The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 54: All Wrong




Madara could clearly saw the world that is called the kingdom.


In the void of a starry sky, there is nothing but this planet, at this time this planet was just the county where he stands at his feet.


The void, nothing but void.


But this is not scientific at all. How can there be such a tiny place that can make human beings live in the vast universe?!a


Compared to the universe, this place is like a leaf in a raging sea. It will be swallowed up and smashed by the waves at any time.


“This is impossible!” Madara was shocked.


“There is nothing impossible, Madara! This is our home, the king’s world!” Gandalf whispered.


“This is just a broken planet!” How could anyone live?” Madara said.


“This is the king’s world, it is about to be broken and dissipated and his majesty tries saving it.”


“As long as we build a great nation in your world, his Majesty will be able to save the kingdom, he will be able to merge the two worlds, therefore, the broken mountains recover, the broken trees continue to grow, the vast rivers continue to flow, and the empty sea returns!”


“This planet will revive again,” Gandalf said.


“This is the means of the gods, can he do it?!” Madara said.


“He is the king here, he can do many things…” Gandalf sighed.


After a while, he stared at Madara.


“You don’t know enough about the king!”


At this moment, the bell suddenly rang and interrupted the conversation between the two men.


“Dangdang Dangdang Dangdang!”


A series of nine rings spread throughout the king city.


The soldiers and the three generals couldn’t hide their excitement.


This bell represents victory they have been recognized by from gates, this is a return of triumph.


And all this is His Majesty credit!


This 17-year-old despite his unfavorable start and the failure. He led them again in the sub-world to successfully triumph.


“Your Majesty, we have succeeded! The kingdom is saved!” Fang Lan was excited.


Qin Yi patted his shoulder, it was very complicated at this time.


This country and everything here belongs to him and his responsibility, everything in the country was suffering.


Before going to the Naruto world, he stayed here for a short time. but in that short time, he realized the pain and despair of people in this world.


He was trying to do what he has to do.


In the end, he succeeded and he returned.


At the same time, the people in the Kingdom were stunned by the nine bells that were ringing.


“They were nine rings!?”




“His Majesty, succeed!” Inside the palace, the beautiful maid who is in the room of Qin Yi was shocked.


Then, she was smiled and tears come out of her beautiful face.


The soldiers and the people have been warming, when they heard the rings, they felt happy and were laughing loudly.


“Your Majesty, succeed!!”


These nine bells made everyone in the kingdom know that Qin Yi had succeeded.


The country will not be destroyed, and their lives will certainly develop to a better level.


The nine rings of the Portal bell represent victory here.


Next, the squad soldiers who have been in front of the gates watching saw a group of people who suddenly appeared.


” captain, he is His Majesty!” the soldier shouted loudly and hits his chest with his right fist.


Qin Yi smiled.


They couldn’t control their tears and the captain didn’t know what to say.


“Okay, I understand your mood but you have to calm down first.”


” I have to ask you Somethings, you must to be honest.” he heard Qin Yi’s words he took a deep breath and nodded heavily: “Your Majesty!”


“What is the situation here? Those ministers made new arrangements after I leave? ” Qin Yi asked.


He had no chance to deal with them before he left. He was also giving them one last chance. If they did not change after he came back, the result would be inevitable.


“Your Majesty, the ministers, not only did not make any arrangements but also hidden the food stored before, and they never thought of supporting the hungry people.”


“If they didn’t fear the soldiers, they even have plans to exploit civilians!”


” What a bunch of bastards!”


Qin Yi and the soldiers behind him swept the place of the ministers and their faces were full of anger.


“Your Majesty, as far as I know, the ministers of the kingdom are brought by the former kings, mostly the who Friends and relatives of your father.” Qin Lin whispered.


“Oh? Is they being my father’s relatives?”


Qin Yi showed a playful expression.


“It’s your father’s kingdom. but, they are relatives or friends of your father.” Qin Lin shook his head and smiled.


“Haha!” Qin Yi laughed.


When they were mistaken and failed to do anything well and at such a time of crisis, they showed such incompetence, even they were his father’s relatives, he can do nothing!


the power is the king’s way!


At this moment, a minister dressed in coarse cloth came running with joy.


“Your majesty!” You have succeeded! “


With amazement and excitement in the voice, the ministers came to Qin Yi.


“Are you happy?” Qin Yi with no expression.


the ministers noticed that the king was in a bad mood, looked at each other.


“Yes, we are happy to see you.” one of the old ministers just said, Qin Yi was waving his right hand forward.


“But, I am not happy to see you!”




As soon as the voice dropped, soldiers stood and listened.


“Kill them all!” Qin Yi ordered.

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