The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 52: The Portal

Just then, Gandalf came.

“Your Majesty, the Kage office has been built, and the Portal can be built!” Qin Yi smiled and his eyes flashed.


As the Romans do, the Qin State enters the world of Naruto. The State of Qin was established, and his hidden village is called Qin hidden Village. In just a few days, the Kage office has been built which makes Qin Yi happy.


He rose immediately and walked toward the Kage office.


Gandalf followed closely and he felt happy for Qin Yi.


The portal can connect the king’s world. As long as it is built successfully in this world it can be combined with the two worlds.


Soon, Qin Yi saw the village center this magnificent Kage office building.


The overall style is like a fusion of ancient Chinese architecture and Konoha Village. The location of the three-floors building, a purple six-pointed star appeared between Qin Yi’s eyebrows.


“excellent!”  he is very satisfied.


“You can begin Your Majesty. I have already asked the three generals to disperse the villagers and soldiers around to not affect you.” Gandalf said.


“well let’s begin!” Qin Yi nodded.


He extended his hands and pointed at the Kage office. And the star between his eyebrows was glowed up.


Just then, a figure slowly approached.


“Mr. Madara.” Gandalf was surprised.


“I will take a look at how this kid wants to get through another world,” Madara said and his eyes are full of curiosity.


In his mind, he wondered whether Qin Yi could cross different worlds. Yesterday, he heard that these people wanted to build a door to connect their world.


At this time, Qin Yi did not care about the presence of Madara, his spirit has been concentrated in the Kage office building.


The power of the was king surging out and there was a ripple-like pattern in the void, which was constantly vibrating.


This kind of power is extremely noble and overpowered.


Madara and Gandalf beside him immediately shocked, they stepped back a few steps.


“Is this the gateway to different worlds?”


“This kid can actually do it!”


Madara was shocked, and his consciousness fluctuated sharply as he looked at Qin Yi, his king’s majesty and the portal.


“This Portal can only be transmitted one way, less powerful than the 1/10000 of the former Portal.” Gandalf sighed.


Uchiha Madara eyes contracted and pinched his fist.


He was feeling that this door is full of things that he can’t fully understand. The essence of this power has gone far beyond Chakra and may even exceed the origin of this world!


The purple energy emerged from Qin Yi’s hands and passed to the front door; the place filled with majestic and mysterious atmosphere.


Qin Yi was unusually stressful at this time, and the Portal was not so well established.


What he needed was the power of the king. He looked at the illusion of the people afront of his eyes and he was sweating.


“with this speed, it takes three days to build the Portal.”  Qin Yi judged the time to establish the portal.


He slowly sat down his body in the portal, and his body slowly radiated with the power of the king.


After the establishment of the Qin Dynasty, the power of the king was a gift for all of them and these nationals are all part of the power given to him.


As long as he exists in this world they will continue to provide him with the power of the king.


“Mr. Madara, I’m afraid it will be some time before His Majesty can finish the Portal. Why don’t you and I have a drink and take a rest?” Gandalf smiled and suggested.


Madara glanced at Qin Yi.


“ok, Mr. Gandalf,” Madara said.


Qin Yi glanced at the movements of the two without any reaction.


“These two gods, I’ve given them a show?” He thought.


The power of the king gradually formed a balance between recovery and output, Qin Yi closed his eyes slowly.


By noon on the second day, the three generals who had been busy arranging the villagers and the Ninja squads arrived.


Qin Yi ordered them to bring him a lot of food.


” Mouth Swallow Everything technique? Can you quickly become stronger when you eat quickly?”


The three generals were filled with surprise and ordered the soldiers to bring food immediately.


These foods are stacked in front of Qin Yi, mostly meat. In those days, the Ninja squads went into the woods for hunt or fishing in the sea.


Qin Yi looked at it and nodded with satisfaction.


Under the watch of everyone, Qin Yi’s hands quickly printed.


” Mouth Swallow Everything technique!”


Soon, the mouth of a giant beast composed of Chakra suddenly appeared from the position of Qin Yi, then roared and swallowed all the meat on the table. 


Gandalf and others were surprised. They saw Qin Yi’s belly bulging a speedily visible to the naked eye like a 9-month pregnant woman’s belly.


” convert!” Qin Yi printed again.


Just after this seal, his belly quickly shrank down, and at the same time, a huge Chakra came out and formed a strong wind.


After only about a few seconds, Qin Yi’s belly was restored to the original form.


“This kid!? It’s really a success!” Uchiha Madara shocked.


He was shocked and had a clear understanding of Qin Yi’s talent.


The three generals shocked when feeling that Qin Yi’s Chakra had inflated in such a short time.


“Yes, it works very well.”


Qin Yi said with satisfaction.


He finished printing again and swallowed all the meat on the other tables.


After chakra expanded for more than ten times, Qin Yi’s face appeared pale.


“The amount of Chakra in the Chunen level can only expand fifteen times a day.” Qin Yi said.


” However, with the application of this technique, I will speed up the amount chakra faster and faster.!” then he showed a smile.


“Generals, you will send this technique to ninjas quickly, so that they can practice quickly!”


“and we need more meat!” Qin Yi turned his head and screamed.


Qin Lin nodded and looked forward with excitement.

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