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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 75: Soon!




These armored ninjas have a cold expression and listen to Qin Lin’s words quietly.


Everyone has heard about what the Whirlpools did, and they were waiting for the bloody battle with anger.


At this day, the blacksmith’s shops and the detonation factory were producing a large number of military supplies. The country of Qin entered the war preparation period.


The soldiers were guarding the entire day at the edge of the island and the outside world is closely monitored.


This kind of strict atmosphere, even if it is specifically at ninjas level but people can feel this sudden change.


At the same time in Uzushiogakure.


“The Qin kingdom has changed frequently in these days, and this is suspicious!” an armored red-head ninja said to the leader of the Uzumaki clan.


“You just injured their messengers badly and drove them out of the country of Whirlpools. there is no surprise that the state of Qin did so.”The leader ninja said gently.


“The recent hunting activities of Qin Village have starved the civilians of the Whirlpools Country.” Said the armored ninja.


“this is right, but.”The leader said again.


“this is may cause conflicts!”


“Conflicts? We are strong and powerful, and we are not afraid of a newly established country that called Qin State.”The armored ninja said again.


“but they are allied with Konoha, just like us. This situation will make Konoha in a hard situation.” The leader ninja said.


“it’s not a problem just we didn’t ask help from Konoha and took care of them by ourselves, it’s enough to solve this conflict easily.” The armored ninja said.


“You are too confident.” The leader shook his head.


Then he said again.


“Since the Kingdom of Qin has prepared, we should also take action to prepare to face them.”This time the armored ninja did not say anything and nodded silently. (I think this armored man just like Tobirama in Konoha)


After the two men talked again for a long time, the leader contacted the people in the village normally, like it was a simple situation.


The country of the Whirlpools is famous for fūinjutsu. They are strong and they know that they are strong, and many of them are married to other countries especially Konoha. At this time, it can be said that the country of Qin that was just established made them more arrogant and.


But this kind of contempt may teach them a painful lesson.


The 15 days passed.


The Qin Kingdom and the country of Whirlpools are not far away.


As a result, the recent moves of the two countries have also made it visible to the other countries and they predicted the one clear result.




Konoha, in the Hokage office.


“What should I do? What should I do? What should I do? How can Qin conflict with the whirlpools? “Hashirama said and his head down on the table.


” can you calm down first?”Tobirama was annoyed.


“How can I be calm? All sides are my allies!”Hashirama roared.


“If you want to take an intervention, I will be more inclined to help the whirlpools,” Tobirama said.


“Help the Whirlpools? No, No, Qin is also our ally too.” Hashirama directly refused.


“Then we can only sit quietly and watch the war. Both sides have entered a state of readiness for war, it’s a matter of time, and the war will break out immediately.”Tobirama lifted his shoulders.


“boom-boom!”Hashirama was hitting his head with the tabletop.


Kirigakure village (Village Hidden by Mist).


“Mizukage-sama, I sincerely recommend that we prepare to join the war combat from now.”  


“According to your description of the Qin Kage, he is definitely not an easy person to deal with. If you fight with the whirlpools this time, we can definitely solve this problem.”


Gengetsu Hōzuki said.


“Gengetsu, you are the person I value the most. I think you are the man in the whole village who is the most qualified to inherit my position.”


“Your advice is also very reasonable. But.”


“You really don’t understand, don’t understand, the man’s horror.”


Gengetsu looked at the First Mizukage, Byakuren and said: “Mizukage-sama, The Qin Kage is strong, but he is only one person if we join the Uzumaki we can completely destroy them in the fastest way possible.”


“If we miss this opportunity, we’ll never have a second one!”


The Mizukage shook his wait and said: “This time, we wait and see.”


“Let both sides take losses and we benefit in the end. This is the best we can do.”


“I want to know what the Alliance thinks of this as I’m also part in it.”


Gengetsu still insisted: “Mizukage-sama, If we send troops our harvest would be greater.”


“You are already complaining about the Qin Kage, we’ll seize this opportunity to completely remove him. As our country isn’t far from the Qin Village, as long he is eliminated quickly, the other Villages won’t say anything.”


“just like this time, the two countries are going for war and no one from the other four villages spoke.”


“Mizukage-sama, Even in this era, power is the most important same as the Warring States era.”


The Mizukage shook his head and waved his hand.


“You go out and tell the guards to increase security without saying anything else.”


Gengetsu still wanted to say something but seeing the Mizukage’s expression he could only sigh and go out.


He knew very well that the Qin Village wasn’t that far from the Water Country, although its territory was small, the power it contained was huge. If they weren’t weakened or eliminated they would become a threat to them.


Even a little bit of trouble would be disastrous!


Konoha had a lot of power and they weren’t afraid of them, but for them, if they failed the entire water country would be destroyed.


This kind of step is deadly.


In the Qin Village, the weather was bright as the sun shone through the woods. But the forest was filled with a cold atmosphere.


“Be prepared for everything, we will rush into the Uzumaki country once we spot movement on the island.”


“His Majesty and the three Generals will prepare a road for us.”


“All we have to do is rush and seize the enemy’s main road.”


“And keep in mind that we need to destroy their seals, this is our mission.” 


At the forefront, the captain shouted.

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