The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 95: New World

the two countries overlap and merge into one. Countless people from both worlds have felt awe in front of this mysterious power.

From the purple flame in front of them, they get information about: Language, culture, system, practice and so on, all materials can be obtained from the fire of civilization.

This is a true unification. When information can be shared, the change will undoubtedly be extremely efficient, especially in a highly unified country the Qin State.

On the streets of Qin State.

Madara looked up at the new sky of this country.

He deeply realized the power of the world called the king. This is something that even the Sage of the six Paths can’t do. Pass the fire of civilization to everyone so that they can practice. Such a country, give it time, and watch how strong will be in the future?

Standing on the ground, Hashirama can see the world of Naruto now around him from the King’s world.

“Madara, What happened?”

“Why, at this moment, I feel a lot of chakra around me.”

“And, the people of this country, their power are completely new, completely different from the previous power!”

Next, to Madara, Hashirama wondered.

He is not a person from the Qin State, he could not feel everything that the people of the Qin State could perceive.

“Hashirama, this country has evolved! They have integrated the Ninja system of our world into this country so that every civilian can become stronger! “

“If you join the State of Qin, you can feel all this!” Madara said in a deep voice.

“What do you say? Integrate the cultivation system into their country? Can everyone cultivate?” Hashirama was shocked.

“Only in this land can there be lasting peace! Such a world of great harmony is beyond my imagination.”

“Of course, only when you become a person of the Qin State can you feel all this!”

Madara Said sneered and turned away.

What could Hashirama do now? In this country, he can’t leave. For Konoha, he is like a dead man.

After thinking for a while, Hashirama said.

“Let me see what kind of magic this country has!”

“I hope you won’t lie to me, Madara!”

The next moment, Qin Yi, standing in the Palace, was slightly stunned.

“Hashirama?” He smiled.

“are you alright?”

The first Hokage of Konoha has joined the kingdom. then, will there be suspense in the conquest of the Naruto world? However, his kingdom has been successful and the ninja civilization has been absorbed. The huge world of Naruto is also a good choice if it is a back garden in the future.

The so-called King’s Road is to absorb all the civilizations of the world, including their history, culture, and even the bloodlines, will be integrated.

This is a mysterious, powerful, unique tool used by the king to evolve the kingdom.

Next, Qin Yi did not hesitate. He possessed two god-level ninjas Uchiha Madara and Senju Hashirama. It is not out of reach.

On the second day, the two legends of Naruto stood in front of him.

Even after a day, Hashirama was still shocked.

He never thought that Qin State turned out to be such a magical country. Different time ratio, overlapping spaces with his world, they able to practice Ninjutsu also have the opportunity to awaken blood limit.

Under the world of great unification, Qin Yi is the supreme commander and can suppress all contradictions! No war will be fought here, and the whole country is united.

In the end, he realized that people in this country have faith.

They advocate a stronger and more civilized transition, and if they want to achieve this goal, they need the whole nation to work together to develop. Under such circumstances, the beliefs are highly unified.

“Qin, I don’t know what to say!” Shaking his head, Hashirama said.

“I can only say, I admire you!”

Qin Yi smiled and waved his hand: “Thank you Hashirama.”

” there is a mission for you if you don’t mind!”

“the King’s Road has been completed. and the civilization in your world has been taken successfully. However, the five major countries are still scattered. and I hope to see us all unified under peace!” Qin Yi said.

“Of course, it is unified under my country! Only in this way can the world be peaceful forever. I believe that you should understand my friend Hashirama.” Hashirama smiled and nodded.

Throughout his life, Hashirama struggled for peace. Konoha was the result of his struggle. If he can do anything to expand the peace, he will not hesitate.

“In addition, although the fire of civilization has been ignited, our country is still very poor, and we need to expand at the expense of the void .”

“So, I am ready to develop a new world to expand our national territory and make it a vast country.”

Qin Yi stood up and held out his hands.  

“Desert, forest, ocean, mysterious island area, all kinds of magical creatures, etc., all of this can form a complete world!”

“Our kingdom is not complete yet!”

Hearing this, Madara’s eyes were twinkling.

“Are you talking about going to a new world?” he said. 

Qin Yi smiled: “Haha, naturally, Madara, I know that you have to wait for a long time, you will go with me!”

Madara smirked.

Hashirama was shocked: “Qin, I want..”

“Hashirama, you are responsible for the unified this world. And you are the leader of my country when I’m going!”

Qin Yi said this to Hashirama.

He knew that his mission was to conquer, invade, and it’s not necessarily would be as gentle as the conquering of the world of Naruto.

Madara is the best candidate for this mission.

Hashirama could not say anything. He also looked forward to making his world in permanent peace.

Soon, Hashirama returned to the world of Naruto, he first went to Konoha.

“you have to listen to me and lead Konoha to join Qin State. Only in this way can we make the world permanent peace, and we will see a broader world!”

Hashirama was persuading Tobirama.

“Brother, have you brainwashed by them? This is impossible!”

this indicates that the task of Hashirama is not so easy and will be carried out for a long time. With the power of one country, against the huge four countries or the entire ninja world to be more specific even if this person is Hashirama, it will take a long time.