The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 55: Bring Back To Life




the ministers stunned when they heard Qin Yi’ words.


they asked for mercy cowardly but the soldiers were faster than their begging, instantly, the soldiers took their swords.


“Shplitch!” The swords crossed the bodies and the blood splashed.


the swords of the soldiers were very fast under the command of Qin Yi.


“Puck up them and follow me to the city!”


Qin Yi glanced at the bodies on the ground and stepped forward.


In a short time, a long line of troops moved quickly towards the country.


“This is a different language.”


Uchiha Madara couldn’t understand what these people said. He looked at the buildings around him and he noticed the architectural style here is completely different from that of the Naruto world, it is closer to a combination of Chinese and European styles.


“Distribute grain, seeds, and meat.”


“These are just the beginning. From today on, every three days we will send supplies back to the capital.” Qin Yi was walking on the street and told the three generals.


With they arrived, many people gathered on the Wangcheng’s streets. These people are all skinny and look terrible when they saw Qin Yi it seems like they back to life again, they brought right fist heavy on his chest.


The salute of the kingdom represents loyalty, bravery, and hope!


Qin Yi nodded to the people, and the soldiers behind him quickly distributed the food.


“Thank you!!” Thousands of people screamed with this word that makes the Kingdom shook.


Qin Yi looked around, this was different from the scene he left, now everyone was happy.


After the Portal was built and the time ratio was adjusted, living is no longer a problem.


Besides, Qin Yi’s face is confident.


“The power of the king comes from my Kingdom, and my Kingdom comes from the people. At least I have to use this power to feed them.”


“This territory is broken because of separation of the kingdom lands, the rivers, and the mountains, most of the land was collapsed.”


“At this moment, I can feed them and bring them back to life.” Qin Yi was walking slowly and every citizen who passed by him was solemnly saluting.


their eyes are full of respect and gratitude.


He walked toward the palace, Qin Yi has been walking in the Kingdom streets and the power of the king in his body was fluctuating.


In the void, Madara feels a little purple light drifting out and blending into the land of the kingdom.


When the purple energy flew out, the territory of the Kingdom suddenly changed, a vitality showed up and tender seedlings rose out from the dry land and the branches grow again.


“this is?!”


Madara feels that this power is very negligible, but it is extremely magnificent.


Even he can feel the source of this power coming from Qin Yi.


“This boy can do such a thing!”


It is frightening to revive everything and regenerate. What is more frightening is that there is no sign that he used any technique at all.


“this great force is different from Ninjutsu and it is mysterious.” Madara can’t understand such a power.


He realized that the kid in front of him really has amazing power. It is also at this point that he wants to understand why a strong man like Gandalf is obeying him.


it is not easy to make Madara obey him.


He was thinking about Himself and a purple light suddenly blended into his body.


Suddenly, Madara understood everything.


The language of the people around him, the situation of this country, the names of the places within the Kingdom, were infused into his soul as if he knew it all.


“Soul transmission?”  his eyes narrowed and he glanced at Qin Yi.


Qin Yi quickly returned to the palace with the people, and the soldiers were arranged to distribute the supplies.


“Your Majesty!” the beautiful maid entered the main hall.


“Wan Qiu.” Qin Yi nodded.


The name of the maid was called Wan Qiu. This was a crisis time and he did not pay attention but at least when he saw her naturally remembered the name.


“I am going to bring tea for Your Majesty.” Wan Qiu knows manners very well, knew that these people have to discuss things at this time, and she must turn away quickly.


“Sit down my people.” Qin Yi took the lead in sitting on the king’s chair with a solemn expression.


Everyone was polite and after they are seated, they all look at Madara, the only one who was still standing at this time.


“Mr. Madara, please have a seat!” Qin Yi said.


The faint majesty flew out, Madara’s face changed slightly, and then he sat quietly.


Then, Qin Yi said.


“Domestic affairs must be arranged as soon as possible. We don’t have much time to delay here. Only when the King’s Road is built, can the two countries merge into one and it will be great.”


“My three generals, for now, check out with the things inside the kingdom.” Qin Yi looked at Qin Lin and others.


“Next, I would like to ask you to select a group of ministers who could manage the affairs of the Kingdom.”


When they heard this Qin Lin and others did not hesitate.




The former king left with his land, politics, and civilization, The Kingdom was divided into two parts, and the two sides are completely separated. Even those who have the power they have mastered have become ordinary people, and the memory of the strong is erased. However, they are familiar with the things in Kingdom.


“Then, it is to let the people in the country begin to learn the ninja civilization.”


“Chakra, Ninjutsu, practice it gradually from now on.” Qin Yi surprises everyone in the hall.


As long as the kingdom can realize the process of the king and the Ninja civilization the kingdom naturally becomes a supernatural civilization, everyone can be transformed into a ninja. It seems that there is an urgent to practice Chakra.


“Different worlds are still unsafe places before we completed the King Road.”


“The Kingdom is the safest place now. It’s very suitable for the transit and storage!” Qin Yi said.


Everyone understood this.


“In addition, Mr. Madara, you have also seen that our kingdom is in the basic stage of development.”


“Now I want to ask you, are you willing to work with us to build this country?”

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