The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 91: United Ninja Stated

The land of water has fallen! and became a part of the Qin country.

The world has lost its prestige in the face of the blatant violation of the peace agreement by the State of Qin. This time, no one in the four major countries did an action.

the four major countries have begun frequent contacts in secret.

Finally, after seven days of the fall of the country of water, the four major countries, 36 other small Ninja village, gathered in Konoha.

this meeting was called the Ninja Alliance Meeting located in Konoha.  

In the huge conference room, there is a huge round table, the front of the table, the Kage of the four hidden villages and the village leaders of the small Ninja Villages, they were silent.

“Gentlemen, today, since you all came, it shows that everyone is aware of the seriousness of the matter.”

“then let’s talk directly about the matter…” Tobirama said then took a deep breath and stood up.

“The rise of the Qin Kingdom has been unstoppable. Uchiha Madara and Qin Kage’s are Legendary ninjas. no one can stop them alone.”

“The only way to renew the hard-won peace is to unite!”  

“To unite the entire world of ninja, we need to integrate our forces, only with this way we can confront the state of Qin!”  

“From an obscure little Ninja village, now it has become a big country standing threat the entire the world!”

“If you just let it go, all of you here will be annexed one by one!” he said coldly  

Before the incident happened, no one expected that the country of water was swallowed up so quickly. one of the five major countries will be defeated in war!

The battle longed 3 hours and the Mizukage died and Kirigakure was down.  

What does that mean? It means that both sides are not at the same level.  

It can be said that life and death are imminent.

“Here, I propose that you join me to build a Ninja Alliance!”

“Only if all of us united, Qin Kage will not act rashly!” Tobirama said with a cold face.

The meeting room was quiet and after a while.

“the land of wind, agree.” The second Kazekage roared.

“the land of thunder, agree!”

“The land of earth, agree.”

The three Kage of the major countries raised their hands and accepted the proposal of Tobirama. So far, the four major countries of the world have joined together to form the United Nation of Ninja. Followed by the approval of the village leaders of the 36 small ninja villages.

The abduction of the first Hokage, the conquering of the land of water, made the world stunned from the powerful aggression of the Qin Kingdom.

Three days later, Qin Kingdom.

At this moment, the new capital of the state of Qin is built on the former territory of the state of water. Uzumaki clan, Hyuga clan, and the Waterfall village all choose to migrate to this location and establish their own clan buildings.

at this time,

The scope of Qin’s Kingdom has grown unprecedentedly. The number of ninjas has reached an astonishing 16,000. The number of its people is 1.2 million! For Qin Yi, this is a huge number.  

You know, the number of people in the king’s world is only 600,000. This land area is ten times larger than the county of the king’s world.

Although the country of water is only an island country surrounded by the sea on all sides, its mountains are continuous and there are many small islands, so its area is not small.

“It’s still a world of bad times. Otherwise, in such an area, if it were on the Earth in my previous life, it would be able to hold tens of millions of people.” Qin Yi was standing in his new office, looking at the new Qin State.

On the third day, the name of the country of water was erased, and then the country was renamed. The military and government were unified and all of them obey to Qin Yi.

“Your majesty, the four other great powers, has declared the establishment of a unified entity to confront us.” Qin Lin entered the office at this time and said.

With a faint smile on his face, Qin Yi heard the news, but he was not surprised at all.

“this is expected, if they don’t have any action, then they are stupid.”

“Of course, I have no time to deal with them for a while, at present, it’s not just for me, for everyone, for the whole Kingdom, there are more important things.” At this time, the Gandalf stepped in.

“Haha, was your Majesty talking about the Kingdom? now the country of Qin has become a big country in this world, and it has a sufficient foundation to carry out the kingdom and make a big change in our world!”

Qin Yi nodded: “Yes, the power of the king that the land of the water brought to me, and the size of the country today, are enough to bear the kingdom!”

Gandalf smiled.

For the king’s world, the most desirable thing is the success when confronting different civilizations of different worlds.

Will be a transition of civilization, the expansion of the area scale and improve the overall quality of their lives.

“Your Majesty, when are you going to proceed with our first new invasion?” Gandalf asked.

“as fast as possible. When the country of Qin is completely stable, we will begin!” Qin Yi’s eyes flashed and said softly.

The country of water has just been annexed, and the new Capital just been built.  

However, As long as the king is successful, he can pick the world again and carry out the invasion to expansion his country and the development of their civilization.

At the same time, the King’s world, in front of a broken stone Tablet.

“Madara, what you said before is true? there is really an unknown world, and such freak power is completely difficult to understand!” Hashirama was looking to Madara with a shocked face.