The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 58: Jonin


“Madara didn’t come?”

After returning to the world of Naruto, Qin Yi discovered that Madara isn’t there.

“Mr. Madara seems to be very interested in the remnants left by the king when he left, and he did not return.” Gandalf shook his head and smiled.

Madara is an exploratory person.

However, Qin Yi did not care. Now that the two worlds are connected so it is not difficult to find each other.

“In the next period of time, we must improve the country’s strength as soon as possible, and prepare for the Kages meeting after three months!” Qin Yi was very clear about what needs to be done.

develop Ninjutsu, form their own attack style, and practice Chakra.

Based on an island, Qin Yi can now say that it is developing rapidly every day.

Since the founding of the state, the whole country has been greatly developed. The village is vibrant; the chaotic but unique style buildings has made Qin state unique in this world.

The Kage office building has been built and Qin Yi has his own place now.

The ninjas and civilians in the village gradually became familiar and began to take turns to work according to the scheduling system. For the moment there was no external ninja task.

Qin Yi is not hurried for improvement, the country was only in a preliminary construction, and it takes a lot of time to improve and complete the mechanism.

Ruling an island was not hard as ruling a big country but it cannot be neglected.

During this period, the theme in the village was still the ninja. Both soldiers and former refugees were curious and interested in the power of the ninjas, practicing day and night.

In the forest, the soldiers found a place to exercise without harm and they built a blacksmith’s build to create weapons for them.

Once the training place was built, ninjas started practicing every night.

“Tomo and Muji, your strength is not enough, are you really want to join the war in the future with this level?”

“And you! From the day you joined us, remember you’re no longer villagers you are ninjas of the Qin Kingdom, you must be stronger!”

The ninjas who are responsible for training new people shouted loudly.

At this time, it is already a month after the establishment of the Qin State. somewhat People are used to their new identity.

Peace and good days make every civilian on the island feel happy. The ninjas protect the villagers and make them live happily. all The exhausted of the past had disappeared. 

In a month, Qin Yi improved his ninjutsu a lot.

A quarter of the ninjas who had used the Mouth Swallow Everything technique advanced to the level of Chunin, these people are also the captain of teams Others have also become Genin.

It can be said that from this moment, the state of Qin has truly become a complete country in this world.

In the world of Naruto, the Chunin ninja is the backbone of the world, they are the most numerous effective ninjas in the village.

1,500 Chunin in the state of Qin,

 It can also be said that it is the existence of this huge number of Chunin ninjas with this speed it relied on the excellent physical qualities that the soldiers originally had and the technique Mouth Swallow Everything.

For a month, the Ninjas of the Qin Dynasty has been well-known in this area. Nearly all of the Ninja villages nearby knew that a group of Ninjas named the Qin Dynasty suddenly appeared.

They are numerous and they were hunting and fishing a lot because they consume a large amount of food.

Because of this, the Ninjas in the Qin Dynasty have conflicts with people of other villages in their daily hunting activities.  

However, the Ninjas in the Qin Dynasty are numerous and their Ninjutsu were very powerful so that people in other villages cannot make troubles, so it was calm for a while.

In the jungle, new people are training, hunters and the fishermen who go out to bring food and the ninjas who are responsible for guarding them.

The current state of Qin Yi can be said to be developing at a high speed.

Qin Yi this month was creating Ninjitsu constantly one by one and then his ninjas take scrolls from his office.

” Mouth Swallow Everything technique is really useful.”

“It’s only a month, and I’m I am almost reaching the Jonin level.” Qin Yi was very satisfied with his progress.

At this rate, he was hopeful that he can achieve Jonin before the deadline of the three-month.

As long as Qin Yi has the amount of Chakra, he can exert his own strength to the limit and borrow some of the power of Uchiha Madara.

“with practicing the people are rapidly improving.”

“How long has it been from we came to this world?” Qin Yi has been very satisfied with the progress.

He is familiar with the world from his previous life so he can reach the current level in high speed If he is the predecessor he will be struggling to be alive.

The world of Naruto can be regarded as a high-risk world!

With the passage of time in a blink of an eye, it is already the second month of the founding of the Qin State.

On this day, the three generals rushed into the Kage office and they were full of joy.

“Your Majesty!” Qin Yi opened his eyes and looked at the three generals with a puzzled face.


During this period of time, the whole country entered the diligent stage, so Qin Yi didn’t see the three generals from a while.

“Your Majesty, we’ve become Jonin!”

“Not only became Jonin, but General Qin Lin also awakened a blood limit.” The three generals said and their expressions were excited.

Qin Yi was shocked.

“did you become Jonin I? and did you really awaken a blood limit??!”

even though the two ranks are separated by a thin line, it’s not to the extent of becoming Jonin in just a few months

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