The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 2: King Shangjiang

When the eyes of the king launched and hovered into the infinite depth of the Universes, it replaced the casual vision of the eyes of Qin Yi.

Time and space seem to be twisted under his vision.

As if those eyes were flying from the Qin Kingdom, they were getting farther and farther from the ground, rising to the sky and going out to the cosmic stars.

He could see that on the stars, only the spot size had color, which was the Qin State. He realized the weakness and fragility of his country.

if it’s just a dot compared to this huge star, let alone the infinite universe?

Gradually, he was farther and farther away from the State of Qin. It’s like thinking drifts away from the body and seeing everything you want to see.

After three instants, he saw a strange solar system.

In this solar system, a star glows blue with three moons, and seven planets orbiting the star. A group of humans lives on a planet not far from the star. this planet looked empty, but its land area is larger than that of Qin, and it has the size of our earth.

After observing this planet carefully for a while, he discovered that the level of civilization is far less than that of he has.

People in the country practice martial arts, but that’s all.

He turned his eyes and crossed the galaxies and drifted away to a farther place.

“I’ve been going this far, can I find traces of my predecessor’s father?” he thought.

for ten minutes, Qin Yi did not see humans or any living beings in this universe.

“The universe is too vast!” Qin Yi sighed.

Three minutes later, Qin Yi had no idea that he was looking into the deep universe hundreds of billions of miles away from the Qin State.

At this point, his eyes were slightly frozen, and he saw a shining light.

As the distance quickly zoomed in, he saw a bright shining space.

at this moment his pupils contracted he saw the sight that shocked him.

It is not the stars that he has been familiar with those minutes. This is an endless land, the sky above the land, with the sun and the moon stars, running with some mysterious rules. On this continent, the mountains are stretching for thousands of miles, the ocean waves like the mountains, and the huge sea creatures are roaring.

Above the void, in the clouds, the streaming light flickered by.

“is this?!”


Qin Yi was shocked.

That stream of light contained a person, dressed in various clothes, stepping on magic weapons at his feet, he as fast as meteors, like the fairies in previous legends.

The King’s eyes scanned quickly, and Qin Yi quickly saw the beautiful corner of the continent.

“It’s not a kingdom, it’s the native continent, where human beings live in nature.”

“his energy is bigger than any tailed-beast in Naruto’s world. It is a different cultivation system.”

With the observation, Qin Yi stunned.

In the strange star field, he saw such a magnificent landscape.

Old man with white hair, with one finger, rose from the mountains with a red-lipped woman, and the waves rolled in the sea, causing a huge tsunami hundreds of meters High. 

He looked down.

This is a vast world of, just like all kinds of legends he heard in myths in his previous life.

It’s just that all this is happening in reality.

Numerous men were flying with their magical weapons and their long hairs floating in the air.

As a boy influenced by the oriental culture, he was obsessed with such a scene.

At this time, Qin Yi looked at the huge gardens outside this continent and there is a huge dragon followed by numerous fairies.

“There, who is it ”

The space that he was looking collapsed suddenly and a familiar hegemonic atmosphere rushed out of the collapsed space.

“I am the king of the Yangtze River, I  am here to marry Ziying, the purple fairy in your mainland!” This mighty voice came out of the space, and it contained a strong sense of kingdom.  

“a king!” Qin Yi was shocked. 

Unlike him, the king named Shangjiang, was so great that he suppressed the whole continent, felt the tremor of his heart even though he was only watching with the help of King’s eyes at the moment.

Strong! It’s too powerful!

“King Shangjiang, I have said that Ziying will not marry you, please leave!” The Dragon said.

“I have what I want, or this mountain will be dust, this continent will be destroyed!” Shangjiang roared.

In a short moment, Qin Yi was shocked, He saw the wonder and magnificence of the universe.

The vast expanse of the unfamiliar continent, the mighty king of the universe, all this, let him subvert the worldview, seeing wide open.

“this world!!”

Compared with Naruto, his state, this Shangjiang is beyond their power imagination.

Suddenly, King Shangjiang stared at him and looked in the direction where King’s eyes were.

“There’s a little mouse peeping.”

“Doesn’t anyone tell you that the king’s eyes will be seen as provocative when they look at others at such time? ”

” you are so bold!”

Qin Yi was shocked by the moment he stared at his eyes. His eyes were black and he had a feeling of nausea and vomiting.

Quickly recovering the eyes of the King, Qin Yi strode back a few steps, his eyes were revealing shock and horror.