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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 77: Destruction

The Uzumaki village.

The sound of screaming came one after another, and there were civilians everywhere who were in a panic and fled.

Qin Yi, who stood top of the seven tails, had no other object after the destruction of the altar. Just controlling the seven tails and destroy the surrounding buildings easily.

Suddenly, Qin Yi looked ahead.

On both sides of roofs of the street ahead, ninja figures appeared immediately.

And Uzumaki marks on their costumes, as well as their red hair, symbolize their identity .

“Uzumaki family, is it finally here?” Qin Yi said with a smirk and printed.

” roaring Sfx!” he roared.

instantly, the seven tails roared too, and black sphere which is full of strong energy fluctuations appeared in front of the Biju.

” roaring Sfx!” the seven-tails roared and he released suddenly the Bijūdama, it rushed ruthlessly forward to the front of the Uzumaki family.

“Get away!”

“It’s a Bijūdama!” when he saw this attack the Kage immediately changed and shouted loudly.

There are not many records of tail beasts in the clan, but there are also some reports of tailed beasts’ attacks. They have some knowledge about

But it is late.


The Bijūdama exploded and everything faces it was directly turned into powder or ashes, its flame covered a range of hundreds of meters and a wave of air was spreading rapidly in all directions.

Just the wind voice swept in the village, at this moment, the Uzumaki leader waved.

“prepare yourselves to seal the seven-tails.”

“You, come with me to attack the Qin Kage, the seven-tails is under his control!” At this moment, the leader jumped commanding his ninjas.

In the blink of an eye, the ninjas split quickly behind him into two groups, and the target was Qin Yi and the seven-tails.

“Kage huh? Then let’s try it now!” Qin Yi whispered with a smirk.

At the same time, a Tailed Beast Ball appeared on the front of the seven-tails, made the Uzumaki leader alerted.

” Tailed Beast Ball.”

“Pseudo-Seeking Ball!”

” you will see my power!” he thought. The Tailed Beast Ball and the Pseudo-Seeking Ball rushed out.

. The Tailed Beast Ball was almost instantaneous, and it came to the front of the five Uzumaki ninja who rushed to attack and exploded in front of them and they could not evade this attack.

At the same time, Qin Yi’s Pseudo-Seeking Ball was also in front of the Leader.

“what is this?!” the Leader noticed that there was a black little ball in front of them.

At this moment, they are only between twenty or thirty meters away from Qin Yi, and the distance can be said to be very close.

“Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique!”

Suddenly, Qin Yi who stood on the top of the seven-tails folded his hands together and roared.

The Uzumaki Kage’s heart trembled, and he was more shocked when he saw that the dark ball was bursting with a brilliant flame. and the flames blazed and has expanded to almost a hundred meters.

The members of Uzumaki behind him reacted quickly, roared, and leaped in front of him.



get out of Here!”

The Kage figure quickly flashed and disappeared under the flame.

The flame that swept through almost a hundred meters was ended.

On the side, the Uzumaki Kage clenched his fist, and his heart was shocked.

“What is that black ball? How it released Ninjutsu?” In the next moment, he saw the black ball rushing out again, blinking to the front of the other Uzumaki clan ninjas.

His eyes trembled and he roared, “get away!”

But it’s too late.

” Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique!”

a waterfall rushed out from the black ball and instantly knocked those people down to the ground and drowned in the water.

On the top of the seven-tails head, Qin Yi’s eyes were cold and somewhat stunned.

“This is the correct way to use the Pseudo-Seeking Ball, It does not need printing at all, but can release five kinds of ninjutsu freely!”

Even if the power is not as great as that of the Truth-Seeking Ball, its sudden and unexpected nature is even more dangerous to the enemy.

“Lightning Release Chidori Sharp Spear!”

” Earth Release: Earth Dragon Bullet!”

” Wind Release: Great Breakthrough!”

Pseudo-Seeking Ball is as fast as light, it almost directly comes to the enemy, and its release is quick. This process, take just an instant with a huge destructive power.

When the leader has not completely reacted, the ninjas that came with him has been beaten by this black ball and Qin Yi didn’t even move his hands.

This powerful destructive power makes the Leader tremble.

“Roaring Sfx!” Suddenly, the Uzumaki leader’s pupils shrank.

“You are Whirlpools-Kage


right?”Qin Yi stood at the top of the seven-tails, asked coldly.

“Qin Kage


, what is this?”  the Uzumaki Kage roared.

Qin Yi bring the Seven-tails to make the Whirlpools country’s people feel his power. The seal techniques of the Whirlpools country is strong and they can deal with the Biju, but it is impossible to get close to Qin Yi with such strange black ball.

“What do you mean? the Ninjas sent by our country and refuse my kindness. Now ask me what is this?”

“Don’t you think it’s ridiculous? Uzukage


!” Qin Yi said and his eyes flashed with danger.

When he heard this, he was not aware of what he will do.

When Qin Kage sent the ninja to the Whirlpools Village, he wasn’t him the man in charge for the reception, but the red-haired


man who talked with him previously.

In the face of Qin Yi’s questioning, the Uzukage didn’t know how to answer.

“We can compensate for your losses. but bring the seven tails to our country this just makes the problem get bigger.” The Uzukage took a deep breath and said.

“compensation for losses?”

Qin Yi smiled and then burst out laughing.

“The Uzukage is very sensible, this is really surprised me.”

“It’s not like this. From today, the country of Whirlpools will merge into My country.”

The Uzukage’s expression changed suddenly and roared out loud.


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