The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 46: Then Join


“with the power of the king, you can create the portal and travel through the different worlds and the Kingdom!”


“You can change the ratio of the time and velocity of the two forces.”


“You can observe the worlds of different dimensions with the king’s eyes in more detail and then you can choose a different world that is more suitable for you.”


Qin Yi was shocked by what he knew at the moment.


” the ability of the portal I knew it before.”


“But, I can change the time ratio in worlds?!”


“In addition, the King’s Eyes has very useful functions. The portal can only take you to the different dimension world, but the eyes of the king can create eyes in the different world and observe the situation.”


“At the same time, these eyes vision can reach the world’s stars with the energy of the king’s power!”


“No wonder the king goes beyond the gods!”


“as a powerful king, these abilities let him.”


Qin Yi was amazed.


It’s hard to imagine how is this unique race and this magical world.


After more understanding, he found that these three abilities, each of which requires the power of the king, that was massive at his current level, he can use the time ratio ability but he still can’t use the eyes of the king.


“Your Majesty’s first thing to do is to set up the portal.”


“As long as the portals are built, the whole country can move quickly facing the danger, and the royal city can quickly connect with our state and complementary to each other!!”


“In addition, if the time flow ratio it depends on how your majesty set up.” Gandalf smiled.


“I personally advise your Majesty to speed up the time of this world, so your people will evolve faster.” 


Qin Yi nodded.


After accelerating the time rate in Naruto world, the time of all his subjects will be synchronized with the King’s world, and the time flow of Naruto world will not have any effect on them.


That is to say, their age and physical condition will not change with the time of Naruto world.


Of course, the basic condition of all this is to build a portal, only when the two countries form a connection the speed of time will be work.


This is a wonderful principle. Qin Yi can’t figure out why there is such a phenomenon anyway.


But he also knows that the most important thing at present is to set up the portal.


“If you want to build a portal we need materials from this world first!”


Qin Yi nodded.


He got up and walked outside the door. As he passed the street, he could see many villagers on both sides building in full swing.


the three generals order the soldiers to participate except the guards were on duty around the village to speed up the process and to get Homogenize with each other quickly.


As long as the villagers joint with the Qin kingdom they will be the people of Qin without exception.


Qin Yi and Gandalf looked with around for a carrier to the portal.


There is no specific rule on this carrier as long as it is an otherworldly item. it can be a door a mountain or even a stone.


The villagers in the street saw Qin Yi, they salute him respectfully. For the soldiers, he is their king. For the villagers, Qin Yi is the big is the good noble lord.


He saw that some people even bowed down to their knees, but they were pulled up by the soldiers to teach them the etiquette of the Qin dynasty.


Qin Yi nodded to the people with respect with a smile.


“Everyone is working hard; our home will be built as soon as possible!” The villagers and the soldiers were all smiling and encouraged by Qin Yi. Instantly They felt energetic.


Qin Yi was walking and he gradually left.


“His Grace is so gentle!” The villagers were talking.


These days, the two sides were also rapidly merging. the villagers inexplicably felt a little familiar and nice with the others after joining the country and they liked them very much.


“Yes, his Grace is a Good rare king. By the way, the salute of our country is not to kneel on both knees.”


“According to His Grace, this country, except for the unique position of His Majesty, all the citizens are equal.” The soldier whispered.


“Oh? Why is that?”


The villagers are curious.


“You know, from the moment you joined Qin State, everyone’s lives are actually linked to the rest of his majesty.”


“If his Majesty has a problem, our we will disappear with our country.” The soldiers said.


The villagers took a breath and were shocked, but the weird thing was that they didn’t have any fear. 


At this time, Qin Yi had reached the center of the village.


“Do we need to build a new office here?” Qin Yi asked with a smile the three generals.


“Oh, your Majesty you are here. yes, we have to establish a unity between the country and the Ninja Village and right now we can’t build your palace, your majesty.”


“well, its style was imitating the buildings of Konoha and then integrate into our kingdom.” Yang Yi replied with a smile.


“Yes, in the early days of the founding of the People’s state, our resources were still small. It was true that we did not build palaces It was most effective to set up a Hokage office directly.” Qin Yi nodded.


The five major countries and the Ninja Village are interdependent. The big powers provide strong support for the Ninja Village, and the Ninja Village provides military assistance to the country. And their country is still small, and there is no need for such a cumbersome procedure.


Suddenly, Qin Yi’s eyes flashed.


“The portal needs to be concealed, and it needs entities as well and it is more convenient for the army to withdraw.”


“It seems that this is the best place.” Qin Yi has already decided.


“the portal will be built in the Hokage office!” After Qin Yi said this everyone around him was amazed.


At the same time, a roadway in the village, still in the registry, a figure stepping forward.


“Do you want to join the Qin Kingdom?” The soldier said and looked up slightly and found just an ordinary farmer.


“Qin Yi country? Did that kid get out of it? Then I’d join in.”