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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 72: Kakuzu

Qin Yi’s orders were sent to all the ninja squads.

they blocked the main road connecting to outside. At the same time, they heavily guarded the forest and the borders of the Qin state by a large number of troops.


Almost six thousand ninjas completely covered the entire forest at this moment.


The northwestern part of Qin state.


A squad of four people was advancing cautiously, their direction is toward the center of the country of Qin.


“Captain Kakuzu, the other squad has been found, and the situation is not expected.” A young man in black cloth said quickly.


“Ignore them, let’s move on, just we have to take the seven tails and the task will be done.”


“The other team is just a cover. we’re the ones who really have to carry out the mission.” Kakuzu shouted.


The squad was moving forward quickly.


for about five minutes, the ninja responsible for perception in the team is slightly changed.


“Captain Kakuzu, this is too bad, we have been found, there are a lot of enemies in front of us..”


“Breakthrough them, we’re not far from the center of the Kingdom of Qin.” Kakuzu thought then he said sharply.


Kakuzu is an S-rank ninja normally he could deal with those ninjas here, so the other three had already rushed out.


“we found the enemy!”


” Besiege them!”


“Be sure to let nobody go out!” The loud voices sounded from the jungle.


Kakuzu and his squad were looking quietly.


in a blink of an eye, more than a dozen shuriken was thrown at them.


“splash!” Kakuzu and his squad were holding their weapons and looking around quietly.


this group of enemies is seemed powerful and dangerous. In the next second, about twelve ninjas have already surrounded them.


“Kill them!” Kakuzu and his squad faces don’t change, they leaped forward.


They’re Jonin, their speed, and strength aren’t normal. Nearly in the blink of an eye, they have already cut off all the ninja of Qin country.


“let’s go!” Kakuzu said.


However, just as he said, the enemies in front of them suddenly turned into white fog.


“they were shadow clones!” A waterfall ninja surprised.


“But how is it possible? They were Genins and Chunin!”


“Also, this technique isn’t a secret technique from Konoha? How did they get it?” Kakuzu thought.


When the shadows bust out, the branches under the feet of the four-ninja exploded again, and the ninjas of Qin appeared again and attacked them instantly.


“Die!” two men from them did not respond, they were injured slightly.


Kakuzu and his partners leaped to their original place.


“The quality of these ninjas is pretty good!” Kakuzu said.


They were staring at each other quietly and did not take any action.


“They are waiting for support, we have to break through quickly, captain!” a ninja said.


“I know!” Kakuzu nodded, then he slowly bent down and took a deep breath, and his hands suddenly turned into phantoms with his printing speed.


” Earth Release: Mudslide Technique!”


” Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique!”


” Lightning Release: False Darkness!”


Kakuzu has directly released three huge wide area techniques at the same time. they covered the area of dozens of meters in front and broke the big trees and made a loud voice.


“spread out!” The ninja of Qin kingdom when he saw this scene jumped to avoid it.


“let’s go!” Kakuzu shouted.


The powerful ninjutsu opens the blockade and they could rush out.


The four quickly gathered together and rushed toward.


Instantly, Kakuzu led the team to jump out.


“Takigakure village must get a tailed beast. The five major countries divided the tail beasts, so only this Qin country seems to be the easiest to deal with!” Kakuzu thought.


“As long as you enter the Kingdom of Qin, you can naturally sense the position of the tailed beast.” Kakuzu has been able to see the buildings in front, and he knew that he is close to his goal.




“buzzing voice!” The air trembled inexplicably, and Kakuzu’s body trembled, and his expression changed dramatically.




Almost at the same time, a sound of burst came out, the ninja that was beside of him was pressed by a shadow on the tree next to it, the wood chips flew, his flesh and blood also shot out splashing Kakuzu’s face.


“the Enemies attacked!!” a ninja roared loudly.


Kakuzu rose up, and in front of them three figures came down and they were quickly printing.


“Getaway, be careful!!” Kakuzu roared loudly and leaped quickly toward the back.


“Ice Release: Frozen Willow Technique!”


” Lava Release: Melting Apparition Technique!”


Two loud shouts were heard at the same time. In the empty sky ahead, the temperature dropped sharply and then suddenly rose.


“Puff puff!” The sounds of the incoming sounds were all in the ears, making it difficult for him to look at his face for a moment.


In this sudden attack, another figure jumped down.


“Ninja of Takigakure, you can’t escape!” The low voice sounded, Kakuzu looked at the front.


He saw a majestic figure with a cloak and a hat.


“Qin Kage sama,” Kakuzu said.


“You are Kakuzu?”


Qin Yi was standing on the tree pole surprised.


” I didn’t expect it to be known by the Qin Kage sama. I was really flattered.” Kakuzu smirked,


“haha, it’s no big deal.”


“Anyway, from now on, your life is no longer yours.” Qin Yi said.


Those cold words made Kakuzu changed. He has seen the power of the Genin and Chunin Ninja in the Qin Kingdom. And this is their Kage, his heart has sunk to the bottom.


“It seems that today was my last day!” He sighed.


” you dare to attack us, of course, it’s your last day!” At the same time, Qin Yi said coldly.

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