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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 41: Kill Them All


The next morning all the army was already at the island.


After Qin Yi arrived, he observed the structure of the island with the three generals, and like they expect the situation was under control.


After a little discussion, they decided to move forward and occupy the island as quickly as possible.


“Through this jungle, we can reach the center of the island.”


“It is a village which is almost as big as Konoha, but the prosperity level is far behind.” Qin Lin whispered.


“Are there ninjas?” Qin Yi asked.


At this point, they were moving rapidly through the jungle, and the soldiers were ready to fight.


“There is some but no problem. Hashirama had sent shurikens and bombs.”


“Even if the soldiers don’t know how to use them properly they can do big damage by throwing them around.” Yang Yi smiled.


“Now we have lack resources, these things need to be used carefully, especially for the consumable items such as bombs.” Qin Yi said.


“Your Majesty, there are not so many ninjas on this island as you might imagine. According to our judgment, they only need a deterrent, and they will surrender.” Yang Yi said.


The sentinels explored the island, and the information reported shows that the island is not a big problem for them.


“Very well then.” Qin Yi nodded with a relaxed face.


He knew that the three generals were all experienced and they would not commit minor mistakes, and the strength of the six thousand soldiers who practice Chakra and simple Ninjutsu is a huge power even if they are not ninjas.


“But the trouble is, there’s a land to the east of the island. I heard there’s a country on it!!” Qin Lin said.


“A country?!” Qin Yi is stunned.


According to his memory, the island was supposed to be the location of the country of waves. There were indeed some small islands beside it but there were other countries?


“The name of the country is Land of Whirlpools. It’s not a big country but they have many ninjas.” Qin Lin said.


“Land of Whirlpools?!” Qin Yi surprised.


He certainly knows what the land of Whirlpools is. The legendary Uzumaki clan lives in this country. They have a ninja village called Uzushiogakure. These people have an unnatural identity, they are blood relatives with the Senju, and their long lives and of course their great seals’ techniques that led them to destruction in the war.


 he didn’t expect that he would encounter the land of whirlpools here, that was beyond his expectations.


“Now we must occupy the island and establish our country. Then we will take care of the Land of Whirlpools.” Qin Yi said.


Compared with the five major countries, the small countries, hidden villages, has few ninjas, Qin Yi just waits for the soldiers to developed, he didn’t expect them to be super ninjas, he just needs them to be at the level of a Chunin ninja.


Army of six thousands of Chunin is definitely a big force!


“Yes!” Qin Lin answered.


Half an hour later, the army arrived at the center of the island.


Qin Yi and others looked at the village that was barely ruined.


It can really be called ruins. It is like hell compared with the prosperity of Konoha. Despite the dense trees and flowers around it, this village is large but it is dead.


A large number of villagers and children were trembling, holding each other hands and watching them fearfully.


“Where are those ninjas?” Qin Yi asked


“In the center of the village, they are about forty, most of them are Chunin.” Fang Lan said.


“Forty.” Qin Yi thought for a moment and looked again at the feared villagers on the street. They seemed like the people of his Kingdom.


“Soldiers take care of them” he whispered.


Fang Lan shouted loudly.


“Soldiers follow me!”


Qin Yi nodded and walked forward. Gandalf, Yang Yi, Xi Yao and Qin Lin followed him they seemed to feel the heavy atmosphere of His Majesty ahead.


Those who have seen the horrors of Wangcheng in the Qin Dynasty, they could feel the mood of Qin Yi at this time.


“Army!”  Fang Lan shouted loudly his voice reach to all the army behind him.




All the army shouted, their sound like a thunder.


” Boom-thump!”


The drums drummed loudly, and every soldier’s face was full the intent of killing.


They are the most powerful warriors of the Kingdom, with an iron will and fearless heart. Even when they faced death they’ll never fall back.


” Get ready!”


“No mercy for all the rebels!”


“No mercy for the ninjas!”


“No mercy for the troublemakers!” he shouted.


Then, Fang Lan raised his and pointed straight ahead to the building in front of the village center.


“kill them all!!”


The six thousand soldiers moved together making the ground vibrate.


“everyone stays away we’re here to kill the ninjas!” Fang shouted loudly afront the army.


at this time the villagers trembled and then felt excited.


The islands were controlled by the forty ninjas, they always looted them and killed some of them. For the villagers, these ninjas are a group of demons.


the villagers soon moved away to let the army pass.


The army ran up and headed toward the village center under the leadership of Fang Lan.


” Who are you?” a ninja saw this scene, he turned pale and pulled out his weapon and rushed out to ask.


“attack!” Fang Lan shouted.


Immediately some soldiers rushed out and resist them.


” spread out kill all these dares to resist!”


Fang Lan waved his hand.


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