The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 1: The Eyes of The King

After making the kingdom stabilized, everything in the country began to be recover. Among them, the appointment and dismissal of the ministers, urban planning, the determination of architectural style and so on. A series of major events require Qin Yi to check and seal before they can continue.

Even if he was thinking about going to the new world, but this situation made Qin Yi anxious and confused.

“Why do libraries, the construction of colleges, and such things come to me? The Minister of Education has not hired yet?” Qin Yi patted his forehead and his busy mind swelled.

He has worked overtime, but these things seem to be endless, one after another.

“Gengetsu, don’t stand there and look at me like this, come over and help.”

Qin Yi’s face was full of black lines and Gengetsu was looking at him with a smile.

Dealing with these things just by himself really made his head blew up.

” Your Majesty, there are many papers below the table.” Gengetsu pointed and Qin Yi was more desperate.

“I will die here trying to complete such work.”

After the help of Gengetsu, Qin Yi found that the he was much faster, and he was relieved.

“Is Your Majesty still not conquering some worlds ?” Gandalf said.

“Gandalf, you are here, these documents are yours!” when Qin Yi saw him coming he immediately said.

“I came from Mr. Madara and I get caught by His Majesty. Isn’t my best day I think!” Shaking his head, Gandalf said.

“More work for those who can, Qin kingdom needs your strength!” Qin Yi said.

Gengetsu looked at the scene, shook his head and smiled.

It’s been seven days since the King’s Road success. It can be said that during this time, the kingdom has a big change every day, which made people stunned.

“When the eyes of the king are established the next different world Madara and I will leave!” Qin Yi stretched out and said aloud.

“Oh? Is Your Majesty going to partner with Mr. Uchiha this time? Where are the three generals? Gandalf asked as he flipped through the documents.

“Those three guys, who have been studying Ninja power in the past few days with Hashirama, I had heard that they have also published books and are ready to put them in the National Library, they have a good time.”

“I’m going to send them to a new world as sentinels.” Qin Yi snorted coldly.

After the success of the King’s Road, the national civilization level was established as the as the first level of The Star. He could enter one of the civilized worlds below the first level of Star, and at the same time launch an attack on the world higher than or equal to the first level of Star civilization.

This time, he planned to fight on two fronts.

After conquering the customs, the world is complete, and the population is large, he will be able to rush to the Star-class civilization.

“Ha-ha, the three generals have experience, but they can find out some news ahead of time.” Gandalf nodded in agreement.

Qin Yi waved and walked out of the palace.

“I’m going to launch the Eyes of the King.”

After the Road of the King, he is finally qualified to control the Eyes of the king.

This pair of eyes undoubtedly can see more clearly and get more useful information than looking through the world of different dimensions through the Portal.

It is to look at Madara stand in front of the gate and his arm folded.

“Madara, what are you doing here?”

“I have been waiting for you for a long time!” Madara looked at Qin Yi.

From these eyes, Qin Yi saw an incomparably glowing flame, the desire for a new world, the sea of stars. This strong desire and hope made him somewhat uncomfortable.

“A cough, wait for the eyes of the king to be established, and we will leave immediately!”

“How long will it take? ” Madara asked.

“pretty soon I think!” Qin Yi smiled.

He couldn’t delay anymore, there was nothing to stop this man’s dream of running towards the

stars, right?

Slowly closing his eyes, Qin Yi meditated for information to build the eyes of the king. with a little effort, he already knew what to do.

In the King’s world, whether it is the King’s powerful skills or the Kingdom’s special buildings, the most important force to use is the King’s power.

The King’s power, Of course, is no exception.

When he opened his eyes again, Qin Yi’s eyes sparkled with brilliant light. This is a dark purple majestic light, but unusually dazzling. It converged into a ray of light and shined towards the top of the Portal.

The light was twisting and spreading, and soon reached the top of the Portal and began to draw.

In nothingness, it is like a pen drawing, and what it draws is like eyes. Soon, the edges were drawn.

Madara looked at the scene in front of him with wide eyes.

Qin Yi’s eyes burst out of the light more bright, the top of the Portal that pupils also emerged more quickly.

In between, the outline of the eyes has come out, followed by the pupils.

In a full hour, Qin Yi complete establishing the eye.

When the eyes are completed, it looks like living eyes looking down.

Madara’s bones chilled immediately.

“Those eyes!” Shocked, Madara looked at Qin Yi.


At this glance, he was more surprised. Qin Yi’s eyes at the moment were actually the same as the eyes at the top of the gate.

Then, the purple eyes of the Portal slowly closed, and the sharp feeling disappeared.

“with my king’s power, I can observe a world for nine days with those eyes.”  Qin Yi looked at Madara and smiled.

“Madara, what do you think?”

Madara looked at him with killing intent and he didn’t answer him.

“Ha-ha, of course, I’m just saying, it’s just to help us choose the most suitable world for our attack at present!” Qin Yi said again.

“Then hurry up!” Madara said.

Qin Yi did not hesitate and roared loudly.

“Let us see what this world look like!”