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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 68: The Chase

While he was running, Qin Yi said one word.



The black flame emerged and gazed the Kazekage. The trees between which the Kazekage moved were swallowed by the flames.


Legend says that everything can be burned by this flame and only an Uchiha could use it. It will never extinguish only if the target perishes or seven days passes.




The Kazekage tried to escape from the flames but the flame was chasing after him while burning everything on its way.


However, it wasn’t released easily, as he needed to focus his eyes on the target and it was Qin Yi’s first use of it.


“I didn’t expect to kill a Kage would be this hard.”


Qin Yi had an impression that the first Kage’s of each village shouldn’t be this strong, in the original story their powers weren’t explained.


Unexpectedly after fighting with them, he found out that they were keen and hard to deal with.


At the corner of his eye, blood dripped down after he used Amaterasu.


Suddenly, Qin Yi blinked causing more blood to come out.


It was at this moment that the Kazekage shouted as his legs caught the flames and started to burn.




Qin Yi took a deep breath and closed his eyes.


After slowly opening his eyes, he saw the Kazekage still struggling but he wasn’t dead which made him look at him in surprise.


“This will be the final blow!”


Taking a deep breath, Qin Yi adjusted his state.


He opened his hands slowly and a small square appeared inside them. The square seemed isolated from the outside world. It seemed chaotic and nothing could exist inside it.


“Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique!”


Qin Yi said slowly!


Then the square moved toward the body of the Kazekage. The square began to shrink until it became a point and disappeared.


The Kazekage disappeared.


Not far away, the Mizukage noticed this and he was shocked ad his pupil shrunk.


“Kazekage, where did you go?”


At the next moment, Qin Yi turned toward him and his hand illuminated again and another cube rushed toward the Mizukage!


“Get away! You must avoid it!”


The Mizukage was alarmed and his heart tensed.


He jumped away to separate from the three Generals and escape the Dust release technique.


The Misukage, at this time, was shocked. He saw that the light hit the ground and everything disappeared.


“Everything disappeared. No, it was completely turned into molecules!”


“What is this technique?!”


The Mizukage was shocked after seeing this technique. Especially after witnessing the power it contained. He understood that the Kazekage wasn’t transported into another world but he just completely disappeared and died.


At this moment, the only thought in the Mizukage’s head was to escape!




Then Qin Yi exhaled a breath somewhat weakly as only 20% of his chakra remained.


“Dust release uses too much chakra!”


With the amount of chakra he had, he can’t use the technique at full power.


Using it once made consumed 30% of his chakra, combined with the previous battle with the Kazekage, his whole chakra was about to be completely emptied.


“I still don’t have enough Chakra!”


Qin Yi thought.


However, it’s easier to cooperate with his generals fighting the Mizukage than fighting alone now.


He stood on a tree and started running toward the Mizukage.


“Qin Yi, I admit that you are strong. Let me leave, I won’t attack you again!”


The Mizukage felt fear, the Kazekage was killed by this kid and without leaving anything behind at that. And all that happened in less than ten minutes.


This proves that the young man, Qin Yi’s strength reached the Kage’s level.


“Mizukage-sama, I originally didn’t want to have anything to do with you, but you’re the one who attacked first.”


A faint voice said to the Mizukage which made him nervous.


“The Kages signed a peace agreement, are you going to fight?”


“The fight started because you attacked first as I said.”


Qin Yi’s eyes were full of killing intent.


“Not to mention, My Qin country never fears a war!”


He came to this world to build a country to improve his kingdom that was shrinking by the day.


War always has been a way for him to reach his purpose!


As a king, his people take the priority over everything! If there is an opportunity, he should grab it!


“Qin Yi, don’t be impulsive!”


The Mizukage said anxiously, and then he jumped up and started escaping.


“Chase after him!”


Under Qin Yi’s command, the three generals followed.


After five minutes, the Misukage found his and the Kazegake’s ninja teams.


“Run, don’t stop!”


The two teams glimpsed at each other in question, but in the blink of an eye, two throats were slit.




The Ninja’s yelled nervously.


The Mizujage didn’t say anything else as his figure disappeared between the trees.


Qin Yi and his generals followed the Mizukage, they didn’t pay much attention toward the ninjas.


He was the man who ended the war in the water country and set up a village there, he didn’t expect that one day he would fear a young man like this.


However, he had to admit that the young man was mysteriously strong, and he was the weirdest person he saw in his life! Even the Kages didn’t make him fearful.


The ninja’s of Konoha wouldn’t go as far as chasing after him for so long.


“Lava Release: Magma Area” “Ice Release: Ice Are”


The four were still followed behind him, and two of the generals used ninjutsu.


 In front of the MizuKage, within a hundred meters, the terrain changed which made him slow down.


“You can’t run anymore!”


Qin Yi said coldly as the three generals surrounded the MizuKage.

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