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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 69: Hell’s Gates






Qin Yi was not stingy to his soldiers, generals, his kingdom in general.


he did what he could to make them stronger.


he didn’t need to worry about betrayal. He just needs to expand his strength.


This is why the three generals faced the Mizukage successfully.


“Qin Kage, your Kingdom was new and, if you kill me, it will lead to war, you know, our two countries are not far from each other!!” The Mizukage said.


He was completely surrounded from his four sides at this time, and their ninjutsu, which made him slower.


At the same time, he was also shocked by the quality of the ninjas of Qin Kingdom.  


When Qin Yi heard the Mizukage, Qin Yi’s face was unchanged and his eyes were cold.


“great words, but you’re the one who opened Hell’s Gates!” Qin Yi said.


At the same time, he also noticed that the Qin Yi figure in front was distorted and disappeared and the three generals also attacked him at the same time.


this four in one attack, even the Mizukage there have no confidence to avoid death.


The Mizukage was in defense mode trying to resolve this problem.


“from behind!” he thought


Qin Yi suddenly appeared and Rasengan in his right hand and then he disappeared again. 


The Misukage was terrible, and he has fallen into a situation of being completely surrounded.


Even escape from Qin Yi alone is difficult.


Qin Yi pushed out his right hand to the Mizukage’s back. The power of Rasengan has torn his cloak.


the three generals also attacked from the front and the sides the same time.


“I can’t hide!” the Mizukage was swatting.




Rasengan was pressed at his waist, the Mizukage was shocked. He felt that he will die.


But at this time.


” Wood Release: Wood Locking Wall!” A loud shout made Qin Yi’s face changed.


At the same time, the three General and Qin Yi leaped back.


when The Mizukage was about to die, a row of wooden pillars suddenly appeared around him, bending to form an arch to protect it.


Qin Yi’s eyes fixed in front of him.


More than a dozen figures quickly appeared here, headed by Hashirama.


“Hashirama.” Qin Yi said.


“Qin, stop.” At this moment, Hashirama looks serious, and the wooden columns spread out, revealing the Mizukag.




The blood dripped quickly from the Mizukage’s back, and a large piece of flesh was twisted from it.


This scene made the ninjas of Konoha and land of water shocked, and the Mizukage was so sad and ashamed. If it weren’t the quick shot of Hashirama he would be dead.


“Mizukage sama!”a Ninja of the land of Water, leaped quickly, came to the Mizukage and held him with a nervous and angry face.  


“the Mizukage and Kazekage wanted to kill me, I just did what I must do.” Qin Yi said with a smile, he glanced to the ninjas of the land of water and the land of wind.


the ninjas of the two hidden villages were furious, but there was Hashirama with them; they didn’t dare to act rashly.


He was surprised, did not expect that Qin Yi’s strength in this level.


Two kage tried to kill him and what’s happened? He destroyed them easily.  


“What’s happened to the Kazekage?” Asked Hashirama.


After Qin Yi left, he thought about his friend, he expects such raid. but, he did not expect that he will save the Mizukage from Qin Yi.


“the Kazekage is dead.” Qin Yi said.


The sand Ninjas eyes burned with anger, staring at Qin Yi.


Hashirama was shocked.


“we just signed the peace agreement of Hashirama. And These two people can’t wait to sneak out and kill me. They didn’t care about the content of the peace agreement of the six countries.”


“For those who don’t keep their promises, I’m waiting for them.” Qin Yi stared at everyone afront of him.


Silent atmosphere.


Everyone did not expect that Qin kingdom with their unknown Kage, would have such power.


Especially the ninjas of the village of mist, are more fearful than angry!


What will happen to Sunagakure when the first Kazekage died? You know, Sunagakure has just been established. The Kazekage of the village suddenly died, there will be fluctuations in the country.


For a long time, Hashirama was silent at this moment.


He was angry at the Mizukage and the Kazekage that did not abide by the agreement, but he was equally shocked by the strength of Qin Yi.


At the same time, he had a new impression of Qin Yi’s decision to kill and destroy.


Such a person who kills without hesitate, is undoubtedly very dangerous.


Moreover, the relationship between the two sides has been somewhat awkward from the previous conversation in Iron Country.


“Since it is the first two sneak attacks, this matter will stop here. Lord Qin Kage, don’t attack the Mizukage again.”


“After all, the agreement has just been signed,” Hashirama said at this time.


“haha, Lord Mizukage, have a good life.” Qin Yi smirked facing two brothers nodded slightly.


“Then see you next time!”


After that, Qin Yi and the three generals turned and quickly left.


The Mizukage was injured, his flesh is torn and twisted, and he is sweating and breathing hard.


“Thank you for your help Hokage sama.” a ninja of the mist said.


The sand ninjas were silent. Losing the Kazekage is a big blow to them.


“Mizukage, take care for yourself.”


“In addition, everyone in the country of the wind, I hope you don’t be impulsive!” Hashirama sighed and his expression was a little indifferent.


Subsequently, all the parties left.


In the jungles far away from here, Qin Yi and others are moving fast.


“Your Majesty, this battle, it seems to have caused dissatisfaction with Konoha? the two brothers were very angry.” Qin Lin whispered.


“They won’t have any dissatisfaction. On the contrary, this time, the whole world has seen the power of our country!”


“if you don’t show your power, how can they respect us?”


Qin Yi smiled and looked indifferent.

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