The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 48: The Chance To Change




how that can be possible?!


Right this kid has great potential but how can he feel this way in front of him?


Madara was shocked and angry.




Suddenly his chakra flows up.


The mad atmosphere glows up from his body.


Rather than face-to-face Qin Yi, this time he rushed with high speed it was more like hunting.


” you want to kill me? Madara?”


“In my country, no one can do anything to me!” Qin Yi said with indifferent voice.


The two men stared at each other at this moment.


“Ah! Son of a bitch!”


Madara was so scared under the oppression of the king’s majesty and what made him more afraid that he could not control his subconscious.


In the deep part of his mind, his soul is resisting his intention to kill people!


What is going on here?


“You must be able to!”


A huge energy fluctuation erupted on Madara’s body, a blue huge amount of chakra, in an instant, the houses on both sides of the street were squeezed open and the dust was raised.


Gandalf and the three generals shocked.


“So powerful energy!”


“Is this mana God?” Gandalf was shocked.


The three generals were even more shocked, and their hands that holding swords was trembling.


Only at this moment did they understand what Qin Yi had said before, what was the concept of this man’s strength!


“Madara do you know what you’re doing?” Qin Yi screamed.


The King’s power was reaching out to Uchiha Madara, Madara shocked, and the chakra on his body shut down.


“What the hell is going on? boy, what kind of ninjutsu are you doing on my body?!” Madara shouted at Qin Yi.


For the first time, he found that he was going to kill someone was so difficult.


“Madara, accept the fact that this is the law of the world when you joined my state you are my vassal!”


“As a vassal, you can’t attack me i’m your king!” Qin Yi said.


Qin Yi was surprised too. He didn’t expect that under the influence of the rules of the king’s world he will could stop Madara.


This man in the world of Naruto has reached the peak of strength, His ultimate strength surpasses Gandalf’s strength with levels!


“The law of the world? Who are you?” Uchiha Madara bites his teeth.


In his consciousness, the power of resistance is getting stronger and the Chakra in his body was rapidly dissipating.


“I am the king, Madara.”


Qin Yi’s heart was relieved when he saw that Madara was still unable to break the rules of the king’s world.


“How can I not be able to kill you, this is impossible!” Madara whispered.


“You have joined my country, Madara. This is fate, our meet!” Qin Yi said.


Madara was looking silently.


“Are you stupid? boy!”


After a while,


Qin Yi somewhat embarrassed.


” you will soon know the specific information, for now, you need to know just you accidentally joined my country, even me I didn’t expect it to be honest.”


“At the same time, this is also a chance to change your destiny.” Qin Yi smiled.


“change destiny?” Madara said.


“Remember? I said I am not a person from this world. So, have you ever thought of going to other worlds?” Qin Yi said.


Madara’s eyes fixed on Qin Yi.


“In short, from this moment on, you are my vassal. under the King’s World Rules, you can’t harm me, and I can command you to do anything!” Qin Yi said


“Command me? Oh.”Madara laughed.


Qin Yi shrugged him. Well, he knew the personality of Madara from the anime and he expect this reaction!


But from this moment on, Qin Yi’s life Uchiha Madara will be on the same line.


” Gandalf, it’s up to you to explain to Mr. Madara what’s happening in our country and his current situation.” Qin Yi waved and took the others and left.


Gandalf looked at his eyes and smiled and approached.


“Welcome to join us, Mr. Madara.” Madara was cold but he did not resist. They found a place where they sat down and talked to each other.


There is no resistance to this to this white old man, Gandalf is also very strong and the old man is naturally friendly.


After an hour, Madara understood the situation.


“so, this kid really my king after all?” Uchiha Madara found this fact somewhat unacceptable.


He started filling in an application for entering the country, then sold himself accidentally. What kind of joke?!


“It is true! Indeed Mr. Madara! we must respect His Grace.” Gandalf said and laughed.


“And, you are not from this world too? Is there any other world outside this world?”Madara pays more attention to this matter.


“Yes, His Majesty’s world is called King’s World. He has the power to shuttle thousands of the worlds.” Gandalf nodded.


Uchiha Madara was somewhat stunned.


He thought about thousands of scenarios and didn’t expect that Qin Yi to have such an identity, a king of a magical country can travel across the worlds.


“is his country is really collapsing?” he asked again.


“Yes, so his majesty has ventured into this world to try to revive the country.”


“what a waste boy,” Madara said


Gandalf said: ” respect your king.”


” “I do not respect the weak.”


Next, the two fell into silence but Madara’s eyes began to flicker, and he was deeply interested in Qin Yi’s ability to travel through all worlds.