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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 90: Gengetsu

“Don’t worry, Mizukage Sama, in the face of such an enemy, I have to take it seriously!” Gengetsu Hōzuki said and he printed.

“Steaming Danger Tyranny!”

A Chibi clone, released from his body, and then quickly solidified, it flew toward Qin Yi. As it gets closer, the oil on its surface heats up rapidly, and its volume gradually became larger.

Qin Yi looked down and shouted.

“Does you want to defeat me with such a child’s tricks?”

He pointed at them.

“Knot Seals: Space-Time ninjutsu!”

A series of seals immediately appeared around the feet of the Mizukage and Gengetsu.


Qin Yi whispered, his foot stepped out, and his body shape disappeared.

When he reappeared, the expression of The Mizukage changed dramatically.

He has been transferred in front of him instantly.

“what gives you the confidence to dare to bring such boy to fight me?” Qin Yi extended his right hand.

“Banshō Ten’in!”

He pulled the Mizukage towards him. Under this gravitational pull, the Mizukage found that his body was completely out of his control he has been filled with fear.

“Mizukage sama!” Genjetsu changed greatly, and he leaped quickly him.

Qin Yi held up him with his hand, and he turned one of his Truth-Seeking Ball into a black iron rod.


He pierced the iron rod directly into the Mizukage’s shoulder.


“Puchi Puchi!”

Followed by the six Truth-Seeking Ball, all pierced into the Mizukage’s body, he was completely sealed. The dark receivers once penetrated into his body, sealed the movement of his body and let him fall in front of Qin Yi.

“You’re done now Mizukage sama.” Looking down, Qin Yi said coldly.

At this moment, Gengetsu Hōzuki’s clone leaped straight to Qin Yi neck.

At this point, Qin Yi seems without no defense.

Just an inch to cut Qin Yi’s neck just then, Qin Yi right hand pointed.


The Kunai that cut down his neck as it passed through the air without injuries or blood.

This scene, made Gengetsu Hōzuki’s pupils shrank, he realized what’s happened.

in the next second.


The clone exploded at the same time, Qin Yi’s figure appeared behind him.


“I appreciate you very much! You are a genius ninja.” Qin Yi said.

He didn’t dare to move at all. This extraordinary speed shocked him. he finally realized the feeling of the Mizukage just now.

“If you were given some time, you would be far ahead of his achievements.” Qin Yi pointed to the Mizukage.

Gengetsu suddenly laughed.

“So, Qin Kage Sama, can you let go of the former Mizukage and stop the war? Then will be good allies in the future.”

Hearing this, Qin Yi also laughed.

“You are very funny.”

“The Mizukage is over.”

“I need you to let the people of the country of water surrender.”

“Otherwise, I don’t mind that Kirigakure has become ashes!” he sighed.

“I don’t mind letting the country of water become a part of the country of Qin, as long as you don’t hurt anyone.”

“Just, for me, I still want to try!” Gengetsu smiled.

He turned up, and he waved straight his kunai to bit Qin Yi’s neck.

Qin Yi raised his arm and easily blocked him.

“Want to try again?”  Qin Yi stepped forward and punched.

Gengetsu prepared for the next attack.

“Water Gun Technique: Two-Handed Magnum!”


At this moment Qin Yi’s eyes turned into Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.

the vision of Gengetsu was blurred.

“shit, this is a Genjutsu!”

he was shocked, his whole body tied and Qin Yi got closer and closer with a smirk.

“I hope you understand that you still have the choice to follow me.”

“I gave you this chance, just because I admire you.” Qin Yi said and his eyes turned into a Rinnegan again.

“Banshō Ten’in.”

Gengetsu‘s body was immediately pulled over and Qin Yi grabbed his neck.

“It’s over, Gengetsu.”

Six Truth-Seeking Ball rotated and quickly surrounded him.

Gengetsu felt endless energy of the balls, and this dangerous feeling makes him stunned.

At this time, the first Mizukage was captured and the troops of Qin state have already sieged the village.

“The gap between our power is too big!”

“I’ve tried, then I admit defeat.” Gengetsu Roared.

Kirigakure has no chance of winning.

“The country of water is willing to surrender to you,” Gengetsu said.

“I also hope that Qin Kage sama will immediately stop the war.”

Qin Yi let Gengetsu and nodded with satisfaction.

“I always feel that you are a person who knows how to manage this village.”

“In the near future, you will be grateful for your choice.”

Turned around, Qin Yi stepped out and came to the front of the Mizukage.

“Mizukage sama, you want to live or die?” Qin Yi said

The Mizukage looked at Qin Yi and laughed.

“I hope that Qin Kage sama will give me a happy ending!”

Qin Yi nodded and slowly pulled out a kunai at and waved it out.

The blood splattered, the Mizukage’s head was thrown high and then rolled in the ground.

He understands the idea of

the Mizukage very well. He took his own country that he built, he wanted just an honorable death.

Sometimes there are some things more important than life.