The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 40: The Island



After fighting the sand squad there was an enemy hidden in the dark, and he was strong in the level of Hashirama which made Qin Yi disturbed.




“Who is he?”




“What does he wants by hiding in the dark?” Qin Yi thought and he kept paying attention without rushing.




This strong enemy was watching them and he didn’t know that Qin Yi knows about him, then it’s an opportunity to prepare themselves secretly.




Qin Yi was trying to recover his Chakra in fastest time he can.








After an hour


“tell the soldiers, we’re leaving.”


“We’re not far from our target when we reach it we will rest there.” Qin Yi ordered the three generals.




The three nodded and walked quickly.




Soon, the army of 6,000 people stood up again and took a marched forward.




Qin Yi and the generals walked in the forefront, Gandalf’s staff was still flashing indicating that the enemy was still nearby.




But in the next three days, this hidden enemy did nothing and the army walked safely in the road.




At noon of the third day, Qin Yi and others had already heard the sound of the waves.




“Here we are!” Yang Yi surprised.




He ordered the sentinels to make a quick check out, in ten minutes, a sentinel jumped from the branch.






” Your majesty the island is just about three miles to the south!” he took his right fist on the left chest and said.




Qin Yi nodded. It was a long journey, fortunately, their goal is near now.




“Hurry up, we are close to the island.” Qin Yi said to the army and marched forward again.




The army only moved about 20 minutes and arrived at the edge of the land.




At this time, in front of them about a kilometer away from the island, high mountains were surrounded by huge waves.




They could hear the sound of birds from the dense forest from the island.




On this day the weather is beautiful and the vision is clear. Qin Yi can even see it clearly.




“Finally, we’re here!” Qin Yi smiled.




It can be said that after they came to Naruto world, the most important thing is finding a place where they can settle to build the foundation of their new country and expand their own kingdom to save their civilians.




When soldiers go to different worlds, they can return from the portals, But only when they are dead or injured or by the blessing of the king.




Otherwise, if you want to return to the kingdom there is only one way. And that is to establish a settlement then build a portal on the different world.




To establish a projection portal, the most basic thing is a stabilized settlement!




Today, Qin Yi is standing in front of the island with six thousand soldiers. This will be their island.




The establishment of land is the beginning and the most basic link of the settlement construction. In the future, when the country prospers in population, economy, the power of the king will grow.




His skills will be more powerful.




“Ask the soldiers if there’s anyone who can build boats.”




“We are going to build boats and go to that island.” Qin Yi commanded.




It’s more than a thousand meters away from the island. It is a bit hard to go swimming, it is not necessary to build some boats to reach the sea. But it was the best choice for the exhausted army.




Qin Yi was excited; this is the first step for building the state in a different world.




“As long as we occupy this island our people will be saved!”




“And after building the gate, our kingdom and this state will be connected!”






By then, the establishment and development of the country will accelerate.




In fact, in the king’s world, the mighty kings, all sitting in their own kingdoms that is many states across many dimensions of the world. Even only the Capital Kingdom if the states spaces are added up to it, it will be unthinkable. It will be wider than this earth or even the entire solar system.




Here there are endless vacuum zones between the planets, but in Kings Worlds nothing like that exists. They are connected by portals.




Qin Yi believes that this is a terrible, huge, beyond the imagination world! Even if he has seen a little bit of the king’s world, saints, gods, and many are just citizens in the king’s world!




In the end, the King’s kingdom is across the heavens and earth, their kingdom territory is not described by distance, but by dimension!




The soldiers who practiced Chakra were working. In a few short hours, they had already built a large number of boats.




“Order the soldiers to go to the island and the sentinels should go first!” Qin Yi commanded.




Soon there were a hundred sentries, all quick-moving and strong people set out in small boats.




The army stood up and maintained the battle formation, watching them.




Ten minutes later, the soldiers boarded the island and disappeared into the woods.




Qin Yi and others waited patiently.




Five minutes later, several men appeared and waved to Qin Yi and others.




“Safe! There are no enemies!”




Qin Yi showed a smile and waved his hand.




“To the Island!”




Qin Yi leads the boat and the soldiers rowing quickly toward the island.




At this time, he was very excited waiting to set foot on the island. Then, the kingdom will be fixed with the first state of this different world!




In the dark, Uchiha Madara saw this scene and he was puzzled.




“What does this kid want to do with his people?”




“It’s just an island. Why do they look so excited?”




“What are the reasons for this?”




The longer he watched him the longer he believes that Qin Yi is a strange person.