The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 3: Many Worlds

It is impossible to imagine the level of power of Shangjiang and his Kingdom and the level of their civilization.

Qin Yi believes that there is Gods, Kings, saints… in those worlds and universes. But Qin Yi never thought that there will be like this.

The mighty power of Shangjiang like the sun, even with these long distances, it burned his eyes.

“Huuuuh!”  Qin Yi sighed.

“What’s wrong? What did you saw?” Madara asked after he saw Qin Yi’s expression.

“I saw a world.” Qin Yi sighed.

He marveled at the vastness of the universe, shocked the magnificence of the world, and was also amazed by the power of the creatures in this universe.

The King’s Eyes can observe the different dimensions. The main purpose of Qin Yi’s operation of King-eye is to inquire about different dimensions and select the most suitable world.

The king Shangjiang make him see the breadth of the world, and inspired him!

He could stand in front of the Dragon King and he dared to threaten him.

Took a deep breath and Qin Yi runs the King’s eyes again. This time, he began to pick the world of different dimensions.

Compared with other kings, he definitely has more advantages. Even though there are still a lot of unknown sub-worlds that he does not know about it, more of them are familiar.

“Feng Shen bang tv series, the journey to the west, Dragon Ball, Stars Chang, Tombs of Gods, Cover the Sky… )”

Kings’s eyes crossed in and he was shocked and saw the magnificent world.

These worlds are as large and vast as the universe in which he lived in before, compared with the world of Naruto, which has only the earth size. he dared not spread the power of the King’s Eye, he was observing just a small part.

“These vast worlds are no less powerful than the King’s world. There are many strong ones among them. If they dare to spread their power, they will surely be found me out.” Qin Yi thought, it seems that countless pairs of eyes are watching him in the void, making him uncomfortable, even a sense of horror and fear.

sages, gods, Buddhas, kings, emperors and so on, they exist here and he didn’t know about their power.

Of course, he noticed the existence of other kings from these worlds, but they all concealed themselves very well and did not dare to make a fuss.

These kings are all kings who use their eyes and watch the world carefully lest they attract the attention of great men.

Five or six minutes later, Qin Yi withdrew from these worlds.

After the observation, he found that the level of civilization in these worlds has exceeded the realm of the Sun, Moon, and Stars and is displayed as a question mark.

“The level above the sun, the moon, and the stars, I cannot do anything with my current level!” With a long sigh, Qin Yi knew his weakness.

Next, he observed some world at Sun and Moon levels, sci-fi, reality, anime, which made him open his eyes.

He was shocked. Compared with the previous world, these different dimensions are not so broad, not reaching the level of the universe, but confined to a broad secondary world, such as the world of the Emperor of the Jade in the journey to the west.

He knows that these worlds are beyond his reach at the moment. If you don’t pay attention, you will be crushed.

In the end, Qin Yi’s eyes are locked in the level of The Stars.

After seeing the power of King Jiang and others, he became more ambitious about the transition of his civilization and the evolution of his country. To establish a strong genius, a huge and brilliant dynasty.

“Akame Ga Kill, between the Common level and Star-level.”

“One Piece, Star Level 1, the same as Naruto’s World.”

“Detective Conan, Common-level.”

“Slam Dunk, Common-level.”

“Qin Shimingyue, Star-Level 1.”

“Under One Person, between the Common-level and the Star-Level.”

“Zhu Xian, Star-Level 4.”

“Fairy Tail, Star-Level 1.”

“Attack On Titan, Star level 0.”


Many familiar worlds flashed through Qin Yi’s eyes, which made him dazzled.

“Too many worlds, it is difficult to choose from. But these worlds, their power, entertainment, and intelligence all exist.”

His eyes twinkled and he began to think.

After the kingdom, which seems to have expanded a circle again. Now it has reached fifteen times the size of the previous Earth. To fill it up and complete it, a world may not be enough.

He found many other worlds from dc and Marvel universes to the lord of the rings and many other familiar worlds

“After looking at so many worlds, I found that the rating of different civilizations seems to be based on the strongest people in the world.”

“In addition, the civilization level of fantasy fiction is generally stronger and suitable to me than the science fiction.”

“It’s chaotic, I must follow a pattern .”

After frowning and thinking for a moment, Qin Yi’s eyes flashed, he was hesitating then he chose among various pictures.

In the end, he slowly closed his eyes.

The complicated pictures disappeared. When Qin Yi opened his eyes again, the decision had been made. “Next Star-level worlds conquest!!”