The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 94: Star, Moon Or Sun

In the altar of civilization, the purple flame was burning. From this moment on, as long as Qin Yi exist, the fire of civilization will last forever, and the Qin State will become stronger.

The fire of civilization is not big, only a couple of inches, But it is the flame of civilization, as long as it is still burning, the people of Qin can cultivate from this civilization.

It can be said that this is the spark of the Ninja era for the Qin Kingdom.

Anyone in the Qin State can feel this magical power flow in his body.

“Can I practice Chakra, too?! ”

“After closing my eyes, I can feel the power, as long as I follow the way it is told, I can gain strength”

“This is the transition of civilization?”  

In King’s world, people’s hearts trembled and they felt this weird power.

At this moment, whether it is the kingdom of Qin in the world of Naruto or the king’s world, everyone is shocked by the scenes created by Qin Yi. It was also at this moment that they finally felt The immense power of the king. This is the king who can lead a country to be strong, not only himself but also the people that he leads.  

“I say that when the territory of the world expands, everything will recover!”  Qin Yi’s words came out loud again.

Then, visible to the naked eye, the land in the King’s World, which originally had only one county, was expanding rapidly. Originally, it was just like a small floating island. At this moment, it was filling up and filling up quickly. It’s Like empty paper, painted with images.

the broken walls, one other half of the mountains reappear, broken trees, again grow. Territorial areas, such as the flow of water, appear in patches. Rivers, forests, and various resources appeared one by one.

This scene made the people excited.  

“Hail the King!” they shouted.

Qin Yi was sitting in the Palace, and all the people in the two worlds can see him clearly.

He saw the overlapping between the two worlds and saw that the fire of civilization floated in front of everyone’s eyes. He also saw that his country was expanding twice what was before rapidly.

For a moment of silence, Qin Yi regained the power of the king.

With a long sigh, there was a smile on the face of Qin Yi.

The King’s Road succeeded.

“Qin State, ninja cultivation civilization, Grade: Star level!”

This is the level of civilization of his country at the moment.

Ninja civilization is not difficult to understand. All the people could cultivate ninja civilization. The king world has a civilized foundation. This civilization is naturally the ninja civilization. By the time he goes to other worlds and integrates other civilizations, this civilization can be changed or increased.

Qin Yi was meditating about the level of Star.

he only learned about it.

“It turns out that the civilization of this world is classified according to its degree of prosperity.”

This country level is also the king’s level.

After he merged with the Naruto world, the score of the world rule obtained in the world was at the level of Star.

“the Star, your Kingdom is like a star in the universe, emitting a faint brilliance.”

After viewing the information, Qin Yi shook his head.

He thought that the civilization in the world of Naruto would be more powerful even if it was weaker than other such as Immortals, such as Dragon Ball… but it was not weak, but he did not expect that in the evaluation of the world rules, it Was only a Star Class.

The so-called Star-level, in addition to the statements in the note, the power that is able to cause trauma to the world of stars. According to the trauma, the Star level was divided into nine ranks.

When you reach the Stars 9th level, it means you have the power to destroy all the stars.

As for going up, it is divided into Moon, Sun!

“Moon, the brightness released by your country has surpassed the stars, and it is able to capture the radiance of the sun.”

“Sun, your country is a Sun in the universe. Eternal light and heat can burn all the existence! Even if it is destroyed, it can release the vastest power.”

The Star is divided into nine levels, the Moon six and Sun three.

next, the information that Qin Yi learned is disappeared.

the Stars, it is called the common world. The people who live in it are all mortals. They have no power to destroy the earth. does not make any damage to the universe itself. And such a world, or Qin Yi, it is easy to conquer.  

“Is The Ninja civilization of Naruto’s world is only on the first level of Star?” Qin Yi slightly frowned.

It’s just that he meditated again and saw that many of the king’s worlds are only in such simple worlds in different dimensions and they developed step by step then go through others worlds, Only his predecessor the stupid one rushed into such Star level world directly without any  Strategic experience or even information about Naruto’s world.

Qin Yi slowly stood up.

He has been successful in the world of Naruto, and the ninja civilization has been integrated. Next, what he needs to consider is to enter the next world.

The picking of the next world is a problem.

“my land area is still too small, only in the size of a city in my previous world. I want to advance quickly!”

“To enter the Star level, my country is considered to be qualified to survive in this universe.”

“If I want to advance further, I must directly rush into a higher-level civilized world. It is just too risky. If I’m not that good, I will die.”

“but, there is a safe way, which is to integrate the Star-level civilizations and conquer worlds of similar ranks!”

“I think that I need to conquer a number of some Star level worlds to make my world recover completely and wider!”

Standing in the Palace, Qin Yi’s eyes are cold and indifferent.

There is no doubt that the next war he will wage will be extremely cruel.