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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 74: Prepare for War!

“No, it’s not a Gudōdama, there’s a huge difference compared to the real Gudōdama!”

“There is something missing!”


“But it is powerful I think!” Qin Yi observed closely at the black point in front of him.


This black point is produced by the integration of the five Chakra natures. Although it is small in size, it has so terrifying power.


“Although not Truth-Seeking Ball, it seems powerful!” Qin Yi was detailing at black point.


The fusion of the five Chakra natures is not as good as it is.


After a long while, Qin Yi observed the characteristics of this black little ball.


“This black ball has all the properties of the five chakra natures wind, lightning, water, fire, and earth, so it can be used as a medium for releasing ninjutsu, just like the seal.”


“At the same time, it is also a collection of huge energy. Once it burst out, it will be enough to destroy half of a Ninja village in an instant.”


“Finally, it is the fusion of all my Chakra. Once I use it, I’ll run out of chakra for a while.” Qin Yi summed up the characteristics of this black ball.


“After all, it is not the Truth-Seeking Ball and it is different from it. So, I’ll call it Pseudo-Seeking Ball!”


Since the five natures of Chakra has not developed to Truth-Seeking Ball, then Qin Yi wondered whether to gather seven attributes, or whether there must be unique points to activate this skill.


However, he has to be patient, there are few people who use the Yin and Yang release and it is still somewhat difficult to find.


” I need to try this Pseudo-Seeking Ball of jade!” Qin Yi’s eyes flashed.


Of course, before this he still needs time, and then carefully use to the power of this Pseudo-Seeking Ball.


Seven days later.


today some subordinates reported to Qin Yi.


“Your Majesty, the ninja we sent to the country of Whirlpools has returned.”


“Oh? What is the result?” Qin Yi asked with a smile.


He is looking forward to the seal of the Country of Whirlpools, which plays a vital role in the seal of the tail beast.


but, the result made him livid.


“The squad was badly injured. One of them was almost killed. After the rescue, he was revived.”


“And, they bring back the news of the country of the Whirlpools.”


“The Leader of the village is tough, claiming that our country has violated their borders before.”


“and he thinks that It was crazy to seek help from him!”


Because of the special state system of the Qin Kingdom, when soldiers report the situation, they don’t have to hide it at all and don’t have to worry about the attitude of their good king.


Qin Yi became angry.


After a few minutes, he stood up from the chair.


“Take me to see the team.” The soldiers quickly turned around, and simply took Qin Yi to go.


later, Qin Yi saw four people lying in the hospital’s beds. One of them was tied with a bandage. At this time, he was still in a coma. The other three saw him and they insisted on getting out of bed.


“Don’t move, just lie down.” Qin Yi quickly stopped the three people.


The two countries did not meet each other. This squad was only the messenger of his country sent to the land of Whirlpools, but he did not expect it to be such a scene.


“Your Majesty, the country of the Whirlpools….” The three soldiers sais with an angry voice, but Qin Yi stopped them.


“You don’t have to say more, I know all about it.” He looked cold, then turned his head to the ninja behind him.


“Go and call the three generals.”


The soldier nodded,


The ninja flashed and disappeared quickly.


After a while, the three generals came to the hospital.


“Your Majesty!” The three generals saluted and were interrupted by Qin Yi.


“we have something more important!”


“Prepare for war!”


Qin Yi’s heart was full of rage.


“War? With who?” Fang Lan asked.


“The country of Whirlpools!” Qin Yi said slowly.


” The country of the Whirlpools?!” they looked at each other and asked.


It has been four months since Qin Yi came to this world. then they have built up a country and their strength is also advancing by leaps and bounds. at this time the collision with the world has been increasing. At this time, the army that has been trained and grown up will finally useful.


The three generals don’t care about the country of Whirlpools.


When their King was angry and began a war, they will go with him.!


“I Give you a month to prepare for this war. you can do it?” Qin Yi asked.


“Half a month is enough!” Yang Yi said.


“Okay, then half a month later, we start a war against the country of Whirlpools!” Qin Yi said.


“Since they do not want to accept the goodwill of my Kingdom, let them taste our country punishment!” Qin Yi said.  


the three generals turned and left.


The soldiers were shocked. Qin Yi just personally came to visit the soldiers and start a war just for them.


You know that the situation in the world at this time is clear to everyone in the village. The six countries signed an agreement to abide by the peace treaty, including the Qin State.


However, their Majesty, the signer of the peace contract, has violated such a promise for their sake.


” will take revenge for you !”  Qin Yi said then three soldiers knelt in front of Qin Yi .


“Thank you!!” 


“What to do? Get up, this is my country, and this is my duty!” Qin Yi said.


The three soldiers were silent on the ground and wet with tears.


Qin Yi turned away from the hospital. He’s not in a good mood. For him, everyone in the country is like a part of him.


Anyone who gets hurt will feel pain.


At this point, Qin Yi’s orders were issued, and the country was noisy.




“Is it the country of Whirlpools?”


“I don’t know what happened, I heard that they refused the request of Qin Kage Sama, and even a messenger was seriously injured.”


The villagers are all talking to each other, and they all share the same hatred and secretly scold the country of Whirlpools.


On the other hand, in the Ninja army, at this time.


” prepare your selves physically and morally, your items!”


“After half a month, we have a war against the country of Whirlpools!” Qin Lin stood on and shouted coldly.

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