The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 53: The World of Nothingness

the island, the sea, all the beasts, and fish were suffering from the extinction because of Qin Yi’s swallow technique.

all of the people here didn’t care about this the Portal was their biggest interest.


In the afternoon of the third day.


“he will succeed!” Yang Yi was excited.


Others were also excited watching at worlds projected from the uncomplete Portal.


“different worlds? Let me see what it looks like!” Madara’s eyes flashed, he was excited after all the Magnifique things he experienced and knew.


After half an hour, Qin Yi’s whole body shake and stopped the output of King’s power.


At this moment, the Portal was appearing from nothingness in front of everyone, made the island shake sharply.


“is its success?!” Madara was shocked.


The Portal was glowing full of mysterious runes and hollow carvings and from time to time there are swirls and mysterious patterns.


“he succeeds,” Qin Lin said loudly with excitement.


“Yes, the Portal has already appeared, but I will integrate it with the Kage office Building.”


“When it comes, as long as you enter the Portal within, you can return to our world.” Qin Yi stood up and said slowly.


Next, they saw Qin Yi’s hands open and sipped.


Suddenly, the Portal was broken.




Just like a huge broken sound in the world, people are shocked, countless brilliant gravel, rotating in the void, and there are also the sky and the mysterious runes. In the void, they prayed from this scene.


All of this was moving toward the Kage office building and then it ripples like a stone into the water and then quickly fused.


After the sound of thunder broke for a quarter of an hour, everything was calmed down.


The Kage office building is like a cube, it surrounded by 50 meters of space, all twisted and smashed. As time went by, the Portal movement slowly dissipated.


” All right! From now on, we can return to the kingdom.” Qin Yi said.


The Portal has been successfully established merged with the Kage office as long they are from the subjects of the Qin State they can go to the kingdom.


Qin Yi did not hesitate to look at the people in front of him, and naturally understood what they were thinking.


“Yang Yi, Qin Lin, Fang Lan, immediately organize 150 ninja squads and, bring the necessary supplies, we went back to the Kingdom!”


The people here have temporarily stabilized, but the people in the Kingdom are still suffering from the famine.




The three generals said loudly. After turning around, they used Chakra and quickly ran above the roofs.


” Are you going back to your own world?” Madara asked.


“Yes, Madara you are also coming with us so that you can see the magnificence of the world!!”


” This world is only one of the many worlds!” Qin Yi said.


Now Madara is also his subject and Qin Yi is not worried about his own secrets.


As a king, he can control everything in the Kingdom!


“I am very interested!” Madara said and his hand on his waist.


After for about half an hour, 150 ninja squads jumped from all sides carrying big packages.


Qin Yi glanced at it and judged that some people are carrying meat others grain.


Of course, this state has just stabilized, some people are reclaiming farmland, some are building, and some are fishing. These grain reserves are all left in the previous support of Konoha, and the meat was their main seed in recent days.


“Are you ready?”  Qin Yi was ready to return.


The one hundred and fifty soldiers were very excited and silent.


“we’re ready!”


“Our seeds are not enough. These are just emergency measures. The purpose of this return trip is to adjust the country so that everything in the country can function properly.”


General Qin Lin and other generals said one by one.




“Let’s go!” Qin Yi nodded as he entered the Portal.


Suddenly, Qin Yi’s figure disappeared in front of everyone there.


“Your Majesty has gone back, let’s go!” Qin Lin said loudly when he saw this scene.




Later, the ninja squads jumped from all directions to the Kage office building.


Suddenly, they disappeared, Madara was watching and he was excited.!


He never thought that there would be such a freak thing happening in front of him.


However, there is no time space for Ninjutsu to be able to do this step but this thing makes hundreds of people can be passed away.


“Mr. Madara let’s go together.” Gandalf smiled.


Uchiha Madara has some hesitation.


“How to use this technique?” he said


“technique?” Gandalf smiled.


” think that you will go to the king’s world and enter!” Said Gandalf and he was also disappeared instantly.


“Hurry, there is no trace at all.” Madara saw this scene at a close distance, and he was even more shocked.


Later, he began to meditate in his heart.


“Return to the King’s World!”




Suddenly, Madara felt that his body was thrown into a space full of colorful brilliance, and he was a little dizzy.


After a few breaths, his eyes suddenly brightened and he saw a magical, vast, magnificent world.


his eyes shrink and his heart was shocked.


“here is?!”


three huge moons are in the air and stars are dotted with the sky. At first glance, he can see the vastness and depth of the universe.


It was the night time.


What makes Madara more stunned is that he observed in a moment that all is void except for the land of the Kingdom.


There is nothing!!


Just a little land floating between the stars.

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