The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 50: Three Steps


Qin Yi was looking at the workers in front of him and he felt that after he came to the world of Naruto, he really couldn’t relax.


“Time is not enough. There are too many things to do.”


There is a long way to go, he has to build the portal, to develop a new Mouth Swallow Everything technique, develop the Dust Release and the techniques.


” It can only come step by step.”


these workers from the people who have joined Qin’s Kingdom and soldiers are building constantly the Kage office but the three floors building and covers about 900 square meters cannot be completed in one day even if the workers maximize their effort.


Qin Yi and the three generals took this opportunity and continued to discuss the deployment of domestic political affairs.


“The soldiers must continue practicing chakra. In addition, the other 100 soldiers, I will give them five scrolls tomorrow to develop quickly.”


“Although there are still some food reserves, it is necessary to arrange the villagers to plant the land as soon as possible.”


“and If it we face a problem we can fishing along the coast and hunting the animals in the forest ” Qin Yi said.


They stood in the streets under construction, discussed with each other, and decided on rules and resolutions.


The good thing is the villagers who join the country have a smile on were happy. Everyone was in the construction work, but in just a short day, some places in the street have already been completed.


In the evening, Qin Yi and others scattered around.


“Knot Seal Formation, its purpose is to increase the speed at which one forms seals. With the increase in hand speed, Chakra would be summoned faster, leading to the faster use of Ninjutsu. Once I develop this skill, I will acquire the ability to store Ninjustu. With no time required, I will have the ability to store hand seal sequences somewhere in the body. With that, I’ll be able to use them at will, thoughtlessly and much faster. With this, any Ninjutsu should be as convenient and quick as a Sealless Ninjutsu.” 


“However, this process should be reserved for the more powerful Ninjutsu, as using it with the ordinary ones would be a waste.”  


At night, Qin Yi was studying the seal.


He developed his knot Seal Formation as the unique ninjutsu of the Qin Kingdom. The power of this ninjutsu has been demonstrated once before, and there are no attribute requirements.


It can be said that although this technique is not destructive it is an excellent supplementary technique.


In addition, the Dust Release.


Qin Yi will only use the three natures of chakras in his body and use the power of the king to fuse them.


The fusion of the nature of Chakra is not a difficult thing for him. The power of the king can control all energy perfectly.


In terms of attributes, the power of the king is the highest energy.


While he meditated the three natures of Chakra have been fused.


“The next step is to release it.”


after the three natures of Chakra is merged, his consciousness naturally produces a method of using this Kekkai Tota, which is the most primitive and initial use but with the same power.


“Dust Release!” Qin Yi’s hands were first combined then slowly opened.


Just as his hands were separated, a powerful wave of energy began to flow out and a point of transparent light appeared.


The wind blows and the black hair of Qin Yi flutters.


“This is Dust release.”




His forehead sweated and the light point in Qin Yi’s hand only lasted for one more second and disappeared.


“It’s consumed a huge chakra!”


his Chakra was depleted in this short breath.


“The power is really strong, but I can’t use it. The amount of chakra is still not enough.”


With a sigh, Qin Yi confirmed that he could really master dust, but he could not afford it.


Theoretically, the more chakra nature Qin Yi possessed with the plunder, the more Kekkai Gekkai in his body could create. Originally even with naturally awakened bloodline For Qin Yi can easily do this and there is no difficulty at all.


But the premise of all this is that Qin Yi has a considerable amount of chakra.


For example, he can use Madara’s ninjutsu, bloodline, and everything Madara’s has, but unfortunately, his Chakra is a just ordinary level of Chunen, cannot use the real power of Uchiha Madara.


the power of the king is very strange, he can use the power of his subordinates, but cannot take or explore the source.


That is to say, he can only borrow and cannot control it.


“In other words, It really is in line with the power of the King’s identity!!”  Qin Yi sighed.


He was able to develop a variety of powerful ninjutsu and blood limits, However, the amount of chakra limited him.


“At least three months, at least have a chakra of Jounin level!” Qin Yi knows clearly this is very difficult.


The different from the Jounin and the Chunen is very huge the Chunen who wants to be promoted take much more than a few months.


Even genius such as Kakashi or Itachi, etc., take many years to be promoted.


“The tail beast is a weapon that must be fully controlled. Only in this way can be qualified as a powerful man here!”


to Qin Yi controlling the tailed beast is equal to mastering a large amount of chakra, and his strength can rise up as quickly as possible.


In this troubled world, if you want to plan to build a country and fight for hegemony, what is most needed is to own the invincible power of the world.


The next day, the three generals came to report to Qin Yi on the progress of the resolution and the decisions discussed yesterday were carried out step by step.


” At the request of your Majesty, we reconstituted 6,000 soldiers and established 1,500 Ninja squads.”


“From among the soldiers, a relatively good 1,500, four-person Ninja squad has been formed overnight.” Qin Lin reported with a big excitement.


Qin Yi nodded He was always very sure about the efficiency and quality of domestic soldiers.


“Next, I will send the scrolls to the soldiers and they must grow stronger quickly.”


Qin Lin went on and waited for Qin Yi to give him the scrolls.


she found that there were no scrolls in the room where his majesty was now living, but there were a lot of blank papers piled up.


“Pen release: Iron Painting Book!” At this time, Qin Yi’s hands were printed and he shouted.

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