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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 78: One Choice

“ok then, the country of Whirlpools will be erased from existence!” Qin Yi’s changed immediately.

The seven tails roared in front the Uzukage.


the ground was shattered, the Uzukage began to retreat very quickly, his expression changed.


” Sealing Technique: Eight Sign seal!” His hands are invisible with such speed then he roared.


At the moment when he finished the seal, eight spirits instantly appeared they were like violet clouds. 


“is this like the legendary Seal?!” Qin Yi smiled, the seven tails prepared for a new Tailed beast ball.


“Seal!!” The Uzukage roared immediately.


His reaction so magnificent compared to the other Uzumaki here. He was continually leaping at this moment, and his amount of Chakra is fascinating.


The Uzumaki clan is known for its huge amount of chakra, their vitality and their unique seals that make them the best Jinchūrikis.


At this moment, the Uzukage was aiming at the seven tails to seal this monster again.


“boom!” The Tailed Beast Ball is extremely fast, and in the blink of an eye, it is in front of him.


At the same time, the eight spirits stood in front of him.


“seal!” The Bijudama absorbed by the spirits. At the moment when the Tailed beast ball completely disappeared, the eight spirits were also turned into blue smoke.


“Unbelievable, that he able to solve such a huge energy!”


“I admire you for your seals Uzumaki clan!” Qin Yi looked at him and whispered.


Then, he leaped from the seven tails running straight to the Uzukage.


After an instant, he had in front of the Uzukage.


The latter breathed slightly, after he used the seal just now, obviously he also loaded on him. He bowed, and then went back, trying to dodge Qin Yi’s attack.


“nice speed, but it is still not enough!”


Qin Yi first admired, then sneered, stepped out and tried to kick his abdomen.


The Uzukage blocked his attack.


then, Qin Yi pushed with his leg that the kage blocked and kicked his chin with his other foot.


“boom!” The Uzukage responded quickly, and he moved his arms up again, blocking him. But the strength of this kick, let him back away roughly.


“roaring Sfx!”


After just a second, Qin Yi had already chased him again.


Just as the Uzukage was ready to defend again, he was shocked to find that the Black Ball already in front his.


“This is again!” He immediately sealed.


” Sealing Technique: Four Symbols Seal!”




Almost at the same time, a Rasengan ball appeared from the black ball directly to his eyebrows.


” Buzzing Sfx!”


At this critical moment, four purple energy lines appeared in the Uzukage’s eyebrows, extending a purple aperture which was covered with mysterious runes and has absorbed the Rasengan ball.


“I am really amazed by your skills.”


“You are one of the few men who can block my Rasengan!” Qin Yi shouted.


Instantly the black ball moved to Qin Yi’s mouth, he swallowed it and then another Rasengan appeared.


and this Rasengan was pressed directly to his body.




The Uzukage was shocked after the first Rasengan has disappeared, the second one hits directly, which surprise him, such strong technique twice in a second.


After he was pushed on the ground for tens of meters, his body covered with blood.


Rasengan is powerful though not fully touching his body, still caused him serious internal injuries.


He was slowly standing up and he seems afraid.


This short collision has made him understand the strength of Qin Yi. he is not an equivalent opponent for Qin Yi.


“Qin Kage, your request is too much, ask another something and I’ll do what I can, I promise you.” He roared.


“Uzukage sama, don’t take it personally, you are too naive.” The indifferent words made the Uzukage’s face suddenly change.


Then, Qin Yi said again.


” This is a good era to end the war and integrate together. How are the five great countries established? The strong swallow up the weak, integrate the chaos, and establish a unified big country!”


“you are my neighbor and I’m the stronger, and you’re the one who started this war actually.” He took a step forward and said.


The Uzukage was stunned, but he immediately understood.


The purpose of this day is not to seek justice, but to annex their village to the Qin Kingdom!


“Today, there is only one choice for you, the Uzumaki clan, the Whirlpools hidden village, the country of the Whirlpools, become a part of my Kingdom!” Qin Yi’s voice was indifferent, his footsteps suddenly accelerated, and then he was running.


“Qin Kage, you are too arrogant! the country of Whirlpools is not a soft persimmon that you can squeeze!” The Uzukage roared loudly.


The two men blinked again and they were colliding with punches and kicks.


“Do you think that if I did not make full preparations, I would start a war with the most powerful clans?” Qin Yi pushed the Uzukage and suddenly said.


His eyes changed, and the Uzukage that was seen from the opposite side was shocked.


“this is?!”


“It’s the eternal Mangekyou Sharingan!” Qin Yi said indifferently.


a circle of blue flames burned around his body and then a Susanoo appeared in front of Uzukage.


“I may tell you that Uchiha Madara has been joined to my country.”


These words let the Uzukage stunned and sweat has oozed out on his forehead.


He knew that the legendary Uchiha Madara in Konoha. But even such an invincible have joined the Qin Kingdom?


No, he does not believe, but the eyes in front of him are proof!

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