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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 73: Gudōdama!!?

“Caught?!” Kakuzu said with a sneer, then he suddenly leaped toward Qin Yi.

The person in front of him is the Qin Kage. If he could kill or take him, it is not a problem to escape from here.


it is almost an instant, and he has already in front of Qin Yi, and his face has become more murderous.


“I think you can’t get away with it!” Qin Yi said with low-pitched voice, and he moved his and.


However, the next second Kakuzu was shocked and his pupils shrank to a point.


Instantly Qin Yi moved and came to his back in an incredible angle.


The speed of his move was even faster than that of him!


“Rasengan!” he hit him with such huge force directly on his back, made him fly out immediately hitting a tree. The strong, his back was damaged.


Such a technique, no matter what it was, but it is injured him hard.


“This guy!!” Kakuzu was shocked and stared at Qin Yi and a heart in his body was already dead.


It was almost impossible for him to deal with this counter-attack.


At the same time, his team has been defeated by the generals.


In the blink of an eye, Kakuzu was the only one that left from the team ninja of Takigakure.


All the ninjas around him discovered that he was healing quickly from his injuries.


Qin Yi stunned for an instant then he disappeared.


“where he is!” Kakuzu was shocked.


“splash!” sound of a knife hit, Kakuzu discovered that he lost another heart.


“he is too fast!”




“Do you have these eyes?!” In a glance, Kakuzu saw the Sharingan on Qin Yi.


At this moment, he stunned from the power of Qin Yi.


“Genjutsu, the King’s palace Technique!” 


Kakuzu found that his place has changed rapidly.


He looked up slightly, he saw a wide, almost boundless red room, he was surrounded by red stone pillars on all sides of his body. He looked forward, a dragon chair that stood. On top of this dragon chair, Qin Yi was sitting in a black cloak and Sharingan appeared from there.


Qin Yi looks like he was a god here.


He noticed at this point that he was kneeling.


Suddenly, the emperor was sitting on the dragon chair raised his head. Kakuzu’s soul trembled.


“You know your crime Kakuzu?”


Subconsciously, Kakuzu was about to say that he knows his sin, but at this time, he suddenly responded.


“Is this Genjutsu!?” But it’s already late.


In the real world, Qin Yi has stepped on Kakuzu with one foot. He hit the last Kakuzu hearts with a kunai.


Then, when Kakuzu was awake, there was already a knife in his neck.


His forehead was sweaty, and although he had awoken from the Genjutsu, he was still shocked by the king’s majesty.


” Hold him!” Qin Yi said.


Immediately, some soldiers came to do it. In the process, he cannot avoid being beaten.


Qin Yi silently looked at him.


“Plunder!” He said gently, and the soul of the corner was dragging out.


All kinds of his techniques, including his unique technique, were clearly appearing to him.


Qin Yi plundered some of these skills.


“I need all the five kinds of Chakra nature, I still need two kinds, I will take it!”


Qin Yi’s eyes were glowing, he obtained the remaining two types of Chakra from Kakuzu  Lightning and Water.


He searched for a moment again, he realized that the rest of the skills of Kakuzu are worthless for him so he stopped his plunder.


“Put him in jail and serve him until he is willing to join the country of Qin.” Such a kill machine, Qin Yi naturally will not let go.


Although this person seems to be weak against Qin Yi his fighting power is definitely strong, his power equal to a Kage!


Qin Yi returned to his office.


Although there are no such serious sequelae as Gandalf said, the feeling after the plunder is absolutely not easy.


After an hour, the pain eased, and Qin Yi focused on the other two Chakra properties that he had just acquired.


” three kinds of chakras to combine the Kekkei Tōta (Bloodline Selection), and the power is already horrible.”


“So, If I combine the five Chakra properties? What will happen?”


” Gudōdama?” Qin Yi was thinking about it and his eyes sparkled.


The power of the king is actually strong enough in theory to crush the world, but If you can master Truth-Seeking Ball at this time, it helps Qin Yi for sure-evident.


When Qin Yi thought of doing it, he sat in his office.


“Five attributes in one!”


In a short time, the different nature chakra was instantly integrated.


Unlike Dust release, which is derived from the fusion of three nature, at this moment, when the five chakras merged, Qin Yi’s body flashed all kinds of strange lights, colorful, and then collided with each other and melted


“It’s difficult!”


“This integration is terrible for chakra consumption.”


As the integration progressed, Qin Yi’s became more and more relaxed.


There may be nothing wrong with Truth-Seeking Balls, but it is a more requirement for Chakra. Think about the Dust release, the amount of chakra that demand is terrible, not to mention the five attributes or seven attributes in one.


An hour later, the five qualities of Chakra has been fused in his body, but, there was only one point the size of a needle tip.


At this point, a closer look reveals that the whole body is shining with colorful light, but it does not illuminate, but it looks more like black.


Qin Yi opened his eyes, he was covered with sweat, and there was a black little ball in front of him.




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