The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 49: Dust release and Mouth Swallow Everything technique




When Madara knew about the traveling between worlds and the infinite number of worlds the Stone Tablet of Naka Shrine nothing means nothing to him.


Later, he realized his inexplicable connection with the kid from Gandalf’s words.


“What kind of power does this kid have? It can make such a big restriction on me!”


“Is it a seal?” Uchiha said.


He did feel a mysterious connection with the kid that ordinary people might not be able to perceive, but as a god-like a ninja in the world of Naruto, how can Madara not realize it?


“Mr. Madara, His Majesty is the king. The king has natural constraints and restrictions on his subjects. This is harmless. Please relax.” Gandalf explained with a smile.


“Damn!” Madara’s shouted.


It’s complicated, really. He came to control the kid but he was actually controlled by this kid.


he was helpless but fortunately, after he had carefully felt it, he found that the kid couldn’t force him to do anything he felt much better.


“Finally, that boy can use my strength!”


“Is this an attribute of the king?” said with flashed eyes even Uchiha Madara was shocked by this unique attribute of Qin Yi.


It’s amazing. As a king, he can use all his strength.


Madara felt uncomfortable when he remembered his Mangekyu Sharnigan that Qin Yi could use it.


Uchiha Madara cannot understand this mysterious power.


He was guided by the stone tablet of Naka Shrine and knew how to become stronger, but when he saw Qin Yi he was bewildered by his strength.


After talking with Gandalf for a long time, Uchiha Madara seems to have accepted this as a fact.


“I don’t want to do anything for this kid.” Uchiha Madara got up and left with pride.


He still not respects Qin Yi after all.


At the same time, Qin Yi was standing in front of the central office building, directing the workers to quickly build up.


he smiled to Madara when he saw him.


Then Madara goes away.


“I can use the power of the Sharingan or even a the Mangekyo Sharingan.”


“With the power of the king, I can even use his other abilities.”


“The only problem is that my Chakra amount is still too small to support the release of Madara’s powerful ninjutsu.”


Chakra amount is the most serious problem that Qin Yi is facing at the moment.


Even if he can use his Sharingan, the total amount of his chakra will not support much time. After all, he borrowed the other’s abilities instead of plundering it.


Think about the problem of Kakashi of using Sharingan in the manga and you will be able to understand Qin Yi’s feeling.


“In addition, the fusion of the three attributes!”


“Blood limit!” Qin Yi’s was thinking.


If he remembers correctly, the three attributes he possesses at this time are just the basic nature of a Kekkei Tota in the Naruto world.


“Dust release!” Qin Yi smiled when he thought about it.


Blood limits are varied. For example, advanced nature transformations combine two basic natures in order to create a new one like his explosion release.


But some natural bloodlines it is naturally awakened. Sharingan for example and through continued use will involve and gaining tomoe.


And the Kekkei Tōta, and then this blood limit is a combination of three different nature transformations.


“Earth, wind and fire, these three Nature Transformation seem to perform Dust Release!” Qin Yi’s eyes flashed.


There is no doubt that Bloodline Selection (Kekkei Tota is more powerful than the casual Bloodline Limit. But the same, the amount of chakra it consumes is also shocking.


The Dust Release of Onoki with his Kage level can be released for a large amount of chakra.


“Is it possible to use the Dust Release with the amount of Chakra in my Shonen level?” he is currently eager to know this problem.


As for the integration of the three chakras, it is not his problem.


Qin Yi has made a large number of workers to build the portal, As soon as possible, he can use the power of the king to adjust the time ratio between the two worlds.




Qin Yi thought, suddenly remembered a ninjutsu has plundered from the ninjas sand.


” Mouth Swallow Everything technique!”


This technique has a very strange name and his role is even stranger.


“it helps to eat more, and boost the speed of digest and eat food and turned it into Chakra!”


At first glance, this technique is like a healing pot in online games. Eat it at one time and recover the consumption of Chakra.


However, in Qin Yi’s thinking, this technique has a more unique role.


“The operation is not complicated. Just a few changes and it seems that you can turn recovery into enhancement.” Qin Yi’s eyes flashed and he smirked.


Just change a few prints, you can completely change the role of this ninjutsu.


Qin Yi was excited.




The energy of human cells comes from the decomposition of the food they eat, and Chakra comes from the energy of human cells.


But if the source of this energy increases intake, digestion speeds up, and the chain reaction occurs, the amount of chakra will increase rapidly.


“with my printing I have mastered, it is not enough to transform this technique.”


“This matter, I still have to try it.”  Qin Yi smiled.


If this technique succeeds, then the strength of the whole nation will surely increase rapidly.


“If the process is fast, the distribution of the tail animal after three months is not necessarily!” Qin Yi was thinking about it.


With the pride of Madara, Qin Yi fear to orders him, because He does not have enough a king’s power at this time, and he still can’t force him.  


he does not intend to let the Madara appeared. Such a guy it’s best to be his win card!


“When the Portal is completed, go look for Madara!” Qin Yi ordered.


He is the king of this country. It is already very kind to not drive this guy to attack the whole world.