The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 45: The Majestic Power

“Go and ask Gandalf to come and I will talk with him about it and I shall do it as soon as possible.”

“I know that you all miss home.”Qin Yi smiled.




Qin Lin shouted loudly and turned around with a smile.


Later, in four or five minutes, Gandalf showed up.


At this time, they started building the village, and Qin Yi took a house temporally.


“YourMajesty,”Gandalf shouted and bent.


“Gandalf, I have something to discuss with you.”Qin Yi said.


He pointed to the sofa to affront him then Gandalf sat down slowly.


“Your Majesty wants to discuss with me about the portal?”Gandalf said.


“Yes, but that’s not all.”Qin Yi said and stared at Gandalf.  


“Oh? Your majesty….”Gandalf smiled slightly.


“I always wanted to ask you, how much do you know about my father? “


Qin Yi said.


Even the predecessor didn’t know so much about his father. In the past seventeen years, he had seen him a few times and he doesn’t have any memory of his mother.


Gandalf glimpsed and then seemed to remember.


After a long while, he whispered.


“When I met your father, it was in our world.”


“The Lord of the Rings?”Qin Yi said.


It was a normal question, but when Gandalf heard it he shocked, looked at him.


“How could you know your majesty?”


Even the former king didn’t know that world particularly, how this young king who is only seventeen years old knows the name of it.


“Gandalf, you are a Maiar, a demigod, the Valars sent you to the Middle-earth, you have several Hobbit friends, I know who you are and I know everything about you.”Qin Yi spoke made Gandalf’s mind tremble.


“This is impossible! How? Even your father doesn’t know me!”Gandalf was shocked.


“I just know, Gandalf.”


“I am different from my father, or I am different from every king in this world!”


“I hope that you can trust me and tell me everything you know.”Qin Yi said seriously to Gandalf.


Gandalf was staring at Qin Yi for a long time then took a long breath and smiled.


“Indeed, the king of the worlds is a terrifying existence even more terrifying than gods!”


“I will tell you everything I know!” After a few seconds, Gandalf continued.


“Your father, as far as I know, he was as powerful as the gods. The kingdom you had been in was his capital and the safest place.”


“I think he has between three or five more countries across the worlds.”


” Imagine how powerful he was, not only his own great kingdom but also across the dimensions he has different worlds.”


Qin Yi was shocked he didn’t think that his father would be so strong!


Three to five countries! That is not a country on his previous earth (our earth), his weak country can run a portal through a different dimension world! Just imagine, you can know how great the power of the predecessor’s father is.


And a king with such a great empire,


If the father came to the world of Naruto, it would be a short month’s effort and the world will be his.


“Then why did he leave?”Qin Yi asked.


If his father was here he doesn’t have to work hard to build a country and strengthen himself. His father needs only to pull his leg down, and he will defeat all who stand against him.


“This is not clear to me. Your father is really busy. He is handling states affairs almost every moment”


“From the kingdom to his states in different dimensions, how many political affairs every day does he have to handle. it is hard to imagine it.”


“However, as far as I know, he seemed to have met strong enemies from different dimensions during his absence,” Gandalf said with some hesitation.


“Strong enemies from different dimensions?”Qin Yi asked.


from running through different dimensions, the power of the father has reached the level of gods and only gods can rival him.


Qin Yi took a long breath and asked again.


“So, what should the king do after the initial establishment of the country? you should know about these things, right?”


“After all, you are the one that my father has dedicated to me.”


Gandalf is the only one in his people that Qin Yi doesn’t have any feeling to him with his king’s power.


Qin Yi felt the mysterious connection between him and his own people from the beginning of joining the refugees with no exception including his sister.


But only Gandalf, no impression!


It is strange that the king can control everything from his subjects in the king’s world. Even though he can use the power of Gandalf that made him feel strange.


Gandalf does not belong to this kingdom!


“It seems that you have already noticed it, your majesty!”Gandalf laughed.


“Yes, the former king brought me from another world to support you.”


“ha-ha, right now I know exactly what to do afterward, and that’s the purpose of your father left me with you,” Gandalf said and moved his staff.


In the wooden house, a silvery light flowed out from the staff and rushed to Qin Yi.


“Accept it, even with the development of your kingdom, you can wake it up. But the power of the former king is undoubtedly more convenient.”Gandalf said, Qin Yi, did not refuse and absorbed all these silver light.


After ten seconds, Qin Yi opened his eyes, his eyes were shining with silver light and full of majesty.


The Majesty of the king is filled with this light.


At this moment, even Gandalf seems to be uncomfortable under this majesty.


“The majesty of the king.”


“Under your majesty, your subjects will not be able to do anything that hurts you! And, they will respect and fear you from their cores!”


Soon, this majesty dissipated and Qin Yi calmed down.


The so-called Majesty of the King is only the evolution of the power of the king of Qin Yi, which is a passive skill. As the power of the king becomes more powerful the power of majesty will become stronger.


This majesty will cause spiritual pressure on the subjects or enemies of different forces.


When it is stronger he will even stop an army without fighting.


Next, Qin Yi also understood the ability of the king he had after the initial foundation of the country.