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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 106: The Rivals

The punch smashed the meteorite, and the man who fell not far in front of him was Garp.

“Uchiha Madara! ” Garp said with a solemn face.

“he’s mine! ” without hesitation, Madara said to Hashirama, who looked amazed by Garp.

Hashirama frowned, and after a gazing around, he stared at Sengoku, who was glowing with a pale golden glow rushing forward.

“That one, he’s a strongman for sure!”

He muttered, and the mysterious pattern of Sage Mode appeared on ‘Hashirama’s face.

Almost instantly, Madara and Garp had collided head-on.


Garp’s attacks were fast to the extreme, but Madara was dodging equally quickly. The fierce blast of the punch blew, almost stroke Madara’s cheeks, and then fell back on the ice, crashing dozens of meters of ice.

In the twinkling of an eye, the two men already faced to face and engaged in close combat.

He hit with numerous elbows, kicks, and punches. At this moment, facing a master of the physical power (taijutsu) like Garp, Madara was exerting almost all his strength. And his Mangekyou Sharingan was rotating rapidly, capturing all Garp’s moves.

Garp disappeared, and so did Madara.


Garp kicked and sent a sharp air blade, and Madara did like him.

The two attacks collided swiftly in the air and burst into waves.

“copied my attack? What an unfathomable strong man! “Garp was surprised.

He still remembered that day in the Sabaody Archipelago, Sengoku, and him against this man, but they couldn’t kill him.

Both of them became flash at this moment, continually avoiding each other’s attacks and making a new attack, their experience, physical skills, on another level.

“Fire Release (Katon): Grand Fire Annihilation!”

Large flames erupted from Madara’s mouth and covered Garp in the twinkling of an eye.

But after a while, the flames burst apart, and Garp’s body was like a shell, rushing hard toward Madara.

“your magical games are useless in front of me!”


He punched Madara; the latter raised his both arms to block it, the punch pushed him far away, drawing a long line.

“‘ Ace’s Grandpa, you are the strongest man I’ve ever met!” Madara said.

On the other side, Hashirama was already facing Sengoku.

“What is the purpose of a strongman as you from coming here, another world,”

Sengoku asked.

He had a brief battle with Hashirama and found that the other side is strong, no less than Uchiha Madara, even stronger and more mysterious.

Sengoku had changed after he met Yuanli.


Hashirama looked at Sengoku, and the picture of Gandalf flashed to him, he sighed.

“To survive!”

He is a peace-loving man. If he can, the last thing he wants is to use war to solve problems.

Even in the face of a different world, Hashirama was not a violent man.

“For the sake of peace, I hope that the Fleet Admiral Sengoku can make sense and bow to His Majesty.”

“That’s the best choice on the table.”

Hashirama said with bright eyes.

However, Sengoku was angrier.

“Look at your superficial kindness, I didn’t expect that you are a fool too!”

The halo in his right palm flickered, and the shock wave pressed hard ahead.

Hashirama printed, and a thick wood trunk rose to block him, and the shock wave came up to his head.

“Sengoku sama, you say this now, but you know nothing!”

Sengoku raised his right hand and pressed it hard again.

“Don’t know what?”

After reprinting with both hands, his eyes became fierce.

“the power of Qin!”

And he looked up fiercely.

“Wood Release (Mokuton): Deep Forest Bloom (Kajukai Kōrin)!”

Sengoku was shocked, a horrible scene of panic for the marines appeared. No one can imagine that even on the frozen sea, could be trees and flowers blooming. Moreover, a vast forest has already emerged.

It’s totally different from Madara’s technique; it’s much more than that.

Then, Hashirama jumped, and he clenched his right fist.

Sengoku punched with his shock wave.


Two punches collided, and a circle of waves rolled over. The trees and ice around them broke apart and burst out with a strong force.

Hashirama was falling from the sky, and he printed.

“Senpo, True Several Thousand Hands (Shin Sūsenju)!”

The colossal statue of the thousand-handed Buddha rose from the ground and soon became larger than Sengoku. It was Hashirama momentum, standing on the head of the Buddha statue, looking down.

“Believe me, Sengoku sama, surrender is your best choice.”

“If we go on fighting, it will be no good for the people here!”

Sengoku looked up and saw the vast Buddha statue. He was shocked, then he roared.

“You started this war!”

“Don’t attack us and act like you are a good person!”

He raised his right hand again, the halo flashed, and he was gathering the shock wave.

Hashirama was silent. After a couple of seconds, the huge statue of Buddha moved. Countless arms creaked and crunched, and moved toward Sengoku.

“This is not my wish.”

Then, the two palms of Buddha collided, bursting out a dazzling light.

On the other hand, the three Admirals have already stood up at the moment, but just when they moved, there were three figures in front of them.

“I heard that you use ice. It’s very coincidental. Me too.”

“is it fate that my ability is also magma.”

“I’m sorry, old man, don’t look at me, my ability is not light.”

Fang Lan, Qin Lin, Yang Yi, three generals said with a sneer.

“Are you the three generals of the State of Qin? I heard about you?!”

Akainu said coldly.

He was walking, and his shape turned into hot magma, o that a large white fog emerged from the ice surface.

Aokiji and Kizaru started walking.

The next moment, six people were fighting each other.

“Fuffuffuffuffu, such a scene, is really exciting!”

When Doflamingo stepped into the battlefield, he moved his hand slightly. Immediately around him, Qin soldiers shouted in panic and attacked their companions.

But very soon, a figure appeared in front of him.

“Puppet Technique user? Me too, so you are my opponent! “

The second Kazekage said, and his right hand was trembling, Qin soldiers immediately restored freedom.

Doffy looked at him and sneered.

“Qin State, make me wonder!!”

At the same time, The other Kages and clan leaders of the Qin state found their opponents too, and the atmosphere of the war rose to a white-hot stage in an instant.

Just when all the strong men had their opponents, Mihawk stepped across the battlefield.

“King Qin, I am very interested in you!”


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