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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 39: Hiding Enemy



Kurotetsu was thrown with a high speed. He formed a gully from his body rotation in the ground.


The scene was shocking.


His body moved away more than 20 meters until he hit the tree.



The power of Rasengan is horrible, especially for the people who are good at blinking,




Qin Yi learned Rasengan and developed his own blink technique, which were compatible.




Super-Fast blinking moves behind the enemy then launching Rasengan that did not need printing and at the same time it is extremely powerful and can cause deadly damage to the enemy instantly.




In the original story, the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze was the same. The technique of Flying Thunder God and Rasengan are too compatible.




Of course, his blinking technique at the moment, or the technique he called the Direct cut, was far less powerful than the flying thunder. However, the combination of the explosion and the blinking technique eliminates all the disadvantages caused by all the common shortcomings, but it also has super-high movement speed.




And this movement, his blink is powerful with the explosion in a short distance but it was inefficient in the long-distance teleports and he can’t leave marks for the enemy or specifically at a certain coordinate, and then teleport.




However, this is not a problem with Qin Yi’s talent, as long as he gets relevant information in the future, he will increase the research on Ninjutsu and one day, he will develop his own powerful teleport technique.




“The ninja of the sand has even sneaked into such a distance in the forest of Konoha, yet they weren’t discovered.”




“What secrets do you have?” Qin Yi asked while he was walking into Kurotetsu.




“Cough.” Kurotetsu coughed with blood with an expressionless face, suddenly he appeared a strange smile.




“At first, I couldn’t figure out how to avoid Konoha ninjas patrols.”




“But now I figured it out.”




” It’s just that you’ve offended this guy, even if you avoided our assassination this time, you can’t avoid him!”




Qin Yi’s eyes were cold and indifferent, and he directly launched the plunder.




Kurotetsu spirit pulled out directly and the Chakra poured into his body it was filling it quickly and was increasing his Chakra volume.




And he learned the Puppets technique and some Earth Release ninjutsu.




After Qin Yi ended plundering he turned away.




A sound of footsteps, a figure appeared in front of Kurotetsu body. After a glance, he already left.




“This kid’s ninjutsu is so powerful, and he seems to have a very unique talent for developing ninjutsu in a short time I can’t believe that he has developed so many ninjutsu by himself!!”




” What a monster!” Madara shocked.




He felt that if he allowed Qin Yi to grow up, he would not take a long time and he will be compared with Hashirama.




after the last fight, Madara was surprised by Qin Yi and was more interested.




Why is it that an unidentified monster comes from a different world?




And what does this kid really want to do?




Uchiha Madara has these doubts.




Qin Yi was returned to the three generals and felt happy at this time.




the battle was just 15 min and their win was great.




First of all, the army has a good fighting foundation, as long as the generals practice Chakra and Ninjutsu, they will be equal to Chunin.




They were the foundation of the country when the hidden village is established, they will be developing faster with the stability.




Secondly, Qin Ye was stronger now as he plundered some ninjutsu and chakra amount increased a little but he has been practicing his ninjutsu and he knows their effectiveness now.




“Developing new techniques with no printing would make Rasengan even more useful in actual fights.” Qin Yi thought.




In addition, he developed some of the explosion release techniques, it can be said that at this time he also had the basic means of confronting the enemy.




“But without a good Dujutsu, it is impossible to see through the enemy’s Clones and high speed. I have obvious shortcomings.”




“The amount of chakra is also not enough.”




In a battle, he summed up his own strengths and weaknesses and clarified his goals.




After he met with Qin Lin and others, they quickly returned to the rest of the army.




After returning, he found that the army was resting quietly at the same place, and he breathed a sigh of relief.




“It seems like this is only a small team coming in to kill me, but it is difficult to enter Konoha forest.” After glanced around he found that the soldiers were working hard to develop Chakra, and then he tried to sleep




He had just passed a big battle and the chakra in his body was exhausted and it needs to be recovered.




The three generals looking at each other and all fell on their knees to rest.




After a few minutes, Gandalf came over.




“Your Majesty,” Gandalf called gently.




“Gandalf, what’s wrong?” Qin Yi opened his eyes asked.








Gandalf showed his staff in his hand when Qin Yi saw it his eyes immediately shrank.




“There are enemies!” Qin Yi asked with a low voice.




“Yes, and his energy is extremely huge it is equivalent to the power of Uchiha Madara and Hashirama we see in Konoha,” Gandalf said softly.




Qin Yi slowly stood up but he didn’t look around, then he asked.




“Are you sure he is an enemy?”




Gandalf shook his head.




“He is strong, but he doesn’t show up, he may have other purposes.”




“We can’t act rashly.”




“Then, I am tired I must take a rest right now, please Gandalf watch carefully. prepare for any danger.” Qin Yi said.


Gandalf nodded.