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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 104: Crack!!!

Above the sea, the gust of wind swept up, and in the blink of an eye, the lightning flashed in the clouds, and the pouring rain seemed to be brewing.

“Emperor Qin!”

“You finally came!” Sengoku shouted.

The huge Qin fleet slowly moved. When it was two kilometers away from the Marine, they stopped.

Subsequent ships quickly supplemented their tail positions on both sides, and the Qin fleet was changing its formation.

Two kilometers away, Marines shells could not hit them at all. The Qin fleet quickly completed the formation transformation, lined up a long line.

The two sides confronted each other face to face at this moment.

“Admiral, what shall we do now?”

Behind Sengoku, the officer asked.

“Wait for them to come over, with the ambitious attitude of the government, they will definitely take the lead in launching an attack.”

“When they are within the range of the projectile, order all warships to fire!” Sengoku said.

the officer nodded and retreated.

The distance of two kilometers is almost beyond the reach of all artillery fire. But the next moment, the Marine stared.

“Are you kidding?”

What did they see? Two kilometers away, they saw several sparks coming toward their warships.

followed by, white smoke filled the air, and long dragons burst out of Qin’s camp, heading straight for their fleet.

Almost instantaneously, the sound of whistling came from the void.

“Are they crazy? It is impossible to launch an attack at a distance of two kilometers.!”

Among the Marines, a Marine shouted.

But before he had finished his words, he opened his mouth and opened his eyes.

A scarlet red light shone brightly in the sky, and then, staring at him, hit one of the warships.



Flames burst out; the warship exploded.

“Report to the Admiral; we got shot, help.”

“The hull has broken; the hull has broken.”

“The ship is sinking!”

Just then, there were other flashes of fire in the sky. After that, a dozen of sparks erupted. In the Marine camp, at this moment, they panicked.

“That’s impossible!”

“How could there be such a long-range attack? How could it be!”

“What the hell is that? Two kilometers. That’s two kilometers!”

The Navy was shocked. Two kilometers away, the other side could even shoot the shells. What that meant was clear to everyone.

This is the suppression of firepower, which means that they can’t hit the Qin Army, but on the other hand, Qin can pour their attacks on them at will.

“Are they higher than our technology level?”

Sengoku was grim, clenched his fists.

He knew very well that the Qin State had black technology that they didn’t understand, and they couldn’t attack them without such a preparation.

But what should he do now?

Qin State camp, above the flagship.

Qin Yi sat in a dragon throne with a smile on his lips.

“Civilization suppresses you, technology crushes you, and the strongest wins.”

“Sengoku, what is your first move?”

He is confident and knows his fellow well. He knows the Marine and Sengoku very well, but the other side knows nothing about him.

His new civilization, which combines Ninjutsu with science and technology, has undoubtedly brought about many modern and developed factors. Although these things have just germinated in the Qin Kingdom, they have great potential.

“Keep attacking! Suppress them remotely.” Qin Yi ordered.

“Yes, your Majesty!”

The general in front of him immediately answered.

Soon, accompanied by loud sounds, fires rushed up into the sky, drawing parabola and rushing into the Marine camp.

Compared with the last time, this time the shells are denser and more numerous, covering the whole sky, forming a dark shadow.

Seeing this scene, Sengoku stared and shouted loudly.

“Stop it!!”

If they can’t contain the large artillery shells and long-range, will there be any fighting in this war? Although these regular soldiers are not as powerful as they are, they play an extremely important role. Any sacrifice will make him distressed.

The roar of Sengoku spread throughout the battlefield.

It is also this moment that on each warship, the powerful Navy is standing out.

“we will resist their artillery!”

The Marine shouted and pulled out their weapons.

They slashed with their swords fiercely, forming a net, spreading, it had already hit the shell.


The shells exploded and turned into a flame.

Unlike the last time, they were intercepted in spite of the damage caused by the shelling.

“Follow me, and start shelling!” Sengoku shouted.

Suddenly, the vast Marine fleet moved forward.

When the other side’s artillery range is far beyond them, he naturally knows that they will take this advantage. At the beginning of the war, this kind of artillery collision can consume many lives.

“Hehe!” Qin Yi smiled.

“Tell the soldiers, prepare for the close combat, the other side will attack.”

“Don’t stop the missile attack, hit hard!”

In the Qin fleet, artillery shells did not stop attacking. In this long-distance consumption process, the Navy lost a lot, but the Qin team is still in a full state.

That made Sengoku angry.

He knows that this war is hard to fight. It’s not easy to catch up after a step backward at first.

Finally, when the Qin fleet was in the attack range of the Navy, Sengoku roared.


Instantly, the whole sea was filled with smoke.


The shells of the Marine covered the sky.

“Ha-ha, oh nice, but you have to be prepared for my step, Sengoku!”

“I’m not from your world, and I don’t have to obey your rules!”

Sitting in the Throne, Qin Yi tapped on the handle of the throne and smiled faintly.

After that, he leaped up.

he slowly lifted his right hand as he watched the numerous shells.

Then, suddenly he swung his fist!

“Broken sky!”


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