The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 47: You’re a Vassal


“Name, age?” the farmer was a bit strange but the soldiers did not care.


“Madara, 38 years old.” The farmer said in a loud voice.


The soldier looked at the man again and registered it on the paper. But he thought that this person is a bit weird, his smell is not like a farmer. He looks like a strong person in a high position, he gives people a feeling that he is very proud of himself!


But now the country is recruiting people, and it doesn’t matter the type of people coming. After all, when his name is written on paper and joined the country, the king will naturally feel him.


After the registration, the farmer turned and walked away. It was only a few seconds and he disappeared.


“Oh, strange boy, let me take a closer look at what is unique about you!”


At this time, the farmer has changed his appearance again, and his face is very clear he was Uchiha Madara!


“When I control you to do things for me, this world will change!”


From Konoha, Madara had a strong interest in Qin Yi. Up to now, he has followed him to the island and he joined to his state this time.


He is full of doubts about what Qin Yi wants to do and who he is. On the other side, he wants to be close to Qin Yi then control and use him.


Uchiha Madara is very clear-headed. he knows that to change the world, he must defeat Hashirama and he Is a very difficult enemy to rely just on his own power, and from his observation, Qin Yi has such potential.


However, there is one thing he did not think of!




At the same time, Qin Yi was standing in front of the Hokage office, was about to discuss with the public about building the portal, suddenly.




“Madara? Wait, which Madara?”


Just now, his eyebrows suddenly flashed, and he felt a large amount of king’s power quickly increase, and at the same time, a message made him feel strange.


the power of king will grow with every citizen join but he hasn’t experienced a power like that.


He stopped talking and slowly closed his eyes.


In the dark, he felt that the identity of this person has problems and began to use the power of the king to explore.


Qin Yi’s body suddenly shook, and his eyes opened, and the expression was full of surprise.


“are you kidding me?!”


“Uchiha Madara joined my country??” His eyes are full of doubts.


For a moment Qin Yi was muddled.


Theoretical the king can use the power of the king to use any ability of his subordinates, as long as the power of the king is enough and strong enough.


He also thought that if he could conquer a strong man, his power could also be enhanced rapidly. It is only because of his ability and power at this time this is very difficult.


However, he did not expect that he faces strong ninja, but a strong man was like Uchiha Madara joined is crazy.


In an instant, Qin Yi turned his head and rushed in the direction of the street.


He is eager to know what is going on, how Uchiha Madara join his country?


Gandalf and others looked at each other and followed him.


Five minutes later, Qin Yi saw the man in front of him dressed as a farmer.




“Uchiha Madara!” Qin Yi shouted loudly.


The farmer in front didn’t look back and still walked forward.


Gandalf heard Qin Yi calling the name, he looked at his staff subconsciously moving his staff but there is no response this time.


“is this person Madara?” Gandalf whispered.


Next, the three generals were panicked.


They knew very well that they can’t resist Madara but they were ready for any case.


“Stop, Uchiha Madara you can’t hide from me.” Qin Yi said again.


The farmer’s footsteps suddenly stopped.


“You can’t recognize me.” The low voice made everyone nervous.


The next moment, the farmer’s clothes turned into a red shield with the Uchiha mark and Madara’s cold face showed up.


” Is it really him?!”Gandalf was surprised.


“Impossible, he is Madara, how can my staff not react.”


But at the moment, no one can answer Gandalf’s question.


Qin Yi smiled he couldn’t hide his joy.


“I couldn’t have recognized you before you joined my country, but now, it’s different!”


Madara turned his head and stared at Qin Yi: “Oh?”


“Because from that moment on, you are my subject!” The smile on Qin Yi’s face disappeared and he screamed.


When he said that his king’s Majesty makes Qin Lin and others behind him stunned. Under this majesty, there was more respect and awe.


Even Uchiha Madara at this moment felt this majesty.


“I am your subject? Kid, are you losing your mind?” Madara smiled coldly.


“Now that I’ve been found, I’ll just get rid of you all, and I don’t have to waste my time!”


Madara showed his Sharingan and appeared a killing intent.


“do you want to kill me?”


Qin Yi said in the cold face.


If he did not join his country, Uchiha will be the strongest person in Naruto, but in his country, his identity has been framed, no matter how strong, he is just a citizen of Qin Yi’s Kingdom.


“Do you know what the end of the subordinates that they face their king?”


“Uchiha Madara!”


Qin Yi is the king. In his own country, he is the greatest!


he is the strongest and No one can go against what he said, even if he is Uchiha Madara.


Suddenly, Qin Yi stepped forward.


The power of the king flow up in his body, and his eyes suddenly turned into Sharingan with three Tomoe.


“impossible?!” when Madara saw the scene was shocked.


“Nothing is impossible, Madara!” Qin Yi walked slowly and he shocked all the people.


“All your skills your power from now Is mine as yours.”


“I get it and use it!” Three Tomoe suddenly changed with accelerate rotation and a black line spread out and connected to each other.


Mangekyo Sharingan!


Madara’s eyes shrink, and Qin Yi is already standing in front of him.


“Remember who you are from this moment you are just my subordinate!”


The king’s Majesty is so powerful in Madara’s heart and he can’t resist it.