The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 56: Shock of Madara


Qin Yi turned to Madara and asked with a smile.


After a pause, he said again.


“the stronger the country, the stronger we get.”


“power, unique abilities and even immortality.”


“you can get it all!”


Qin Yi was sitting on the king’s chair he can see that when Madara heard these words his expressions changed slightly.


“Power and immortality?” Madara smiled coldly.


“Your Majesty, I am not a three-year-old child, I will not believe your empty promises.”


the three generals were angry and Gandalf smiled bitterly.


he is a wild horse that is hard to surrender. He is unwilling to show off his weakness without seeing the strength of the master.


“With the strength and talent of a Mr.Madara, he does not want to obey my commands easily, I can understand!” Qin Yi smiled lightly.


Suddenly, his face was serious and his voice was deep.


“Nevertheless, I hope you can understand that when you enter the Qin Dynasty and the King’s world, your identity is already doomed, and you can’t change it forever!”


“if my country and I were strong, you will be stronger, but if we were weak, you cannot escape death”


Madara’s face changed.


The atmosphere in the main hall became heavy and silent.


After a while, Madara said.


“I will not obey your orders, at least not now. If you want to command me, you must defeat me and get my approval!”


“Now, though you possess all kinds of mysterious powers, you still can’t make me bow down!”


Qin Yi was silent.


“However, since we are already a stuck on the same road.”


“I will do it in my own way.”


Madara said again and Qin Yi showed a smile.


after all, he knew that his life had been tied to the kingdom


“When you become strong enough, I will consider surrendering to you.”


Qin Yi shook his head and smiled confidently on the face.


“I will not make you wait long, Madara.”


Madara though not willing to say, in the end, his body is still very solid to disobey Qin Yi. From this moment, after facing Qin Yi, he knew that he could not disobey the boy.


That kind of will from the soul is like trying to stop oneself, it cannot be eliminated at all. He has been working hard to resist, but he has to admit that this resistance is getting weaker every time.


He was still free, but there was a voice telling him that he is belonging to Qin Yi, to this kingdom!


his sense of belonging to country and roots were tempting him.


After leaving Konoha, he has no roots. At this time, there is a kind feeling here!


In the main hall, Wan Qiu brought tea to everyone, and he went again when people still discuss with each other until the dawn and they dispersed.


The new day came, and the people of the kingdom go out and marched in groups toward the suburbs carrying hoes and farm tools, for reclaiming farmland and planting food.


Since His Majesty’s arrival here yesterday, all the land of the Kingdom has been revived and everything has grown.


Everything is moving in a better direction.


“A ruined kingdom, a remnant of ruins, I’m really curious about how it survived in this nothingness.”


Qin Yi heard a voice came from behind.


“Madara, you need to know that there is more than one world in this world.”


“if I told you that there were tens of thousands, countless worlds, like the one you live in? would you believe it?”


Uchiha Madara came over and stopped, after a moment of silence, he said two words: “I believe!”


This strange world has already changed his view.


“many dimensional universes exist in the form of spheres like the moon.”


“But some are bigger and more spectacular. there are universes and, in a universe, there are countless planets.” Qin Yi said softly.


“The world you live in is only one of the countless worlds, and what you think is strong is only weak in other worlds!”


” Just as you look at the weak civilians in your world, the powerful beings in other worlds treat you like this!” Madara’s eyes shrank and he is a little shocked.


“Is there really such a strong presence?” he asked.


” the sage of the Six Paths was the strongest in your world, right?”


“But, in fact, if he goes to a world of the gods or Shinigami, he was just an ordinary existence.”


” can be destroyed by a finger!”


Qin Yi said.


“Your world is just our first step, the future, and the wider world, waiting for us “


“Martial arts civilization, immortal civilization, gods civilization, science and technology civilization, etc., all kinds of incredible, you can see in the future.”


“Your origin has limited your horizons and blinded your eyes and made you unable to see the wider world!”


“So, I said, this is a chance to change your destiny.”


Madara was silent, and the information he received from Qin Yi was so shocking that he could not even accept it for a moment.


In just a few days, his view to the world, values, and outlook on life that he has believed for a long time are all falling apart and changing.


“Madara, the Stone Tablet of the Naka Shrine is fake, there is someone use you for his plot.” He turned around and stared at Madara’s eyes.


this sentence made Madara shocked.


“How could you know?”


“Actually, I know everything about you, Madara!” Qin Yi said.


After that, Qin Yi stepped up and passed Madara.


Madara’s whole body was shaking.


This is impossible! These is his own secret how could Qin Yi know?


he is always guarding closely his own mind, and no one could explore through with any secret techniques.


After a minute, Madara calmed down. When he thought of what Qin Yi said he smiled and his eyes flashed with interest.


“The future world?”


“I am looking forward it!”


he raised his head slowly and looked at the clear sky.

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