The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 93: the Fire of Civilization

when Qin Yi roared, a majestical spirit rose up from his body and went through the palace, gathered into a huge black dragon looking down with Indifferent eyes.

its roar shook the void and in a twinkling of an eye, it spread all over the King’s world.

In the Palace, above the dragon chair, Qin Yi’s eyes were glowing and his body boiling with the king’s power, and then the Dragon rushed out toward the outside the palace.

the black dragon has grown rapidly and expanded, and in the blink of an eye, it has covered the sky, and the whole body exudes a strong kingship.

The people shocked by this scene.

when the black dragon hovered, it has risen to the limit that the world can accommodate. Under the bang, the explosion broke out.

Colorful light appeared in the sky, has been thrown up and down.

“don’t panic, my people our country will evolve.” from the sky, Qin Yi’s majestic voice came out.

“It’s His majesty!”

“His Majesty will evolve our country, great!”

“we succeed in this different world and we will enter a new world!”

People on the streets of the King’s world look up to the colorful sky, and their eyes have filled up with expectations.

At the same time, in the Qin State in Naruto’s world.

A black dragon roared in the air, causing panic to people. Next, the black dragon is constantly expanding, covering the entire sky of Qin state. It is huge and made everyone shocked. After that, the black dragon also burst into the sky.

The ninjas jumped on the treetops and onto the roof. Looking at this beautiful scene, they were shocked.

At this moment, the faint time and space seem to start to distort, and a phantom of the kingdom appears in the air.

“What is this technique?”

“what is this?”

“Go and inform Qin Kage Sama!” The ninjas shouted subconsciously.

But in the next moment, he pointed forward.


“King’s Road, Enlightenment!”


few words seem to contain the law of heaven, instantly All the people of the Qin Kingdom feel the power of this world. It seems to be pulling everyone’s soul and this huge world.


A picture for their world floats in the sky, such as a mirage.

The ninjas clearly saw that in this strange mirage world, there are ancient marks in some broken stone monuments, buildings with different styles, and people with apparently different dressing styles. While they saw the virtual world, the people of this world saw them either and they shocked as they did.


“From now on, the two worlds are connected.” The majestic voice came from the void, this is the voice they are familiar with, this is Qin Yi.

The ninjas showed a shocked expression and looked up.


A vast world of nothingness suddenly fell down and became solid and real on the way down.


this mirage of the king’s world crashed into the territory of the Qin Kingdom and completed the integration with this huge country.

Also at this moment, some ninjas leaped out.

” is this a real world that I can touch it? What is going on?”

“I seem to be able to step on this land.”

the ninja stepped out, just in the next moment, his body appeared in the king’s world, he has come to a different world just with one step.

his whole body was goosed when he felt the vast power of this majestic world, made his heart shock.

“Here, the king’s world!”

Looking up, the ninja looked up and saw that there were many people in the Qin Kingdom who stood on this land at the moment. Around them, everything in the virtual world, people, is clear. It’s incredible.

“The two worlds are connected, standing in this world, I can feel everything in the two worlds!”

“It’s amazing, this is Qin Kage sama, the power of his majesty?” People were shocked.

In the face of such unimaginable and incredible power, anyone must be shocked and then awe.

In the king’s world, Qin Yi sat on a dragon chair, this moment seems to be a continuous transmission of the mighty king’s power. It connects all the two worlds quickly and carries on the power of the king. The revolution of civilization.

After a full quarter of an hour, the territory of the two circles completely overlap.

From this moment on, people stood on the land of the two worlds can see everything in the world between them, and they can also reach the two worlds.

This is the power of space folding.

At this moment, Qin Yi extended his right hand and pointed out.

“My people, listen to me!”

” we need to burn the fire of the civilization of ninja now to complete the ceremony!”

Just he ended his words,  from the endless distant universe, a purple flame floated and fell into the royal palace of the king’s world.

Qin Yi pointed it all at once. in the center of the palace, a high-rise altar with of ninety-nine foot tall arched out on its own. this purple fire that represents the ninja civilization burned up the altar.

The fire of civilization is ignited, and instantly, the power of civilization brought warmth feeling, which expanded rapidly, so that the people of the entire country and people of both worlds can feel it.

At this moment, everyone closed their eyes.

At the moment when they closed their eyes, in front of them, they saw a purple flame in front of them.

“The name of the country is the Qin Kingdom, the type of civilization: ninja civilization, the rank:  first-class star-level!”

All the information can be known from this purple civilization flame.

“from now on, my people, All the information about the cultivation of the ninja civilization will be obtained from the fire of this civilization, and it will be passed down step by step, and the fire will continue forever!”