The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 103: War Is Here

Among all the information he got, he knew that the Qin State has greedy ambitions towards the islands and the countries.

The King of this country is a tyrant who will never be satisfied. No matter how small the meat is, it must be eaten.

   However, at this moment, he saw such a bizarre, an unexpected thing, why?

   A warship passed by, and when it reached the center, Iceburg’s pupils suddenly shrank to a point.

“Is that?!”

   “The King of Qin State!”

   In his telescope, he saw a flagship that was larger than any other ship. Above it, on a luxurious carved dragon seat, sat a young man resting with his eyes closed.

   At one glance, Iceburg recognized that this man is the King.

   Despite his eyes closed, he could still feel the strong tyranny of the young man. Iceburg, who had served as mayor for many years, knew that it was a nobility shown after a long time in a high position.

Some people call it the noble prestige, but for this young man, it was a King prestige!

   Suddenly, Iceburg stunned.

   He saw him opening his eyes, and at this moment, his eyes were looking at his position.

   “Impossible, can he see me at such a distance?”

   Iceburg screamed; he was panicked.

   Standing here and looking down with his naked eye, the young man is just a black point, and he can’t see clearly at all.

   But Iceburg clearly saw Qin Yi staring at him at the moment.

   “after all, this man has a Bounty of 1.6 billion belly.”

   Taking a deep breath, Iceburg was shocked and could not calm down for a long time.

   After a while, the young man closed his eyes and stopped looking at him. Iceburg sighed a relief.

   Even though he was far away, he still felt uncomfortable when the King stared at him.

Ten minutes later, the huge fleet disappeared at the port of the Water 7, and no one left.

“We are not their Goal!” he relieved.

    But soon, he was shocked and suddenly understood.

    “They are going to fight the Marines!”  

 Iceburg, at this moment, did not know whether to be happy or sad.

It is a big humiliation that he and his island did not deserve to be conquered.

There is a sea area between Water 7 and ENIES LOBBY. This sea area is not large, but it is linking up three places, namely, Water Seven, Sabaody Archipelago as well as ENIES LOBBY! It’s the only place to go to three areas, and it’s also the position that the Marine has been strictly guarding.

 At this moment, in the marine ford, two massive doors were already open, and many substantial black barrels. After each cannon, there were Marines guard.

In such a decisive war, the Marine naturally summoned the world’s most elite soldiers.

The Marine that could stand here at this time is a real elite.

Outside the gates of the Fortress, warships lined up, stretching along the front. On every ship, there was an officer in a justice cloak, with a solemn face and sharp eyes looking straight ahead.

   Behind them, the Giant squad stood steadily like hills.

   On the front row of warships, there were solid wooden chairs.

   Sengoku was sitting With his Legs crossed, frowning and thinking about something.

   Behind him, the three Admirals lined up, crossed their legs, wearing the justice cloak, and looked further with indifferent expressions.

   On the left side of this warship was the Shichibukai. On the right side of the battleship, King Yuanli made a throne for himself. At this time, he was half lying on it.

   On other warships were members of various organizations affiliated to the world’s governments, the most prominent of which is a ship with Rob Lucci and the cp 9.

“The lineup is really exaggerated. The Shichibukai, the Empel down staff, and the Marine are all here. Is this a world war?

Behind Lucci, Kaku laughed and said.

“It’s not a world war, but it’s a war.”

   “will change the world!”

   Rob Lucci said.

   “Oh? Lucci, what?”

   “Wait, I can’t tell you anything, you have to wait for the end of the battle!”

   Lucci closed his eyes and said.

Behind him, people looked at each other and fell into silence.

The number of people called by the Marine this time had made it impossible to squeeze into the Marine ford. The front stretched to nearly 20,000 meters.

What a shocking sight. If a ship was coming at this moment, he could not see where the end of this line of warships was.

At this moment, all the Marines were waiting in silence.

   When the sun was just around noon, Sengoku saw a small black spot suddenly appeared.

   “give me a monocular!”

   Suddenly, Sengoku shouted.

     a Marine immediately ran over and handed the monocular.

At first glance, his whole body was shocked. Then he lowered his telescope gently and breathed long. His face became gloomy.

   “They are finally here!” he said, then the Marines were boiling.

The eyes of the three Admirals were fixed, and their bodies were tightened and leaned forward involuntarily.

The Shichibucai were looking; some people were sneering, some people were greedy, some showed interest in their eyes.

Officers of all ranks in the navy were breathing quickly; they were nervous.

Gradually, when the first black spot appeared entirely above the sea level, the warships flying the Qin flag appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. The next second, many black points suddenly showed out.

   “The war has begun!”

   Above the flagship in the Qin State Fleet.

Qin Yi suddenly opened his eyes and looked straight ahead, with a smile.

“Well, let’s have a good fight!”



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