The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 59: Madara’s First Move




Even Qin Yi was a king but the last time was busy practicing.


“How many cows have you three eaten?”  Qin Yi asked.


” The last two months we were eating up every day to satiety and the Chakra has been increasing very fast.”


” even we were surprised.”


“When we reached the Chunen level, we didn’t encounter any difficulties and we became a Jonin directly.” Qin Lin smiled.


“Yeah, your majesty, after we became Jonin, it was indeed much stronger than the Chunen the amount of chakra increased a lot.” Yang Yi smiled.


black lines appeared on his forehead “Are these guys coming to the show?” Qin Yi thought then he said.


“What is the blood limit you are talking about?”


“Your Majesty, I awakened a unique ability I asked Mr. Madara, he said that this is the Kekkei Genkai.”


“After becoming a Chunen, I awakened the Earth nature properties. And when I was exploring the changes of the natures properties I unexpectedly merged it with my previous fire nature.” Qin Lin said with a smile.


“Mr. Madara said that this Bloodline Limit is called the Lava Release!”


Qin Yi was surprised.


“Lava release?”


He immediately orders Qin Lin and others demonstrate the release for him.


In the jungle, Qin Lin strode to the front.


She turned her head and smiled at Qin Yi.


Qin Yi has visions it like he saw this before. 


“Lava release.”


After a long breath, Qin Lin opened his mouth and spit at the front.


Qin Yi is thinking” I saw this before.”


a stream of red-tinted magma burst out, like darts, into the trees afront it.


Left a strong sulfur smell, suddenly the heat rises up and the Qin Yi the generals shocked.


After the breath, the lava hit the tree pole.


The sound of burning came out, and flames followed the burning place of the magma.


Qin Yi is stunned, it was clear now in his mind. This is no doubt that this lava release was terrible. It is similar to Sakazuki’s fruit in One Piece, Akainu one of the three admirals.


“Your Majesty, do you like it?” Qin Lin said.


“yes it was awesome, and practice well, you’re still a long way off, and when you can use the lava to cover the forest, you’ll succeed.”


“you can’t kill anyone with this lava range?” Qin Yi said.


Later, Yang Yi and Fang Lan said nothing.


Qin Lin’s scratching her head she wants to respond but she does not dare.


Then everyone dispersed. Qin Yi was so happy that the three generals became Jonin but he kind of jealous.


Since then, Qin Yi’s appetite has increased again the guards around him felt that he was very aggressive and as beasts.


Qin Yi felt this difficulty.


The Difficulty that didn’t face the generals and faced him.


“I will be Jonin!”


” I must make up for it!” Qin Yi screamed.


Half a month later, in the kage office building, a cyclone exploded and shook the entire room.


“It’s done! I’m Jonin!” Qin Yi stood up fiercely.


his face was full of excitement.


Even if he didn’t have the solid foundation of the three generals but he could finally be a Jonin and he was a talented king.


At this point, he has been suffocated and finally he relaxed.


“Ha ha ha ha!” Qin Yi jumped out of the Kage office.


“At my level now, I can use the Dust release easily and the power of my Explosion Release increased.”


“If I can replenish all the Requirements of the sage of six paths I think with the fusion of the seven natures-chakras I could make it.” He thought and his eyes were shining.


Of course, this is only a guess. The fusion of the seven Chakras natures could make the sage of six paths It was still unknown.


“The next goal is the tail animal!” it was very clear to Qin Yi now the amount of chakra is the most important for him.


If he can become a Jinchūriki or absorb the Chakra of the tail beast he will be so much stronger.


Qin Yi saw Madars at the door of Gandalf’s house.


At this time, the two men were sitting opposite each other with a chess table in the middle.


“How it was Mr. Madara’s research?” Gandalf asked with a smile.


“Though the world is broken, I felt that there is a huge energy on some stone tablets left behind.” Uchiha Madara said.


“When the king was still there were many strong people in the country who liked to travel around and leave some impressions on stone tablets,” Gandalf whispered, and paused, and he said again.


“These stone tablets were originally waiting for some smart people in the Kingdom could understand them but after the separation of the kingdoms, they were all broken.”


“But Mr. Madara, you can feel how huge the world he is from these stone tablets.”


Uchiha nodded.


He can feel the horrible power of the former king just from the power left in those stones.


It is different from Chakra, but it is more magnificent and heavier.


“Gandalf, Madara, are you two free?” Qin Yi walked over them and said with a smile.


“I didn’t see you for dozen days, and you are a Jonin!” Madara said and his eyes contracted.


“It’s two and a half months, Madara, the time speed here is different from that in the king city.” Qin Yi shook his head and said.


Madara was falling into long silence.


“Ha ha, what is your majesty coming here to do?” Gandalf asked with a smile.


“after half a month it is the five Kage meeting, and I should prepare for it.” Qin Yi said and he was looking at Madara.


“Mr. Madara, can you?”


This time, he didn’t say anything but threw a scroll from his arm.


“That’s all I have.”


“Tomorrow I will leave the Qin state and go somewhere else.”


Qin Yi and Gandalf are both stunned.


“Madara, what are you going to do?”


“Young Majesty, do you think that you can build a strong country by guarding this land?”


” do you want to conquer the world with love and peace? Without war and power?” Madara smirked.


Qin Yi stunned and then understood what he said, and he smirked too.


“Then please, Mr. Madara, be our vanguard leader!”


the Mustang begins to change slightly and become meek. This is a good sign.



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