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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 51: Eating to Get Stronger


Chapter 51 Eating to Get Stronger




Dozens of brushes were flying and the white paper spread out close to them and then quickly writing on the papers.


Qin Lin was shocked when she saw this scene.


there is such Ninjutsu like this?


With this technique, 1,500 scrolls have been successfully completed for only one hour and at the end, they have rolled into paper tubes with this ninjutsu.


Qin Lin was even more shocked when she saw this.


she felt that his Majesty was becoming more and more unpredictable. How long will it take to come to this sub-world? a month?


“OK, one thousand and five hundred teams, each team one scroll.”


“In this way, our country’s initial Ninja squad model has also been formed.” Qin Yi smiled.


“your majesty you getting stronger.” Qin Lin said she felt somewhat complicated.


“Send these scrolls as soon as possible.” Qin Yi ordered.


Qin Lin nodded and turned up to the street. Soon, soldiers come forward and took them.


Qin Yi’s eyes flashed and he walked toward another street.


At a big tree at the end of the street, he found Uchiha Madara sitting with Gandalf.


He felt happy when he saw the two men talking together.


“Madara, I need your help.” Qin Yi said directly.


It’s weird and magical, and it’s important to him. It’s only with the help of Madara that it can be done as soon as possible.


“Oh, you don’t trust me.” Uchiha Madara said with a sneer.


“Mr. Madara, please show respect for his Majesty,” Gandalf said.


Qin Yi expects that but he needs him and this is the easiest way.


The king has great power. He is the supreme ruler of the king’s world. He has the power to kill and destroy. But the problem is that his power at the moment is not enough to force to follow his orders and let Madara obey.


Gandalf has also the strength to reject his orders.


The atmosphere was a bit awkward, Gandalf coughed as if he were talking like a reminder.


“Mr. Madara, you want to see the other worlds and this is relying on his Grace.”


When Madara heard Gandalf’s words his face changed slightly.


“If you want me to help, bring me something that you can exchange.”


Qin Yi showed a grateful smile to Gandalf and then threw the two scrolls.


Madara caught it, then unfolded.


“Knot Seal Formation.” He said and his eyes shrunk.


He glanced over and quickly understood the principles of the technique and how to use it.


“A wonderful assistant technique, is it developed by you?”


Qin Yi nodded: “Yes, can you use it.”


Qin Yi know the power of Madara and how hard for him to become his subordinate.


As for disobedience to such things it is not a problem, wait when he became stronger then slowly take care of all of this.


“well, I do use it,” Madara said and his eyes are cold.


This kid’s talent is really abnormal he is like a monster, developing such ninjutsu for him without any difficulties.


Even Madara thought that he was a reincarnation of Indra Ōtsutsuki‎.


He opened the other Scroll.


” Mouth Swallow Everything technique.” Said and his eyes flashed,


“Yes, it’s Mouth Swallow Technique, want to transform it so that it can become the secret of practicing Chakra.” Qin Yi said.


” Chakra Practice?” HIs eyes were suddenly weird.


“Do you want to rely on your meals and quickly get more chakra?”


This kid is so clever that he can come up with such an idea!


“Yes! I want to increase my chakra in a short time. Right now, this is the only way.” Qin Yi nodded.


Madara stared at Qin Yi and was thinking for a while, finally, he took out a scroll from his arms and threw it out.


” I have no idea what to do with this technique, but you should use this scroll.”


Qin Yi received the scroll and left.


After returning to his place, Qin Yi unrolled the scroll.


After a moment, He smiled.


“So, despite some deviations from my previous ideas, but with this way, I’m still able to achieve the transformation of the Mouth Swallow Everything technique.”


Originally, he thought, the use of techniques to increase the digestive power of the body, to maintain energy storage, not to consume out. As we all know, as long as people live they consume energy constantly. The original idea of Qin Yi’s technique is remolding the Mouth Swallow Everything technique to keep the energy consumed and let the human body enter a state of “Almost Dormant”, over time the amount of chakra will automatically increase.


But the scroll that gave him Madara, let him change the way before.


“By increasing the activity of cells in the body to achieve rapid decomposition of energy, and to keep the body in a state of intense exercise at all times, to force the expansion of the limits of energy that cells can contain, and to create more chakra?”


The scroll given to him are documented how to make the body stronger in a more intense process.


Although he doesn’t know where Madara has this unique scroll, there is no doubt that Qin Yi used it.


Contrary to his previous ideas, the new way is just the opposite. One is the Almost dormant mode, the other is wantonly movement, improving chakra in the movement.


“This movement relies on Chakra to carry…. forming a cycle. In this cycle, Chakra is continuously extracted to speed up the progress of practice.”


“And compared with what I thought before, this way will also avoid another obstacle.” Qin Yi was smiling.


Even if he develops the previous technique, there is no way to avoid a shortcoming, he will gain weight quickly! Because of the lack of exercise.


Continue to study, Qin Yi walked one by one in his mind, carried out the arrangement of the Seal Formation, and imagined the situation caused by different Seal Formation.


Three days later, a smile appeared on Qin Yi’s face.


“I Succeed, new technique Mouth Swallow Everything!”


“With Chakra, let every muscle and every cell in the body tremble quickly and accelerate the digestion of the body’s food and thereby enhance the amount of Chakra!”


“If you have a variety of Chakra natures, you can use the rejection collisions between different chakra properties to get stronger faster!”


This is a new technique, almost equal to the creation of a new era of the practice of Chakra!


As long as you eat, you can quickly increase the amount of chakra in your body!

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