The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 105: A Gift

The punch burst out and crushed the void ahead.


Suddenly all the audience heard a loud sound like broken glass.

Sengoku’s eyes widened; he raged.

The Marines were stunned.

“The sky, it’s cracked!”

Muttering, someone screamed.

What did they just see?

The artillery shells that covered the Qin fleet was splitting into small pieces and began to explode.

The Qin fleet destroyed numerous ships from the Marines camp, but not a single ship damaged in their field.

All the audience felt the hegemony of Qin Yi, the king and, the commander who smashed the sky with a punch.

“I don’t have to fight from now, let’s test our army.”

“Command the whole army to launch the main attack!”

Standing at the bow, Qin Yi took back his right hand and shouted coldly.


The soldiers responded quickly and gave orders.

At the time, the Qin fleet moved.

What shocked the Marines, even Sengoku, that they saw the soldiers of the Qin State jumped from the warships, and then stood on the sea, and they were running towards them quickly! (like always this is the only thing that shocks them wow XD)

“Hey! Did I got hallucinated?”

“They actually ran on the sea; it is the sea, man, not the land!”

The Marines shocked.

It’s not just one person running on the sea; it is the whole army, thousands of soldiers, all running over the sea!


Just then, someone suddenly pointed to Madara.

“It’s Madara! Uchiha Madara! He is coming!”

“this crazy state!”

“The real war begins now!” The Vice-Admiral sighed.

At that time, it was real-time to win or lose.

The Marines prepared well for war and had all the qualifications; However, the Qin State simply overthrew this stereotype.

At this moment, the whole army of Qin state, whether the officer or the soldier, were attacking!

 The Qin state had launched a General attack.


Sengoku’s expression became fierce and roared.

Since the other party has given up all the restraints and wanted to face him face to face, he naturally will not let them down!


Aokiji stood up, jumped off the warship.

“Ice Age!”

The temperature around dropped suddenly, and the sea was frozen rapidly and condensed into a thick layer of ice. Just in a couple of seconds, tAokiji froze the whole sea.


Sengoku roared and leaped down sharply.

On the navy’s warships, even Sengoku, which had always been famous with his wisdom, seemed to lose his reason at this moment and rushed down. They all roared and jumped one by one.


In a flash, the war went on to a white-hot stage. On the considerable ice, there were shouts of murder everywhere. More and more soldiers were rushing toward the front.

“This king of the Qin Kingdom is interesting.”

Likewise, King Yuanli jumped out of the boat.

That is a crazy war!

“Such a war is what I want!”

Madara in the forefront was running on the ice with his extreme speed. After a couple of seconds, he was far away from the Qin army.


Suddenly, he heard a loud voice.

“Hashirama, this war is not as the previous ones, huh” Madara smirked.

Hashirama was fast, catching up with Madara.

The two men were at the forefront of the Qin camp. Behind them were the Kages and clans leaders. At this moment, they can’t catch up with the two legends.

Less than a kilometer away, they had crossed the distance almost in the blink of an eye.

When the two sides were about to fight, Madara jumped up and rushed up into the air.

“Then come to a big one, pick me up!”

He printed quickly.

“Ninpō (Ninja Art), Tengai Shinsei (Heavenly Obstacle Quaking Star!”

The sky covered, an enormous wind pressure hit the entire battlefield, the clouds shattered.

The huge meteorite appeared.

For a moment, the Marines took a breath.

The Kages stopped at this moment and waved to stop the other soldiers behind them.

“Stop! Don’t go any further!”

They raised their heads and watched the colossal meteorite falling down, faster and faster, with their eyes trembling violently.

Really, too unscrupulous! Madara!

When the meteorite fell, the wind pressure was getting stronger gradually, the ice layer on which the Marines stands is shaking violently.

“What should I do?”


The meteorite had reached the top of everyone’s head in the blink of an eye, with a massive shadow below of it.

“This is my gift as a guest to this world!”

Madara was floating in the air looking down, he said with a smirk.

The Tremendous meteorite was about to hit the ice layer.

At this moment, a figure jumped up swiftly; his sudden movement made the ice shaken into pieces. He was like a bullet; instantly, he was below the meteorite.

“Armament Haki: Tekken!”


The man punched the meteorite with one fist.

 Everyone’s eyes were wide open and, and their pupils were in the size of the point.


The considerable meteorite began to crack from the bottom of the place where the man hit, and the crack spread to the surface of the entire meteorite.

After a couple of seconds, the huge meteorite transformed into tiny rocks floating down all over the sky.


Madara murmured.