The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 44: The King



The next morning, the refugees living on the island suddenly found that a group from this stranger army announced that they would build a country on the island and called them to join in.

In this troubled world, the lives of these refugees are cheaper than others and no one cares. Just like cockroaches, they are struggling to survive in this environment.

The refugees who heard this news, first of all, were doubtful, they couldn’t believe it. They couldn’t believe that they can really join them.

But soon, some people came out.

A total of 1,000 soldiers were sent out today to arrange offices on the streets and lanes of the island to register and count the number of joints refugees.

At this time, in the middle of the street, affront the registration office before the village center building.

“I want to join the country of Qin!” Tomo was disturbed.

“Oh? Your age, your name, and do you have a family.” The soldier in charge of the registration was slightly surprised when he found out that he was a child, but did not show any emotions, he asked.

“My name is Tomo, I am 13 years old, and I have a younger sister called Muji. She’s right behind me, you see.”Tomo said and he pulled Muji over.

“Well, how old is Muji?” The soldier looked at Muji and he was registering it with his pen.

“She is six years old,” Tomo said.

“Well, go back and stand, someone will be responsible for checking and if you can become a ninja then we will know if you can join.” The soldier pointed to the backyard where several ninjas were practicing.

“Can I become a ninja?” Tomo was surprised.

“Yes, His Majesty has divided our people into two categories, one is civilians who responsible for farming and works and the other is ninjas they responsible for fighting outside and protecting everyone’s safety.” The soldier explained.

“I need to pay?” Tomo asked he worried that ninja is really unattainable to him.

“No don’t worry all the fees are the responsibility of the state.” the soldier smiled.

“What about eating? We haven’t had enough food for a long time.”Tomo asked again.

“It is also our responsibility, ha-ha!” The soldier laughed.

He is also pointing behind: “now would you go and wait for the check; your registration is ready.” He said referring to the name registered on the paper.

Tomo smiled embarrassedly, relaxed, bowed respectfully and then ran with his sister.

At this time, the surrounding people looked at each other a few moments, watching Tomo really joined, made them want to join.

The soldiers were not in a hurry, they were waiting.

after a while, the villagers couldn’t resist.

If that’s true, it’s good news for them. After joining the country, their personal safety, food, clothing can be guaranteed. It’s much better than being a homeless precarious refugee.

“I, I want to join!”

“I want it too!”

“me too!” Soon, someone shouted and rushed over.

People are simple when they see someone doing something they will feel comfortable to do it. Even cautious people, when they saw that this was true, that those who join can have the opportunity to become a ninja, and in the worst scenario will be citizens, they wanted to join.

Eventually, more and more people came to the soldiers’ desks, waiting in line to join the country.

Far from this, Qin Yi and the three generals, Gandalf, and Xi Yao looked at all of this smiling.

“The island is ours!”

“The number of people is also increasing rapidly!” Qin Yi laughed and said.

With the increase of these refugees, the six-pointed star between Qin Yi’s eyebrows flashed brightly and became crystal clear. The power of the king that was consumed before was quickly recovered, its amount is also increasing rapidly.

“The power of the king is closely related to my country. As long as my territory, people, resources, or civilization progress changes, my power will also change.” Qin Yi’s eyes flashed.

For a king, the power of the king is the most important. It can transform to all kinds of energy and can adapt to the essence of the power of any sub-world as quickly as possible. At the same time, he must have the energy for the king powers and his skills.

For example, the portal that Qin Yi wants to build, he needs the power of the king to build it.

In addition, the king’s power can make him easily control the details of everyone in the country.

In fact, as long as an anyone joins his kingdom, he will be his subject. Qin Yi forms a unique connection with his subjects, it was very mysterious and magical.

At this moment, Qin Yi just looked at the people who joined one by one, and he could clearly perceive the information of these people and can experience their feelings.

This is the power of the king.

Within three days, the refugees on the island joined the Qin Kingdom. The soldiers took turns to work and registered before finishing the job.

On the morning of the fourth day, a list was placed in front of Qin Yi.

“There are 7,000 ordinary people which can be citizens and there are 1,500 people that join ninjas.”

“That is to say, there are eight thousand and five hundred people on this island.” Qin Yi was surprised.

In the past four days, his king’s power has been increasing all the time.

He also knew that the number of these refugees was large, but he did not expect to exceed his own army. After all, when he looks at them diffuse he couldn’t feel it.

” they were all very active when they heard that your Majesty was going to build a nation provide them with security and arrange shelter and food.”

“This is also the benefit of troubled times, as long as you can provide a shelter, they will no longer have anything to ask for.” Qin Lin sighed.

“Next, we should build State as soon as possible.”

“the ordinary people are responsible for working and farming, our soldiers are responsible for guarding!”

“For the time being, let’s do this.” Qin Yi said quickly.

“No problem, at this point we need civilians to develop rapidly and provide us with enough supplies and food.”

“But I suggest using the rotation system to let them rest.” Qin Lin said.

“discuss with the three generals for a specific plan.” Qin Yi nodded.

“Okay. In addition, what about the portal, Your Majesty?” Qin Lin scratched her head and asked.