ‘s waist, ready to press.

” These techniques have never been seen before, and most importantly, they fit you very well,” Kurotetsu said.

“Yes, I developed it by myself!” said Qin Yi.

The next second his voice changed.

“This conversation is over!”

Rasengan suddenly launched and pressed toward the waist of him.

However, Qin Yi’s face surprised, his wrist was blocked.

He didn’t know when he turned out and did it.

No, it’s not turning, it’s a puppet!


With a burst noise, Kurotetsu has already leaped away from him and they were looking at each other.

“Amazing!” Qin Yi said and Rasengan dissipated.

“It was your fault that you didn’t immediately attack,” Kurotetsu said.

His eyes are indifferent and appear to be confident.

But just as his self-confidence just appeared in his eyes, Qin Yi suddenly disappeared.

“So fast!!” Kurotetsu eyes shrink and his heart is shocked to the extreme.

At the same time, a breeze behind him accompanied by a rustle voice.

It is Qin Yi.

Although his blink technique was only a preliminary development, it still shows a good combat power.

In an instant, he was behind him again and this time, he didn’t hesitate at all.

“Rasengan!” a high shout followed by a blast.