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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 71: Bold




The Land of Whirlpool is located on a small island not far from the Qin Kingdom. The distance between the two countries is not even ten kilometers.


The seal of Land of Whirlpool is the best way to make use of the power of this tailed beast.


But before that, Qin Yi still wanted to try something.


He put the jar in his back and came to a wide field. This is to avoid accidents and let the beast break free of seals.


The seal of Konoha, Qin Yi did not understand it.


“If this tailed beast can join my country, then.” Qin Yi thought of it, his eyes flashed.


As a king, he can use the power of any subject in his country even the tailed beast. Of course, this is different from being Jinchuriki. However, it is safe and risk-free.


At this point, what he wants to try is this method.


In the anime, Killer B and Naruto have achieved complete control of their tailed beasts because they had a strong relationship with them.


Only by communicating with the tailed beast and getting the approval of him can you use its power perfectly.


Qin Yi chose an open area in a jungle.


he sat down on his knees slowly and he closed his eyes.


He is about to face such a huge powerful beast he must gather his power to the best quality.


After an hour, Qin Yi suddenly opened his eyes the dark pupil had turned red.


Mangekyu Sharingan!


Under these eyes, everything looks different.


The half of the jar has disappeared, replaced by a pair of evil and gloomy eyes. At the same time, huge energy fluctuations are clearly reflected in these eyes.


The seven tails appeared for the first time in Qin Yi’s eyes.


“Chōmei!” Qin Yi said and the seven tails that slept in the jar suddenly began to wake up.


“Human, how do you know my name?” The seven tails were shocked.


For the tailed beasts, their name has an extraordinary meaning, only those who get informed by them.


“I know everything about you, Chōmei.” Qin Yi said.


his Mangekyu Sharingan was appearing in front of the seven tails.


Soon, they looked at each other.


From a close look, this seven tails is like a giant version of an insect.


According to Qin Yi, among the nine tails, seven tails is the most cunning and very good at hiding himself.


“Human, knowing my name doesn’t mean anything? Talk to me, what do you want?” The seven tails asked.


It can be said that the wisdom of the tailed beast is no less than that of human beings. They have lived from ancient times and they knew many things. 


“I have built a country, I hope that you can join us.” Qin Yi said frankly.


“Country?! You want me to join?”


The seven tails was stunned. Then he glanced at Qin Yi with curiosity and doubt.


He could not see anything from his face.


“Yes Chōmei, in my eyes, you are no different from us, we can also be friends.” Qin Yi said seriously.


When he heard this, the seven tails was shocked. his whole body was blocked by seals, and it was very difficult to move. But at this moment, he was struggling to move down to see Qin Yi more clearly.


After a long while, the seven tails suddenly sneered.


“Human, your body is full of purpose, you did not want to be friends with me at all.”


“You just want to use me! ”


“Get out!”


After that, the seven tails closed his eyes, and then ignored Qin Yi.


After a moment, Qin Yi shook his head with a wry smile.


He still stunned from the wisdom of this beast.


However, he had to try this. He opened his eyes, dissipate the Mangekyu Sharingan, and took the jar back to the village.


He put the jar in a hidden place and ordered the soldiers to guard it carefully, and he returned to the office again.


Originally, Qin Yi also intended to use the ability Mangekyu Sharingan to directly control this tailed beast. But, after the later closed the contact, he gave up the plan. The strength of the seven tail can be said to be the strongest except for the nine and the eight tails. If it does not succeed, Qin will bear the losses caused by the plan.


“It seems that we still need the seal of the land of whirlpool!” Qin Yi thought then, took out a piece of paper, and then quickly wrote on it.


After a long while, he folded the paper and ordered the soldiers to collect it.


“Take it up and send it to the village of the whirlpool.”


The soldier nodded and returned quickly.


What is written on the paper is about the tailed beast, Qin Yi hopes that the village of whirlpool and can help Qin kingdom to complete the procedure of Jinchūriki.


Three days later, Qin Yi was dealing with various things in the office.


Suddenly, a soldier shouted.


“Your Majesty, we caught ninjas from Takigakure in Qin village.”


Qin Yi asked: “Takigakure?”


“Yes, after the interrogation, we knew that their goal is the seven tails!” Soldiers.


When Qin Yi’s eyes flashed, he immediately dropped all the things in his hands and asked the soldiers to take him to see them.


There are two teams in the Takigakure Ninja who came to the Qin Kingdom. One team was caught and the other team was still hidden.


The team that was caught was more frustrated when they saw Qin Yi came,


“we didn’t expect your Qin Kingdom to be so powerful, this is the mistake of my village!”


“However, the seven tails must be our and we will take it!” A ninja said.


“Is it illegal to break into the country of Qin, is it to provoke war? It seems that you think that you could bully the country of Qin is a good idea.” Qin Yi said.


“war?!” he took a look at the rest of the team and seemed to have never thought of it.


“When I catch the other group of rats, we will take justice from you and your village.” Qin Yi said, then he turned and left.


Takigakure Ninjas faces changed and they were scared.


As he walked, he quickly opened his mouth to the ninjas on both sides.


” order to all the ninja squads.”


“Block all the borders of our country.”


“I will not let those little mice go nowhere!”


“Dare to enter my country, they are really bold!”


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