The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 92: King’s Road

Even if Hashirama couldn’t understand it but he felt this vast weird power around his body, made him see something new.

“it’s true, you’re in our country right now!!” Madara said with an arrogant tone.

Hashirama was amazed and attracted by these remaining stone tablets. As Madara was, he saw another way to become stronger, which is different from the Chakra system. Moreover, this way seems to be farther away than the limit of Chakra, and it must be more correct.

“Qin Kage is the commander of this country. I heard that as long as he conquered the country of water, earth-shaking changes would take place here.” Madara said.

They were in the middle of a village, surrounded by some people.

Here, he knew the reason of Madara has been traveling across the world.

“does Qin made himself stronger by conquering different worlds?” Hashirama said.

” not only him, but the entire kingdom!” Madara said.

Hashirama was stunned for a while.

After being brought here by Madara, he realized that this place is more peaceful Than Konoha. The people who survive in this country are truly comfortable. Moreover, he has also discovered that in this country, everyone is practicing Chakra, even though the amount in their bodies is still very low, and even they didn’t reach the degree of ninja yet.

But such a part of the world is really like a dream to him.

“Oh, Hashirama, you release now that your philosophy is completely wrong. Only when the entire world is unified will the world have a dawn of peace!”

“Look at the kingdom of Qin, you will understand everything!”

“In order to achieve lasting peace, some blood is always sacrificed!”

“Your kindness is not wrong, but in the wrong place and time!” Madara said.

After a long silence, Hashirama sighed again.


“Give me some time; I had never expected that there is a different dimension than our world, this is something need to be considered.”

Seven days later, Qin Yi and some people returned to the King’s World.


In this month of the Naruto World, the new Qin Kingdom has been completely stabilized, and the power of King Qin Yi has reached an unprecedented power level.


The strength of a country made the king’s power of Qin Yi immense. Compared with the fragility of the first arrival in the world of Naruto, he is now as a young emperor.

“The three years of the Naruto World, here is six or seven months.”

“But those couple months turned the world upside down!” Qin Yi said.

“Your Majesty is so talented that he can lead us to the unification of the Qin Kingdom and the world and to the prosperity of our country. The Qin State can today rely solely on your Majesty’s strength! !”

Qin Lin stood behind him, she said.

“Oh, General Qin Lin, when did you learn to flatter?” Qin Yi waved his hand and smiled.

“The ministers said that!” Qin Lin said.

Qin Yi stepped into the palace.

Today’s palace is has reached thousands of square meters, and it is still expanding under the efforts of the workers.

” the people spontaneously built the palace corruption for me, hahaha!” Qin Y smiled.

“Your Majesty, how should the King’s Road be carried out?” Gandalf and others followed and asked.

As a country that has just started, the King’s Road is just has reached the basic qualifications.

“Soon, you will know.” Qin Yi smiled and his eyes were glowing.

The country of Qin is stable. He has been growing for a while, and the power of the king has also stabilized, vast, powerful, and even far more than the huge amount of chakra in his body.

This King’s Road is the king’s affaire after conquering any world to show his domination.

Entered the palace, Qin Yi sat on the dragon chair, on both sides of the front, the generals sat beside him, all the people there dare not talk at the presence of Qin Yi.

“Well, Gentlemen, after the King’s Road, you will take this civilization completely.” Qin Yi looked down and said, which made everyone feel scared.

” immediately, will connect between our world and our country in Naruto’s world. After that, the two worlds will be fused and our civilization will expand.”

As soon as he said, Gandalf’s eyes immediately flashed with excitement.

“Finally, it’s coming! ”

they saw Qin Yi sitting on the dragon chair, closed his eyes slowly.

Qin Yi’s majesty became more and more intense.

Suddenly, Qin Yi opened his eyes, his clothes had changed at an unknown time.

Black cloak with golden dragon decoration, his face was majestic and his eyes glowing with purple energy.

“The so-called King’s Road means hegemony, that is, the road of plunder, and robbing others to strengthen my country, my people, myself!”

Looked straight ahead, Qin Yi seems to see through the mountains and rivers, and everything that in the king’s world at this moment.

“Now, I want to launch the King’s Road ceremony, to expand the foundation of the world, to build the root of civilization, and to made our tree of civilization!”

“From then on, as far as I serve my people and my people serve me and we will advance together!”

“The power of the king, the progress of the country, the evolution of civilization, the means of land expansion!”

“King’s Road is my road, what I say is my oath!”

The indifferent words are said here, and the majestic atmosphere of Qin Yi has been diffused out, spread throughout the Qin State, and countless people look up.

After a pause, Qin Yi’s eyes became more strict and he roared.