The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 57: Time

Just after dawn, Qin Yi went out of the palace alone in his kingdom no one can hurt him

Qin Yi did not expect to be able to let Madara submit to him with a brief conversation This is a dream.

The fact that Madara was a subject had been established and all Qin Yi needed to know was what he could gain…

On the streets of the Kingdom, people’s faces are filled with joy and hope. On a new day, they also started a new life.

Even if the world collapses and the great rivers and mountains are no longer there, there is still hope when the world revives.

In this world, nothing is impossible.

Qin Yi was jumping along the way to the suburbs at high speed.

Half an hour later, Qin Yi came to the end of a field.

Overnight, the farmers have sowed seeds in this farmland waiting for the growth of grain.

At this time, Qin Yi looked somewhat calm.

In front of him, there is an empty planet has been cut off from this land.

“This planet is five times bigger than earth.”

” Originally, they were many people here and they were rich and have a variety of magical powers.”

“But at this time, it was collapsed only this small land was left.”

Qin Yi sighed

The king is a Magical being, they have the power to use anything their subjects can. they also can control their worlds as they want, but when the current king awakened as a king, his father who is also a king could only separate from his son. The only thing left for the current king is the land every king start with, everything his father did and every resource he gained as a king was taken with him.

This place is currently a small star that we could refer to as illusionary!

Silently, Qin Yi moved.

On this day, he went to the edge of the precipice and then went to the summit of the separation and to the river that was broken.

Along the way, he saw this small river and mountains and his country’s territory clearly.

He felt the magic of the King’s world closely.

He still feels the silence, desolateness, sadness, hope, expectation, and all kinds of complex emotions from this broken world.

Eventually, he stood on top of an old twisted-necked tree that had been split in two but gave life to a tender seedling at the moment. Qin Yi showed a big smile.

“You supposed to be broken, but I came to rescue you.”

“So, let’s see what the future holds for us!” Qin Yi went away.

At this time, it is already at dusk.

This world is broken and small, but it is like the tree that he saw before, it still has life and hope.

It was still fighting and someday will get a better life.

This gave Qin Yi a unique emotion. As the owner of this world.

He went back to the palace, he took a rest, so that he takes a pot of tea from Wan Qiu.

He drank it with himself and he rose to the top of the palace.

The overall style of the people in the Kingdom city is similar to the ancient times of China on the earth.

The sunset is great at dusk.,

Warm and red, it is very beautiful.

Qin Yi sat on the top of the palace and slowly closed his eyes.

“The next step is to adjust the time ratio between the two worlds!”

As a king, after building the state in a different world, you can build a Portal can be projected through the two worlds. Then the time scale can be adjusted.

“With the power of the king I have at this time, the maximum speed can be adjusted to five times!” He thought, the power of the king of Qin Yi immediately came out.

tick tick


From the void, a sound of clocking of a clock came out, it was so powerful and high sound.

A huge clock appeared from nothingness slowly in front of Qin Yi.

“This is the clock of time.” Qin Yi thought and the power of the king rushed out.

tick tick


Suddenly, the second pointer, then the minute pointer and the hour pointer, all turned.

With the power of the king, the three-pointers are connected to each other, and the rotation is getting faster gradually.

Underneath, strangely twisted waves spread in the air, so that the people in the king city felt it and looked up. Soon later, this waves extended to the Portal and affected the people of Qin dynasty in Naruto.

“This is the time scale that His Majesty is adjusting to both worlds.” Gandalf was walking in the corners of Wangcheng with Uchiha Madara.

“Can he control even time?”

“This is the ability of His Majesty. Every king has his own time clock. They can control the relative time ratio between their world and their states in different worlds.”

Gandalf said.

“With this clock, even when we are reaching different worlds, our body ages will not be affected by the time of other worlds but by the time of the king’s world.” Uchiha Madara eyes contracted.

“That is to say if we spend ten years in my world, here it will be only a year?”

“Yes, but the current timescale just five I guess.” Gandalf closed his eyes and smiled.

The dusk gradually dissipated. On the second day, the power of Qin Yi was exhausted.

in the morning, Qin Yi led everyone to return to the world of Naruto.

In two days, everything in the royal city had stabilized, and the three generals had chosen their ministers, and everything was on the right track.

Today, what we need to worry about is the world Naruto.

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