The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 43: Could Be Ninja

At this moment, Fang Lan has led the army around the three floors building of the village center.

Fang Lan looked at the tight doors and windows closed in front of him, then waved.

In a short time, the soldiers moved quickly and surrounded the building.

Nearly a thousand soldiers were surrounding it even flies can’t go out.

“the first row, get ready!” Fang Lan shouted.

The first row soldiers stood on alert, ready to attack.

” Get ready to throw detonators!”

“Since they dare not come out, they will explode inside!” Fang Lan was filled with killing intent as he chose the simplest solution.

The soldiers took out the detonators in their hands. After Fang Lan waved, they immediately threw them.

the detonators explosions were around the wooden building.

Then, Fang Lan led the soldiers back a few steps.

The detonator is a one-time weapon. The explosion after the detonation is not small, the range is enough to blow up the flesh of the enemy, but it is also expensive. Konoha supported them with this strategic weapon.

the soldiers were holding weapons, staring at the front, waiting for the explosion’s end.

At the same time,


the building.

“Boss, what should we do? We are surrounded!” the brown-haired ninja shouted anxiously with a big sword in his hand.

“Get ready, let’s kill them all!” the ninja that was standing in the center said coldly.

“Kill them?! They have thousands of people!” the ninjas stunned.

They feel that this boss is a reckless man. he is good at solving problems with power when he faced problems he never thinks about it. It is simple he just solved it with his fist.

Now, for example, these men are surrendered by problems.

But this time, the problem is thousands of soldiers! This is stupidity!

The brown-haired ninja was shaking his face. He wanted to ask this guy if he has a plan.

“What? Do you have any comments?” The man expression is getting colder letting the ninjas shocked.

The man’s cruelty is deeply rooted in the hearts of people. His men are extremely impressed and awed by his arrogance. Even at this moment, no one dares to protest, but no one is foolish enough to follow suit.

“A bunch of idiots, you will be waiting here to die?” he said walking toward the window He was about to open the window and rush out.

He didn’t notice that the detonator attached to the window had reached the edge of the explosion.

When he was opening the window. several sheets of paper were reflected in his eyes.

“Detonation?!!” shocked, feared, stunned… all these sorts of complex looks are expressed from the face of the man.

Followed by.


Dozens of explosions sounded together, and the entire wooden building was blasted instantly and the man who was covered in flames.

“They killed him!” when the ninjas saw the boss was killed instantly, they immediately panicked.


this group of ninjas showed that they are cowards when they faced danger.

“You can’t go out, there are thousands of people out there!” ninja was hidden inside.

unfortunately, the fire caused by the burning of detonators became more intense and the smoke left them nowhere to hide.

Fang Lan led the army and waited quietly outside. They were very patient and they didn’t worry.

Finally, after about five or six minutes, someone coughed and wanted to leap out of the fire and escape.

“kill!” Fang Lan waved his hand and his eyes flashed coldly.

The soldiers rushed away and bitted him with few hits and they killed the ninja.

Although these men can be called ninjas, their qualities are far from ninjas of the big villages such as Konoha.

Later, the ninjas hidden in the cabin became more and more intolerable, and more people tried to escape but they were all killed by the soldiers.

Half an hour later, the rest of the ninjas were killed except for five people who were captured alive by Fang Lan.

When Qin Yi and others arrived the fire in the village center has been extinguished. Fang Lan and the soldiers completed the cleanup of the entire island.

“For your Majesty, the island clearance has been completed.” Fang Lan shouted loudly and his right hand on the left chest.

Qin Yi and Xi Yao and others all were excited.

“Nice job! General Fang Lan!” Qin Yi nodded solemnly.

“Besides, we have captured five remnants of the enemy they are under your wish!” Fang Lan fingered to the five ninjas.

Qin Yi slightly thought: “we will deal with them later.”

“Yes!” Fang Lan waved his hand and soldiers put down the five ninjas.

Later, Qin Yi discussed with the generals.

“your majesty, we should build the country as soon as possible. With this base, we can stabilize and develop slowly.” Qin Xi Yao said.

“you can accumulate the aborigines and bring them into our kingdom to enhance our strength!”

“Then, let the soldiers improve their combat powers as soon as possible.”

“First take a firm foothold and then plan for to conquer the world!” The generals spoke one after another and Qin Yi was listening.

” Conquer the world!? I am afraid that wouldn’t be wise! The power that is seen in Naruto Shippuden it’s godlike power, this ambition is too far and wide.” Qin Yi said.

“Qin Lin, gather the people of this island and tell them that we have decided to establish a nation here. Anyone who wants to join us can join us.”

“In addition, arrange some soldiers to register and count to villagers who have joined in our country.”

“At the moment, the most important thing is to establish a state, at the very least there must have a framework!” Qin Yi said.

“we must have a country and a hidden ninja village!”

“The country is managed by ordinary people, and the village of Ninja is taken care of by us. In addition, we must recruit talented villagers as soon as possible to become ninjas.”

“We don’t ask any specific identity, career, age, as long as they are interested, talented people they can become ninjas!” Qin Yi’s words made the people quiet.

They realized that the king that came is a true king.

Such an unrestricted order would be risky but at the same time, the kingdom will develop faster!